Today Mueller team called an expert IRS witness to the stand. Judge Ellis wasn’t happy because he thought (incorrectly) he’d ruled to not admit experts because that is his typical procedure.

By: Rosie Perpetually Potentially Sensitive @almostjingo  [1]
Assistant U.S. Attorney Uzo Asonye reminds him, in fact this witness was cleared to stay (true) and Judge Ellis says fair enough, it might be what the transcript says but wants to remind Asonye (who appears frequently in his court) that it’s not typical. He also says it’s not a big deal.
Transcripts show that this expert witness was in fact allowed to stay. Hand it to Mueller’s team for cleverly calling him an IRS agent because case agents are allowed to remain. Also, fail on Manafort team for not objecting unless they have a plan.
So, Mueller team filed a motion for curative instruction. They want Judge Ellis to make it clear to the jury he was incorrect to say the expert witness wasn’t allowed. It’s a bit petty considering he clarified – it’s not usually his process but it’s not wrong of them to file.
One might argue Judge Ellis would have done this on his own, but who knows. It could also be groundwork for an appeal since this trial has been a hot mess for Mueller, but only time will tell.
Delivering this story peppered with quotes from Politico is lame, describing him as a “cranky judge” and bold-facing a random quote that’s nowhere in the transcript seems unnecessary. Not sure Sara Carter read the filing, but we owe it to each other to not sensationalize.
Politico took it to the next level though, saying Mueller has presented a slam dunk case pointing out that Judge Ellis is 76 (your point?) and saying he’s been tweaking the Special Counsel constantly. Gotta keep the rabid Left fed. #FakeNews
Seems like they are working overtime to fluff up the resistance in case this circus trial falls flat. Imagine how cool it would be if reporters just told the facts? But then they wouldn’t get the clicks.
So yes, Judge Ellis made a mistake. Even the filing admitted that happens and sure, the jury can be told as much but the sky isn’t falling and this curative motion doesn’t make up for 3 days of your pathologically lying star witness. #ManafortTrial

Here’s the entire filing all nine pages. Must’ve been too overwhelming for any reporter to read before firing off their Breaking Story of the day.

Government filing on Ellis’ scolding in Manafort trial Prosecutors in the trial of Paul Manafort asked U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III to instruct the jury that he was incorrect to scold them over an expert witness being allowed to watch the trial. [2]
“Put aside any criticism. I was probably wrong in that,” Ellis said to kick off the trial proceedings Thursday morning. “This robe doesn’t make me anything other than human.” So Judge Ellis already apologized, making the Mueller filing seem more like a brat move and the first paper trail for “IT WASN’T OUR FAULT”