Part 1: Introduction

The basis for this series – providing a look at Sweden today and what is expected to happen if the current course is maintained.

Part 2: Sweden’s Politicians Have Failed At Pragmatic Leadership

  • Sweden’s government leadership has been anything but pragmatic – if anything, they have been appeasing as many migrants as possible at the expense of their own citizens
  • The Left has, in essence, has failed at leadership because the want a safe space, for themselves mostly, in which to operate – they are refusing to do what is best for the protection of the country, of its citizens, of its children, and of its future
  • Fraud, especially via documents that provide a migrant’s age, is more than 4 times higher than it was in the 1990’s – and there is no let down to be seen
  • Favoritism has been given paramount priority over their own citizens to migrants that have not been vetted, are coming from Islamic countries, and without families
  • Asylum homes have seen assaults, drug offenses, sexual harassment, threats of arson along with arson being reported more than twice a week – and only God knows how many unreported as the complainant would be treated as a ‘racist’ for having reported such, though racism was not the issue.
  • IQ is the biggest predictor of behavior – the lower the IQ the more likely the person is going to be involved in criminal activity; the migrants come from countries that have the lowest, if not THE lowest IQ’s globally

Part 3: Crime Is 7 Times What It Was 25 years Ago

  • IQ is the biggest predictor of behavior – the lower the IQ of a person, society, nation then the more likely there is going a higher level of criminal activity.
  • As the IQ lowers, the capacity to realize opportunities to improve will shift to more tribal survival perspective and they will rely purely what they already know and do what the want to do to get what the feel they need or want. And those means nearly always involve violence, lying, and stealing.
  • Character is not gained by the wallet, it is gained through discipline, which is only learned internally and usually by those with a better education.
  • Governments and law makers refuse to acknowledge the role of IQ when forming public policy, to them everyone one is on the same level — reality is, that has never been the case. Instead, they redesign the current policies and throw more money at the problem – all while ignoring the safety not only of their own citizens, but the security of the country as a whole, leaving the future of the country in jeopardy.

OK, we have discussed what is contributing to the migrant problem and what has happened in the last 25 years, now lets get into what is taking over Sweden and making life miserable for everyone there.

Evidence: No-Go Zones

If you are one of the few that has no clue what a no-go zone is – it is an area the government and/or the police have deemed to unsafe for travel, whether by foot, car, or otherwise for their own citizens. Muslims are safe in no-go zones as they are dominating the zones. Some no-go zones even police will not enter, as noted by the red dots in the right map image below…

Evidence: How No-Go Zones Arrive and Grow

No-go zones do not appear overnight, events are intentionally planned and escalated – as the number of Muslims grow in a certain area, the more risky, daring, and damaging the event. This is a consistent pattern in ALL countries they have inhabited – which means there is a central authority that is co-ordinating this from documents kept of successful attacks and growths in the past. These events usually start with taunting of locals, creating damage to the free housing and local businesses, perpetrating documentation fraud, demanding better accommodations and better benefits, demanding ever more of the social programs… basically, overburdening the infrastructure at the city level.

As their numbers grow, this leads to stabbings, shootings, sexual assaults, rapes, murders – and overburdening the country’s infrastructure at regional levels. They will never overburden the infrastructure at the national level, they instead run for political office and start a top-down approach in having Sharia law take over regions until they have full control of the country – they have already done this in Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and other Middle East countries. They are doing this now to Sweden, Spain, France, UK, Germany, Italy (who is now rejecting any new migrants), Greece… basically, Western Europe.

What happened to Eastern Europe? They kept them out in the first place, so the migrants arrived to Western Europe where they were greeted with open arms. At the time, all the countries of Eastern Europe were taunted, called names, labeled as heartless… So who has the problems now?

By continuously increasing in number – via migration as well as family (the average Muslim family has EIGHT children, though 30 or more is not unheard of) – eventually they attack police using the weaknesses and political correctness protocols of the police against them until it becomes too dangerous and life-threatening even for the police to arrive in number. The Muslims can do so as they have been building up an armament cache in their mosques – the one area nearly all countries have agreed not to touch. This has been proven as more than 100 mosques in multiple countries in the past year have been shut down. Those that were closed down, very few did NOT have a cache of weapons, ammunition, and bombs stored within the confines of the mosque – in ANY part of the world. All this is evident with an internet search using DuckDuckGo, StartPage, anything but Google, Bing, and Yahoo (they have massaged their algorithms that provide results to hide as much as possible as soon as Islam is concerned).

