From Titanic to Twin Towers including SERCO, FBCAN, SES and Power Elite JABS

Researched, Correlated and Posted by Jason Q. Janiszewski on 08/18/18

I’ve literally put about 9-10 months into these notebooks so I have to make sure I cover everything in order.

If you are reading the notes that I kindly posted so that you may have a copy of all the days/nights/days again of getting as much as I possibly can on things…….
I’m not asking for much. Just be respectful to me and you will have so much just literally dropped in your lap.
I make the posts a reasonable size so its easier for me to help with questions once I’m done and not have to sift thru a story.
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Love you all!

Ok before we begin. I want you guys to save these definitions


There will be more people involved, but as I keep dropping bombs, save those on your device so you can keep right along.

Ok. First things first.

When it comes to 9-11… we first have to understand the players and that this actually has everything to do with one thing being created. The Federal Bridge Certification Authority Network

I’m not an armchair Quarterback. I’ve been in this field for 21 years.

Because I know some people don’t understand how these are constructed and literally how massive and rigid they are.

Now remember. Q does mention Bridge…. but this is the MAIN bridge

I’m not gonna lie. Some of this is really gonna piss people off….and in fact it may have people question humanity. BUT remember. Gotta keep the love and happiness vibes going.

There is A LOT to this.  I really don’t think anyone knows how much I truly do have.

Also when I do post pages, here’s your legend for all of the colors.  Save that as well.

And this is a chart that I made so that everyone knows how EVERY Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive attacks are REALLY funded.

Here’s the chart. Save.  Because as you follow along it’s gonna make it a lot easier to have it.

There’s something that happened a long time ago that plays a huge role in what’s going on now. The Sinking of the Titanic. Not just because of the Federal Reserve, but about the Patent that caused the disaster in the first place

It was RGAGB1929. It was a radio patent created by David Sonoff. He used this patent in order to telegraph messages. He used the Marconi-Wilus telegraph system aboard the Steamship Mount Temple to send a message that icebergs were ahead and that they had to turn out of the way. (There were none). 20 minutes later….the titanic was taking on water.

Brian S.  Sidenote…. Marconi claimed, upon creating the first radio, to be picking up alien signals/messages.

The reason I have to start here is because of the patent. Keep that in mind.

Back in 1984, RCA stock was being purchased in great quantities by a man named Donald Trump (im finding the article…I have it). He was aiming to be the majority shareholder, BUT the stock almost doubled because 2 new purchasing people came into play.
Nicholas and Rupert Soames. Winston Churchill’s Grandson’s

Trump couldn’t keep buying and eventually had to let it go. The significance in that? The RCAGB1929 patent is now known as SERCO. The Largest Company that you probably haven’t ever heard of

There was a facial recognition software that Serco wanted designed. So they went to Starnet Communications and they asked a man by the name of Stephen Paddock ( Yes. The SAME one) to develop this.

The name of this became Demon Face Recognition Software, it was literally created as a complete blackmail tool for the ones who “took an oath”
These that took an oath? They were sexual deviants and pedophiles. They were tracked thru a system called a Pig Farm Junket Room. They have them in 69 countries in all the ELITE hotels and Casinos. These are the elite’s betting rooms

Brian S. Sidenote…. My wife…God rest her soul…spent the last year’s of her life busting ‘them’ in Atlantic City. Passed a month ago…age 35. 180+/- went down

You need to know how all of this came about and whos who before I just start confusing the hell out of everyone.

In the definitions I posted there’s one named CAI. It’s a private equity group run by SERCO and a couple treasonous US Generals

Also when the Soames Bros acquired RCA, just a mere 4 years later, is when it became SERCO when it bought out the rest of the shareholders. There was one thing they were using this for and that’s to give “certain” Brits in England a 4 minute warning of any incoming ICBM attack. One wouldn’t think anything of this, but not everyone was told. They basically dictated who was to live and die during an air strike

Now what I’m going to do is post some pictures that you want to save again. These are all US Patents. Don’t ask me about any of the ones that we do not bring up in 9-11. They all have their place in everything

Here’s your legend for these.


