Whistleblower Jenny Moore’s Last Video Post Transcribed

Post and Transcription by Ronald F Owens Jr. 08/18/2018

The featured pic is a screenshot of the late Jenny Moore.

She was in the process of investigating allegations by a 26-year-old man who said a former President of the United States sexually assaulted him as a young boy, the True Pundit reported on August 14, 2018.

But weeks after alerting federal law enforcement authorities about the young man’s allegation, Moore’s body was discovered in a Washington D.C.-area hotel room.

Moore, described by True Pundit “as an advocate who investigated abused and trafficked children,” is pictured with friend and independent citizen journalist colleague, George Webb.

Moore died on August 13, 2018 of a reported brain hemorrhage. Four weeks before she recorded a video of herself somewhere in Washington D.C., and posted that video on YouTube.

I didn’t intend to transcribe the entire July 16, 2018 video, but in lieu of writing an obituary it seemed to be an appropriate and honorable gesture to recognize and memorialize her calling. Moore was called to investigate child trafficking rings (i.e, pizzagate) in the Washington D.C. area (See Going to Lunch at Comet Ping Pong YouTube video as number 6 source) and investigate human trafficking rings elsewhere (i.e., pedogate).

Not much is known about Moore. While researching her I learned that she may have been in the witness protection program and “Jenny Moore” may not have even been her birth name.

But what I did learn was this: Moore was a former law enforcement officer, employed with the Tracy (California) Police Department (TPD).

I was unable to find out when she was employed at the TPD. I was unable to learn how long she was there nor when/why she left.

I was unable to discover what path led her to this man who “sporadically vomited and shivered as he recalled details of his alleged abuse” by former President Bill Clinton at a yacht in New England years earlier.

True Pundit also reported that this young man said he was “pimped out at private sex parties” who were “attended by other D.C. elites.” (See entire True Pundit story at number 1 source).

I did learn that Moore was in constant back pain. Years earlier a parolee assaulted her.

Free Republic also reported Moore was severely beaten by three assailants and told to keep quiet. The beating was harsh and debilitating and caused permanent physical damage. (See entire Free Republic story as number 2 source).

Since I had never heard of Moore prior to her death, I viewed several videos to learn about her. As a Christian I was relieved at learning that Moore knew a lot about the Book of Revelation. I was also heartened to hear a man described Moore as being “very religious.”

Moore, a whistleblower, had a heart for other whistleblowers. That’s why she and Robyn Gritz bonded, according to independent journalist Webb.

Gritz, a former FBI agent whose career was destroyed years earlier by former FBI supervisor Andrew McCabe, insisted that an autopsy be conducted on Moore after Moore’s body was discovered at a hotel room. (Moore was staying at the Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, in Capitol Heights, Maryland.) The autopsy was conducted and the results for actual cause of death won’t be known for several weeks.

By the way Gritz is another heroic figure. According to an August 30, 2017, CircaDotCom article (See number 9 source), Gritz filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint in 2013 for sexual discrimination and a hostile work environment against McCabe.

He was the man who was fired as FBI Deputy Director this past spring. Fritz told FOX News on March 25, 2018 that she “went through hell,” thanks to McCabe. (See FOX story at number 8 source).

Before continuing I feel led to ask for prayer. Let’s pray for the LORD to protect Robyn Gritz. She is a courageous patriot who has endured a lot. Thank you.

Transcribing Moore’s spoken mouth audio to written word transcript also seemed to be the archival thing to do, because one never knows whether YouTube removes her video and expunges it.

Regarding the 26-year-old man who alleged that Clinton raped him, Moore contacted federal law enforcement authorities at the time she recorded this video. (Note the 16:42 mark, when Moore comments about child trafficking. Thank you).

You can either view the 19-minute and 30-second video and/or expend about 14 minutes to read the more than 2,900-word transcript. (It may not take you that long to read. I made punctuation edits when I timed myself reading).

Oh, a bit of housekeeping. I’ve inserted notes inside the brackets to add clarity and context.

Thank you for taking the time to view, listen and/or read the words of a brave woman who helped sexually abused victims.