Military response is the next move any country should contemplate, however, very few of the Western European countries have even attempted to involve the military before things have become uncontrolled. They wait until everything is totally out of control then invite the military – however, the soldiers have one hand tied behind their back through rules of engagement that AGAIN favor the very same people causing the problem. Wouldn’t want to look racist to those that are attacking them and taking over their country bit-by-bit… SMH…

A history of no-go zones and the pathetic attitude of the government towards such no-go zones…

Evidence: Skills, Talent, and Brain Drain

There is also another effect of open borders – exit migrations. Not of the Muslims and other migrants that just arrived – but of the citizenry of  Sweden (and is true of ANY country following the same path as Sweden – Spain, France, UK, Germany, yah-dah, yah-dah, yah-dah). When the situation becomes dangerous enough for those that can easily afford to move to another country, they will. Such people are usually well-off, highly educated, and have skills their homeland country needs. Permitting the migrant events to escalate without protecting the citizenry will, without a doubt, lead to a skills, talent, and brain drain on the country.

So who is going to replace the exiting skills, talent, and brain power?

The migrants?


Their IQ is already lower than Europeans…


So what happens?

The government defaults to appeasing the migrants – they don’t want an ugly scene that will result from removing them by force, nor do they want the migrants nor any other like-minded colleagues to have a negative view of them doing so.

What is important to them is not being pragmatic – it is being liked…


Wanting to be liked by a culture that is destroying everything their country stands for?


Where, oh where, is the wisdom in that?

Sharia Law and Order in No-Go Zones

So once Sweden (or any other country) has forfeited THEIR legal system in no-go zones, the Muslims are free to exercise Islamic law, known as Sharia law. The local mosques start their own policing, providing their own protection for people living in their areas. They even encourage non-Muslims in their area NOT to call the police but to call on them. Sort of like having a burglar in your home, waking you up, telling you everything is good, don’t call the police but call him (or her) if they need any assistance. Questions?

If you are a woman or girl, forget complaining – they will note what you say, yes you to death at first, then come down on you like a hammer as you are worthless in their eyes. Well, not exactly worthless, you are worth half-a-man. Until you get raped, then you have to have a minimum of 4 witnesses that can attest it was not your fault. They would have to be Muslim men, as any other man is looked upon as a heathen and not worthy of any trust. Muslim men, however, are not known to turn on each other – so instead of being a witness to a rape, they end up participating in the rape. So you end up being raped, then punished by the Imams (the leaders in the mosques) for permitting yourself to be raped. The rapists go free as you enticed them.

Don’t believe any of this? Buy a copy of the Quran – it comes in English and Swedish. Read it beginning to end. You will discover we are leaving a bunch of things out.

Lovely, eh?

Your credibility as a woman will lie with not your integrity but on how the mosques determine if you handled your filing the complaint with them correctly – as there are no set ways, then how they determine the victim’s credibility is based totally upon the most fickle traits in all humans: feelings…

Knowledge Is Not Wisdom

Then there are those that are on the judicial bench who just do not get it – Swedish law is NOT Sharia law. The fail to understand that forfeiting your rule to govern over an area, even in your own country, puts the onus on the hosting country to either remove those in that area and return Swedish law to that area, of plainly shut up. Seriously.

All the knowledge in the world, without any level of wisdom, will make the greatest intellect look like a bumbling and magnanimous idiot.

Some of the politicians are so frustrated that they do not listen to what they are saying.

Example – see Prime Minister Stefan Loefven’s comments in the image below. He’s mixing past and present tense with how the situation is being handled, saying he has dealt with no-go zones while on the other side of his mouth he is saying he is dealing with no-go zones every day… Huh??? And he is allocating resource to this problem – that was already dealt with… Following the gist of all this? Yeah, neither are we…

Sweden Democrats Leader Jimmie Åkesson didn’t waste any time calling PM Loefven’s words fake news – of which he is right. One of the means to tell when someone is lying is the tenses get mixed up – PM Loefven has dealt with it yet is dealing with it every day, and is planning on dedicating more resources on it in the future. Past, present and future tenses all within one breath. Not the sharpest knife at the table yet he somehow managed to become Prime Minister. Perhaps that should be investigated as to how? Just a suggestion…

The Money Solution Never Has, Never Will Solve Anything

How can you tell if something generated by the government is going to work? History has proven that if there are buzzwords, politically correct phrasing and sentencing, if there are long titles to the various jobs, then it is going to fail. Government can gum up a grease factory before lunchtime, they can muck up the best laid plans of most well-intentioned, appeasing plans. Unfortunately, this will also leave out what has worked for centuries – such as closed and secured borders, forcing education on migrants so to they will excel within the community, cultural immersion, placing time limits on when each phase towards citizenship or permanent residency is established.

So what is PM Loefven going to do in a (vane) attempt to resolve all this?

The very same protocols that failed not only in Sweden but in EVERY country – throw more money at it.

Just amazing…

If it were not such a serious election coming up, we would be asking if any one wanted popcorn at this point – instead, what you need is a pragmatic leader that keeps their word.

You have one already.

You just need to be sure you go out and vote for him.

Next post – the issue of cultural enrichment… what are the migrants doing?



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Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Sweden’s Politicians Have Failed At Pragmatic Leadership

Part 3: Crime Is 7 Times What It Was 25 years Ago

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