Remember. SAVE them. You will need these to help because it’s easier for me to refer to a number than type it all out every time.

I put a ton of work into all this. And I’m seriously giving you months of notes. I just want to make sure i keep this flowing and not sidetracked again. You guys are the BEST

Honestly I’m being VERY GENEROUS at releasing all of this and saving everyone months of research. You aren’t even getting this in any group and I’m basically handing the keys to everyone. It’s not all in just one notebook.

Yeah. I’ve dabbled in a bit of research. Lmao. So I’m jumping from
Book to book. I want everyone of you to
Know what kind of complete f*cke^y went down and who was all involved. Honestly. What you will learn here will be better and more honest than the 9/11 commission.

Teresa G.  Dead pool betting. #ThesePeopleAreSick

Melissa A. They flaunted this in our faces in movies!

All movies are actually real. Not some. ALL. This isn’t the only topic that I’m digging into. I have over 200 of em. It’s going to get pretty shitty. Not gonna lie.

Samantha C. Yes they have hidden it in PLAIN SIGHT… Best hiding place is right under our nose


So yes. Keep everything. And I’m not done filling out those lists

The FBCAN (I’ll be using the acronym because its way easier) was established to serve as a link between US agencies for inoperable, secure E-Government transactions using digital identities.

It was created in 1993 under Bill Clinton and financed by the Greek Life associates including GHWBush, Wilbur Ross among others

It was all developed so that blackmailers could track users, pedophiles and victims with the Demon Face Recognition Software and kill anyone suspected of breaking their Greek Life Oath.

Wilbur Ross and his friends financed the development of the FBCAN so that Aides to Senator Obama could hack the US Defense Red Switch Network and allopathic SERCO to stand down US Military response to attacks on the US National Command Authority

When I say everybody was in on 9/11…….100+ in on this.

Now on the FBCAN, there are keys in order to gain access. The Root Key alone can gain you access across the whole network undetected

Now why would access to the FBCAN be important? Look who is all on the Bridge (UK MOD is United Kingdom Ministry of Defense)

Department of Defense
Department of Justice
Department of Homeland Security
there’s corporations
Northrop Grumman
Oh and the biggie.
Lockheed Martin
(they are MASSIVE in this)

Just setting the stage for EVERY post that I drop after this one. EVERY. SINGLE. POST. Everyone deserves to know everything

Rose MG. Sidenote….. Can you explain FBCAN where if you have the root key you can be anyone you want I do not understand this

Major C. Sidenote….. Its a system that all the key players were on. It’s like having admin privileges, the cheatcode. You have the cheatcode, you can pretend to be anyone without being detected.  The backdoor.

Now I also want to let everyone know…….
Some of the things that I’ll be posting… is on Hillary’s Server ( one or more of them)

THAT’S how big and deep we are going to dig.
We are about to take a trip down this completely messed up rabbit hole

I’m just now getting to dropping 9/11.

There’s ONE more Patent I have to bring up and that would be this
This is “Airliner Irreversible control Anti-Hijack system”
What this is in layman’s terms….is a switch that GE created for the 4 Boeing planes that is an uninterruptible auto pilot switch.
How this works is when a pilot is in control of a plane, he or she is in full control. With this switch installed, certain people on the ground can take control of the plane and control it to “safety”. We will be coming back to this one. Whew. I knew I had the patent somewhere.

I totally forgot to include it in with the rest of the ones I had written out. It’s why this post isn’t a slap it up and that’s it kinda post. I mean who doesn’t like a truth omelette with a side of verification?

John P. Sidenote…. It struck a chord with the control parameters of the Q400…got me thinking. But I think the Q400 is a different system. I think this patent was mentioned in the Indonesian airliner crash that killed the board of another patent holder for Soros…

Jeff K. Sidenote…. Dov Zakheim was the Zionist who held the patent for the remote systems on airliners around the time of 9/11.

In 1998, the SERCO shareholders ( Which happen to just be the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabian Governments) save General Alexander Haig and General Shalikashvili the root keys to the FBCAN and also the US Defense Red Switch Network and ordered them to prepare the Boeing Headquarters in Chicago for the US Military Stand Down for 9/11.