At the beginning of her video, Moore comments on serving Imran Awan: “Okay, it’s the sixteenth and just got word that Jesse Winograd [long-time Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton associate], one of Imran Awan’s attorney’s is going to appear for him in court, so that means that he is not going to reject the service that I provided him and he had, I think I believe until tomorrow, and to answer that, to answer that service and so it looks like he’s not going to reject that in court for him, so that is a good sign, Imran Awan [former IT aide to Democratic Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz], once again, you have been served, my friend, you are served, so that’s now become very, very apparent.

At the 50-second mark, Moore comments about people waking up and are starving for the truth: “This afternoon, I’ve just been walking around D.C. and I’ve been talking to various people, some more whistleblowers, and you know a lot of people are waking up to what’s going on in our country, and it’s pretty remarkable actually to see all these —obviously there’s still a lot of people that are asleep, but you know, I’ve spent the last couple hours with a group of people who are, you know would probably categorize themselves, at one point, as Democrat, and then some Republicans and Independent and, you know various political persuasions, but what they want more than anything and that’s what I found over, over, over again is the truth. And that is the truth, and that is what the Q movement is all about and so many other, of these movements that are taking up across our country. And so people are starving for the truth.

At the 1:55 mark, Moore comments about Putin/Trump private meeting: “You know, a little update, for those that didn’t get to watch the Putin/Trump interview today, it was pretty, pretty amazing, pretty fascinating. They came out and did a joint press conference after their interview today, with a, they just met separately in a room, and you know there was this big deal. It was made. I think it was very interesting, that there were a lot of people —mostly Democrats, but a lot of people in Congress in D.C. saying that Trump should not meet with President Putin alone, like he needed a babysitter, I guess. He is the President of the United States of America, so I think that I just wanted to remind everyone of that. He doesn’t need a babysitter, so he can actually speak to world leaders alone, and he did that today. And they came out and did a joint press conference and answered questions from the press

At the 3:01 mark, Moore comments about Putin/Trump press conference: “So the interviews were quite interesting, there were a lot of questions that were asked about some of the things that have gone on, and one of the main topics obviously that were brought up was that the Mueller team, Rod Rosenstein’s team, brought a indictment yesterday against 12 Russian subjects and they named these 12 as being part of the GRU [Russian Federation’s military intelligence] or FSU [Russian Federal Security Service], which is Russia’s kind of CIA unit, and they named them as military officers that worked directly under Putin, and so when the question was asked today to Putin and President Trump about these guys and their interference in the election, President Trump explained once again that we are missing the servers —the Inwan Aram server, the Hillary Clinton server, you know, the laptop involving Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz and on, and on, and on, so much evidence is either missing or even more likely, someone went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of hammers and just went to hell on these Blackberries and you know beat the hell out of them with hammers. And so, you know that’s not cool in the justice system. If you and I did that we would be in handcuffs and in jail already, and you know these guys just seemed to get away with it, left and right, and people are really getting sick of it,

At the 4:44 mark, Moore comments about Peter Strzok: “So the question was asked today to President Putin and President Trump regarding these 12 individuals that were just suddenly indicted yesterday, in between the Peter Strzok’s interview on Capitol Hill, where he, you know, I’m trying not to be rude, he did make a jack ass out of himself, and obviously lied and, you know, told half-truths or partial truths, or you know, and had, that that damn smirk on his face that really irritated most of Congress and probably a huge, huge swath of the American people. Because it was just sickening to watch this guy who has just denigrated the law and justice of the United States and done such damage to the FBI sit in front of Congress with that look on his face, like ‘you can’t touch me I can do no wrong.’ I think he has something he’s going to have to wake up soon. Because I don’t think he’s going to get away with it, like he thinks he is.

