Continuing with Eliahi Priest Intel Drop – Starting with the first file in Black Eagle and we are back in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


First file – 28 October 2017 – Democratic Republic of Congo regarding ‘Candidates for Consul Posts
Honorary of the DRC’


Transmis cpoie pour information a:
Son Excellence Monsieur le Vice-premier Ministre, Ministre des Affaires Etrangeres et Integration Regionale;
Monsieur le Vice-ministre de Affaires Etrangeres’
Monsieur le Secretaire General aux Affaires Etrangeres.
(Tous) a Kinshasa

A Monsieur Peter A. R PRIEST

Concerne : Votre Candidatures au Postes de Consul
Honoraire de la RDC

La Direction Nationale du Protocole d’Etat a recu en ampliation votre dossier de candidature ay poste de Consul Honoraire de la Republique Democratique du Congo a Queensland en Australie et vous remercie de l’interet manifeste pour notre Pays.

De l’avis du Service technique competent, votre dossier est recevable en depit de quelques complements qu’il convient d’ajouter et ce, en attendant les instructions de la haute hierarchie du Ministere en faveur d’un accord de principe pour votre nomination.
Les complements a ajouter se rapportent notamment a :

Une attestation de residence et de notabilite de la circonscription consulaire sollicitee;

Une attestationde bonne moralite delivree par le Ministere de la justice du pays de residence;

Une attestation d’honorabilite de sa banque principale.

Par ailleurs une mission d’evaluation de la viabilite du poste est envisageable pour diligenter l’examen de votre dossier.

Veuillez agreer, Monsieur, l’expression de ma haute consideration.


Transmitted for information to:
His Excellency the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Integration Regionale;
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
Secretary General for Foreign Affairs.
(All) in Kinshasa
To Mr. Peter A. R PRIEST
Concerns: Your Candidates for Consul Posts
Honorary of the DRC
The National Directorate of the State Protocol has received your candidature file as Honorary Consul of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Queensland, Australia, and thanks you for the clear interest in our country.
In the opinion of the competent Technical Service, your file is admissible despite some additions that should be added and, pending the instructions of the high hierarchy of the Ministry for an agreement in principle for your appointment.
Complements to be added relate in particular to:
A certificate of residence and notability of the consular district sought;
A certificate of good morality issued by the Ministry of Justice of the country of residence;
A certificate of good standing from his main bank.
In addition, a mission to assess the viability of the position is possible to expedite the examination of your file.
Please accept, Sir, the expression of my highest consideration.

25 October 2017 – The next file is an endorsement from Mr. Marion Horn, Jr., Executive Trustee – FIVE STAR TRUST
ADN – So Marion Horn of Five Star Trust endorsed you for your role as Honorary Consul between DRC and Australia?
Do I want to ask how you got to know Mr. Marion Horn? lol
Eliahi Priest – I just tracked him down & called him. He was impressed with my knowledge. I began to trust him when I learned he is a good-hearted family Man & White Hat Patriot trying to monetize the funds for humanity.
ADN – Can I use that information in the article?
Eliahi Priest – Everything that’s in the Drop is Public, so of course… Your can say that when I first contacted Mr. Horn he was concerned that, “They would throw me in front of a bus”. That was many years ago now… They still haven’t got me.
Notable from this file: Mr. Priest has been working to support these humanitarian objectives since his role in the 2009 SWIFT Banking transaction involving $15 Trillion USD from our Trust whilst he negotiated between Heads of the US Government and British Government.
This is the $15 Trillion mentioned by Lord Blackheath in Kev Dude’s tweet below.

FST Japanese and U.S. WWII Plunder & Intrigue – Essential reading
The next file is pretty self-explanatory – all 416 pages. We have only shared a few pages of each highlighted chapter. The entire publication is worth the time to read.
Sections highlighted by Eliahi Priest:
Page 37 – 41 – Primary U.S. Gatekeepers For Secret Bank Accounts
Page 109- 110 – Myriad Web of Secret Funds
Page 132- 133 – Secret Retrieval of Gold By President Ferdinand Marcos
Page 275 – 279 – Another M-Fund Intrigue: Five Star Trust
This is to help everyone understand the origins of the money in the funds, information which Priest has also shared.



Part 5 will cover the balance of the Black Eagle File