SERCO then sent their Patentee Swat Teams to pay Lynne Cheney a visit at Lockheed Martin with some pictures. See she was the Director of Lockheed Martin at the time and she was blackmailed back in 1996 to write a ransom note… whos you might ask?
Jon Benet Ramsey’s.
So she had no choice but to transfer digital custody of various patented devices of Lockheed Martin (such as their Rocket Boosted Guided hard target penetrator… it would be #5 in your patent notes that I sent here)
And send them to the SERCO CAI group so they could begin the wagering on 9/11.

There was a system that was built by Nortel Government Solutions called JABS (Joint Automated Booking System) for a secret society that was imbedded in the US Department of Justice so that FBI and/or INTERPOL insiders can actually “Book” Felons into these Patentee swat teams so they could carry out these mass causality events, they can issue Death Certificates without seeing a body and to make SERCO’s junket investors a lot of money.

Everything. Has. Meaning. Remember that

Now some of the SERCO investors that would be using the JABS are General Haig’s Chinese junket investors. So Haig equipped these junket rooms with Tencent’s
“Instant Messaging System and Method” ( its #13 on your patent list). The Greek Life investors ( Bill Clinton and Wilbur Ross) along with the Chinese Junket investors were issued Law Enforcement Online Virtual Command Centers so that they could deploy their own swat teams( that were also equipped with JABS) to start getting body count numbers for targeted entities.
They were getting what we would call all the prop bets for 9/11. Such as
How many NYFD would be Killed (343)
How many people would jump from the windows
What time it would begin
What times would each tower begin to freefall
And take all this money and put it in these private accounts thru, you guessed it, another patented system
“Coordinated ReBalancing by money manager portfolio management systems and a Master Overlay manager portfolio management system”
US patent 7729969B1

Tricia J. Sidenote…. Unbelievable that the US patent office is a cesspool of corruption! No wonder, they elites kill the real owners and use the patent for themselves! The more you know, the worse it gets!

What you are about to learn will make you sick.
Want to know who controls the US Patent and Trademark office?
And where are they based out of?
The UK
England has been trying to take us back since 1776. But that’s for another post.

Finally getting into the good stuff
There’s one thing that i also have to make sure everyone remembers.
Was dropped by Q a few times. Sometimes in a cross. Sometimes not. We have the not

JABS was also created for the Department of Justice so they can inject fingerprints, photographic and data into the FBCAN so that crime scene investigations are completely compromised

This is why the Federal Bridge Certification Authority Network is SO MASSIVE
It’s also used as a Blackmail or a Honeypot network set up by the SERCO companies for the Clinton Foundation donors to synchronize fake news injection through media. The Deep State also has complete access to this as well
They use the FBCAN in order to do these…
And Child Trafficking Missions.

There is one thing that we all must realize as well. ALL of these “Presidents” were not voted in by “We the People”. They were all placed in power.
Saddam Hussein and GHWB had some bad blood between them for one reason only.
Saddam found out something he wasn’t supposed to. He found out that Iran was indeed holding children that have been kidnapped and wanted a cut of the money to keep quiet.
Hussein was getting ready to call him out on it and that’s when the WMD’s were brought to the forefront
Why is this important? Because GHWB only served one term. He didn’t want to serve another one. He already had his Eagle waiting. Clinton was PUT in power so that they could begin the planning of 9/11. Clinton was to have his 2 terms completed in the year 2000 so that everything was all lined up for GWBush to take over. His number one job and only job was to shut the snitch up
There was so much prior planning on this and for REAL good reason

For one….GWB needed to make sure that Saddam didn’t come out and tell the world that his daddy and Bill Clinton were trafficking kids and having them kept in Iran. Iran was the perfect place in order to have girls all over and not anyone ever realize it.
It all stems back to 1979 and the overthrow of 2500 years of Persian rule in Iran. This is seriously how powerful GHWB was….remember… he was the head of the CIA….but the CIA is not an American Intelligence Agency
The REAL Headquarters are in Switzerland and all of the employees there are Jesuits
So when Iran fell, who did we put in power? Ayatollah Khomeni.
And what did he introduce?
Sharia Law
What’s one of the main rules for women under Sharia Law?
They must be covered from head to toe
You could literally have tens to hundreds of thousands of kidnapped American girls walking around and not one person would bat an eye….because that’s all they could see is their eyes
There was another player in the mix though. We were told by these “Same Leaders” that Saudi Arabia had control of all of the oil and that we needed to be their ally. So what we were doing is we were having our own kids kidnapped and sent to Saudi Arabia in exchange for money being funneled back here to these politicians.