At the 5:56 mark, Moore comments about Lisa Page: “And I know that Lisa Page, his lover, was called in yesterday, and then, or last Friday, and then again today on Monday to testify in a closed session hearing before Congress, and the rumors that have come out is that she answered a whole lot more questions than Peter Strzok did, so you know, I hope, Peter, you know, is sweating bullets tonight, because maybe Lisa decided: ‘You know what? I’m out! I’m not a —this isn’t worth it for me. I need to tell the truth.’ And I hope that is true for her sake and for our country’s sake that someone actually sits down and tells the truth. And so, that transcript of that testimony should be very interesting when it comes out

At the 6:48 mark, Moore comments about Putin/Trump press conference and missing servers: “So getting back to the press conference with President Putin and President Trump today I think that it was very fascinated when they asked President Trump about these 12 Russians who were indicted yesterday by the Mueller/Rosenstein, Rosenstein group, you know, regarding interfering with the U.S. election, back in 2016. And Trump’s words, were, were: ‘Where are the servers? Where’s the DCC, or I think the DCCC [Democratic Campaign Committee]? Where’s the DNC [Democratic National Committee] server? And then he mentioned Inwan Awam, the Pakistani man of mystery —where, where is he? And where is his server and where’s his information? And why was CrowdStrike [Sunnyvale, California-based American cybersecurity technology company], and not the FBI, that one that examined all of these servers and collected all of the evidence, kind of as a third party, and not the FBI? That would never, ever, ever be done in a case in normal circumstances. So why was it done in this case? And I think that you can go back and look at the financial records of Crowd, CrowdStrike —what is it, CrowdStrike? And figure out who’s supporting them? Why that was allowed by Mr. James Comey and Mr. Andrew McCabe?

At the 8:21 mark, Moore comments about U.S. justice system/FBI corruption: So that’s what President Trump’s response was regarding the servers. They need to be examined by the top law enforcement in our country and just doesn’t quite appear that it’s the FBI anymore, and I’m not saying that it’s the FBI line agents. I have tremendous amount of support for them, and I think most of them are, you know, are great guys, just like police officers, on the street working very hard in the hot sun in different places like that and taking the majority of, you know, the heat and the crimes and handling those cases are the good guys. But you get to the upper echelon —in whatever, whether its business or companies; but when it’s at its worse, it is the justice system of the United States of America, and when you get corruption at that level, then it all just rolls downhill, and you get it at every level and that appears to be what has happened, and it has to be cleaned out. So, that’s the next step. And I hope that it happens soon. I hope that it —you know.

At the 9:43 mark, Moore comments about ‘Trust the plan’ (Q), and Lady Justice being blind: “There’s a lot of words out there about trust the plan, I hope the plan is trustworthy, and it goes forward as it should and we clean out our justice system and our FBI so that we can have, a competent justice system where the a, goal has always been to have Lady Justice be blind, and not see race or religion or creed or color or anything like that, social status, that she truly be blind and apply the facts to the law and go from there, so, you know, I hope and I pray that that and continues.
At the 10:27 mark, Moore comments about Whistleblowers leading the way: “I honestly believe that it is going to be whistleblowers —people that worked within the system that can— that stood up to the system and became targets themselves and victims themselves that are leading the way to uncover some of this stuff now, and I hope that if President Trump ever hears this video, or if somebody ever hears it, that they will have something like a ‘National Whistleblowers Day’ or ‘Week.’ And they will just line em up —line us all up, for to get into the Oval Office and speak our truth. And you would see a clearing out of the dirt and ugliness in this country so fast and protection for the very whistleblowers who have stood against the system and been so threatened over that.”

At the 11:22 mark, Moore comments about President Putin at news conference: “So the other response that I thought was very interesting today, was President Putin said ‘Hey, Mr. Mueller, if you would like to come to Moscow and bring your team, we’ll help you find the 12 alleged Russian hackers and do the interrogations on these Russian hackers.’ And the only —the only thing that he asked for in return was that he would have a chance to come to the United States and do the same thing for people like Bill Browder [American-born British financier who is CEO and co-founder of Hermitage Capital Management], and not paying taxes for crimes that have been committed in Russia, and I thought: ‘You know what? That’s a pretty good tradeoff. You know? Have Mueller’s team or another team and go to Moscow and interview these 12 people and find the real story out and then have it be reciprocal.’

