LAYERS: from Lisa Page to APACHE Software, Map Reducers, and MYRRIX

By Jason Q Janiszewski on Aug 16, 2018

Ok this I really hope everyone does sit down and read it all. I actually rewrote it all so that it was perfectly legible for all of you to read and have.
As you know. I don’t think like many people.
I can just literally pick the most obscure things out and just keep em for a rainy day.
There were some terms that POTUS and Q have used.
Learn how to read a map
MOS (big one. Articles in photos)
Would it surprise you if i said they literally pointed at our ascension process?
Like we literally found the fucking matrix.
After I finished writing it out. I ended perfectly at the end of a page.
And yes. It was THAT one.
Good ole 17.
Everything has meaning.
After dealing with the patents and the bullshit verbiage in those. This wasn’t bad.
Lisa Page is a Layer.
I’m definitely gonna go all in with Computation layer. She’s not a 3rd dimensional being. She’s either a 4th or 5th.
All the layers are here.



What’s happening is they are creating a new holodeck for us to ascend into the 5th dimension and 5th Density.

We are currently in the 3rd.  And we are skipping 4 and right to 5. DNA upgrade and all the bells and whistles.
That shit just doesn’t
“Happen in the movies”.
The human body is WAY more of a machine than you realize. More than anything it’s our collective consciousness

Bodies purified and supercharged. Life expectancy shoots up.
The number.
500-700 year range

It’s been coming for quite some time now. I think part of the prep is this virtual reality gaming. People won’t be so shocked.

Wendy USidenote…. Quantum Leaping….have you studied the quantum theory?
First dimension flat. Like paper.
2nd Dimension – like a stick figure, still flat, but you can see it and it doesn’t move
3rd Dimension (our reality) in 3D
Then there’s supposed to be a 4-20..and it gets bizarre. That’s where wormholes and all that come in. Traveling to different planes and galaxies.



Matrix Reloaded
I have a feeling that this one is pretty close to us. Especially end
Neo was the 6th anomaly. 6. We are all 666
6 protons
6 electrons
6 neutrons
6 is the number for Carbon on the periodic table of elements
They were going to destroy Zion anyway.
There was a Savior Prophecy …………..which turned out to be a lie.
During this cycle, everything was created with free minds
There was a false prophecy
He had 2 choices. Whether to repopulate Zion or save Trinity
He chose to save Trinity over repopulation
They destroyed Zion anyway
The Matrix begins all over again

Also theres just one big possible tie in.
They used the little girl to be an artificial intelligence thats very close to human.
Myrrix. Is Myrrix actually Matrix?
They wont call it that but its really damn close
The Matrix is also a trilogy
We too are a tri.
We have ourselves
Now here’s where it gets a bit crazy. We have another one of us next to us. Can’t see them or anything
Duality. Twin flame
The 3rd? It’s the part of us that is given by our Father
Because remember, we were all created in his likeness and to be him. We are all Creators
We will have the power to create. Can’t say its not feasible. Women Procreate… and what’s one of the greatest gifts you can give. Life
But we are really close to becoming what Our Father created us for
Happiness. Bliss. Create

But the first Matrix…that came out in 1999. His passport expires on a very eerie day

The Matrix has you. It has all of us. Follow the White Rabbit. Shall we?

The Savior Prophecy being a lie? Yes. Here’s how it happened. Jesus was doing great things and he was doing what he was created to do. To help others begin their ascension process so that they could become creators themselves


These are actual quotes from Jesus. So was he a Savior? No. He was murdered by the Romans because they were beginning to enslave the population and keep everyone in fear.

3 days and he rose from the dead
Guess what else we are equipped with?
The powers of resurrection
He used his own powers that we all were given from IAM

Humans were never programmed with this. Remember. We were made in the likeness of our Father. Peace. Love. Happiness.
Lucifer is very much here on/in Earth. This is where the Great Awakening Map comes into play.


Back to the whole artificial Intelligence that begins to be more human like.
Now on the second page i posted. Start at the top.
“Machine learning discipline of AI focused on enabling machines to learn without being programmed (you learn your way). And commonly used to improve future performance based on previous outcomes.
The machine is LEARNING. If we do not get the outcome from a decision we made…what do we do? We “Improve (or attempt to) future performance based on PREVIOUS outcomes.

Now the Matrix. Where and how would they have such control?



Why is Pine Gap so big Q? Make it Rain?
The unclassified name for Pine Gap is indeed Rainfall
Now who runs it?

For added pleasure. We have here which alphabet agencies work with the others

When they tell us it’s for “Space Research”. You know it’s something way bigger. Pine Gap works hand in hand with CERN
Don’t worry. No particles are ever to collide there. There’s a portal and what/who
CERN REALLY IS. Is Alice. Wonderland is simply…. the Matrix

Now when I say we are “Carbon”. It’s for a reason. And this is where you will learn how they have been getting away with this for a very long time. All by having certain words mean something different.

Such as this US patent. Now think of this.
Methods of trading carbon credits at mass causality events.

Sooooooo a patent passed thru about trading a human body count at a mass casualty event…
if you are actively trading a count like that… wouldn’t you also have prior knowledge of said event?

Everything that goes on here in the US….. terrorism, school shootings… plane crashes (high percentage are chosen as “events”)…. are bet on

Now are we seeing why HRC’s servers are
Soooooo damning?
I even have who put the software ON her servers for her to control these Con Air Swat Teams to go kill innocent Americans to bet on the numbers.

For more on this topic, please see this article: From Titanic to Twin Towers including SERCO, FBCAN, SES and Power Elite JABS


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