Bush Sr couldn’t wait to get in on the action since he’s been a child trafficker the whole time with the CIA so that’s why he had planned Reagan’s assassination as well.

I know there’s a lot right now and no buildings but this is how major of planning and how much calculated damage they planned to do.

Who was in charge of the overthrow of the Persian government in Iran in 1979?
Peter Strzok Sr. And he did this under the complete creation by the Senior Executive Service
The Shadow Government
He was VERY influential in the CIA as well.
When it came down to all of the child trafficking in the Middle East…. here’s your main guys
Strzok Sr.

Carter was nothing but a puppet president

Iran was used to keep the kids
North Korea was being used as labor camps for the boys. Their secret almost was exposed though
One American saw something that he shouldn’t have and he paid dearly for it. Otto Warmbier
Saudi Arabia. They are the Handlers. They deal with taking the most kids.

Had to make a revision to the post title. Remember. Happy vibes. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t care about all of you knowing this.

Back to the FBCAN. Now remember, it was Bill Clinton and Wilbur Ross that were at the helm of it. They began an internal blackmail system where companies (such as Lockheed Martin for example) would employ “Highly Political or Status wise people”, begin to pay them and then on comes the blackmail.
The FBCAN is the worlds LARGEST Blackmail and Pedophile network.
Now we also have 5 Eyes. Spying network?
Not at all! It’s an International Blackmail and Pedo network that has the ability of protecting one main group of people. The Royal Family.

And here we go!

The Soames Brothers (Churchill’s Grandsons) established an online register of improvised patented devices which could be licensed from an online
“Churchill’s Toyshop” through the offices of Northern Trust where SERCO’s Alien Property Custodian in Chicago allowed agents from SERCO to extensively search thru patents and weapons for 9/11 before selecting Binary Weapons that were used in the Death Pool Drone and Demolition Attacks on World Trade Centers 1,2 and 7

The funny thing is that Alien Property Custodian office was created by FDR so that they could collect and steal any and all enemy property, including real estate, businesses, ships and most importantly
Intellectual property. Patents….Trademarks and Copyrights.
In fact after Nikola Tesla died, John Trump actually was contacted by the Alien Property Custodian Office to go thru his things in the hotel room. After Trump left, they took everything.

Here’s the problem with all this. Churchill’s Toyshop isn’t just some little deal. They are the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense. So England is over here deciding on what kind of way they think to bring the towers down and chose the patent….but yet we are to believe it was rogue Muslims that hijacked planes…..

Ted B. Sidenote….. Jason, I agree with you on all of this. Lockheed Martin most definitely involved. I have always thought that these people get set up with a company that they turn into millions of $$ and in exchange they give up something. I.E. Jon Benet Ramsey. Mr. Ramsey went from being a everyday Joe to a Millionaire and the cost was his daughter, not only her life but her body while she was alive. He “sold” his little tech company to Lockheed in 1988, who else was employed by Lockheed in 1988??? Stephen Paddock. Q says…There are no coincidences!!

Melissa W. Sidenote…. Jason, just an FYI…FB just sent me a ‘pop up’ message asking if this post is useful or not. I said yes. Never have seen that before because now it is gone.

9/11 was planned out as simply a game
It was properly named the “Global Guardian War Game of September 10-12,2001”
Now for me, i would wonder why and how they came up with the dates. Well there are a TON of things that was to happen on 9/11/2001
NESARA was to be enacted
There was to be MASS Arrests of many corrupt politicians and officials
But a big one was there was a vault below WTC 7.
It held Gold.



Jason Q Janiszewski