At the 12:23 mark, Moore comments about the 25 who were indicted: “The only problem with that is I have actually searched for the 12 people, and the 13 people that were indicted a few months ago, which makes 25, the number that [South Carolina Republican Rep.] Trey Gowdy said, I think, early this morning that needs to be picked up for interfering in the U.S. election. And I have, you know, done research on these people and the majority of them live here in the United States of America, work here in the United States of America, have companies here in the United States of America, have children and families here in the United States of America. So I find that really odd that they would spend their majority of time here but also be these high-ranking military officers involved in the spy —the spying, or the spies from Russia and all that goes on there and be military officers for President Putin but they live and work and have been here in the United States for a long time. A lot of people just don’t even do that research. You get the indictment and you get that list of Russian names and they’re long and complicated, and you know, very different from the English language and people just accept it at face value. That was even done this morning by some in Congress this morning. Like go ahead and arrest these guys. Well, you might have to go arrest them, but you might have to go to places like, I don’t know, Florida, California, [she chuckles] Texas, different places like that. Not, you know, Moscow or St. Petersburg or you know, any of the other Russian cities.

At the 14:08 mark, Moore comments that people should do their own research: “You know everyone should maybe slow their roll and do some homework on these people and what’s really going on, and I hope just from this video tape, that, that people start to look into these guys. You can pull up the indictment. You can look at the names of the indicted suspects, and you can do your own research, just through Google and through various Internet channels of who these people are, and you know where they live, and what they’ve been up to, and what their careers are, and are they really Russians still or are they actually Americans, or are they in between, and does it make a lot of sense that they’re full-time military officers for President Putin running the quasi-KGB, when they’re living and working most of the time over here in the United States of America, or does it make more sense that somebody rushed this indictment yesterday and threw some Russian names on there.

At the 15:12 mark, Moore comments about the actual indictment: “I’m not quite sure what the truth is. What I do know is that indictment —a lot of the words that were in that indictment, and you can see Thomas Paine’s True Pundit articles for this, but a lot of the words in that indictment were plagiarized. They were copied from a citizen journalist, by the name of George Webb and all of his researchers that have been doing this investigation for over two years.

At the 15:48 mark, Moore comments about the incriminating evidence she/other citizen journalists have amassed: “Because the FBI would not get involved. And a lot of these researchers are former law enforcement and former investigators of all types, and just citizens and patriots who absolutely love their country. And they’ve been doing all this work, putting in all these hours for free, getting the bills of laden, getting the ship tracking routes, finding out the fake pharmacies, finding out the shell companies —you name it, we have it! And it’s not just in one place, it’s in many different places, just in case someone decides they’d like to shut it down from one angle. We’ve become way smarter than that now and it’s in various places and essentially in the media, or at the media, locations of the media, who are chomping at the bit to put some of these stories out.

At the 16:42 mark, Moore comments about child trafficking: “And they involve not only drug trafficking and dark web trafficking, but they involve child trafficking, that goes to some of the heights of power in the United States of America and we have those videos, and evidence, and it is about ready to come to the surface. So we’re just hoping that somebody takes us seriously and starts an investigation —a proper investigation on some of this stuff. I have left my name and number with Homeland Security, or DHS/SHI, the Homeland Security Investigative Unit, that I heard is in charge of child trafficking. I know that other people have and we have yet to receive a call back, so just waiting that out, only probably for a few more days, and then some of this stuff is going to go public, because it has to. Because the American people deserve to know what their government has been doing, since at least World War 2, and how it has just gotten worse and worse over time. And our children, the children of America, need to be protected.

At the 17:57 mark, Moore comments about fake border outrage: “And the bogus outrage that is going on about the children at the border —a few thousand children at the border that have been removed from their parents, because President Trump is demanding a DNA swab be done, because these children are being trafficked. They’re brought over by coyotes and other people, to get into the country with a child and then they sell them and trafficked them into sex trafficking. That’s really what’s going on people. That is really what’s going on, and he’s trying to stop it.
At the 18:30 mark, Moore comments about people: “So everyone needs to open their eyes and wake up and, you know, begin to really look into these facts and, start to become part of the —those of us that are helping— and not to be part of the problem, so wake up your friends and family and tell them it’s time for us to look deep, deep within our own souls and deep within the soul of this country to reestablish the rule of law, reestablish the norms, reestablish protection of little children and innocent victims and, a yeah, and move forward from here.

At the 19:20 mark, Moore concludes: “So that’s the end of tonight’s video and I will check in at another date and time to be named later.”
(End of transcript).

Let’s pray that the LORD comforts —as well as protects— all of Moore’s colleagues, her friends and victims she helped.

Ronald F Owens Jr


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