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Part 1: Introduction

The basis for this series – providing a look at Sweden today and what is expected to happen if the current course is maintained.

Part 2: Sweden’s Politicians Have Failed At Pragmatic Leadership

Sweden’s government leadership has been anything but pragmatic – resulting in a mother government being abused by its migrant children,

Part 3: Crime Is 7 Times What It Was 25 years Ago

  • IQ is the biggest predictor of behavior – the lower the IQ of a person, society, nation then the more likely there is going a higher level of criminal activity.
  • As the IQ lowers, the capacity to realize opportunities to improve will shift to more tribal survival perspective and they will rely purely what they already know and do what the want to do to get what the feel they need or want. And those means nearly always involve violence, lying, and stealing.
  • Character is not gained by the wallet, it is gained through discipline, which is only learned internally and usually by those with a better education.
  • Governments and law makers refuse to acknowledge the role of IQ when forming public policy, to them everyone one is on the same level — reality is, that has never been the case. Instead, they redesign the current policies and throw more money at the problem – all while ignoring the safety not only of their own citizens, but the security of the country as a whole, leaving the future of the country in jeopardy.

Part 4: What You Need to Know About No-Go Zones

  • How no-go zones evolve and grow
  • Skills, talent, and brain drain resulting from the wealthier families exiting Sweden due to the self-inflicted migrant crisis
  • What it is like to be under Sharia Law in no-go zones
  • Wisdom does not go hand-in-hand with intellect and/or knowledge – and it is hardly present within the confines of the government
  • Using money to solve anything never has, never will solve anything

With the election coming up on Sunday September 9th, we still have a LOT to cover, so let’s get on with it, shall we?

Cultural Enrichment

OK, step back – you have a country that has permitted a large group of mostly men to enter their country, who have an average IQ of about 70, whose culture treats women as inferior as well as sex objects.

Then you hold an outside activity that will have lots of women and you have basically told and trained the police not to treat those that have entered your country as criminals but as poor, misunderstood, undereducated migrants.

That is exactly what the migrants wanted you to do and they are having a field day taking advantage of your social programs infrastructure — and your women.

In their eyes, they can do what they want – why? Their Quran dictates they can – assimilation is NOT permissible, which means – in the end –  it is either them or you that is left standing.

What was the reaction of Swedish authorities?

They told women to stop enticing the migrants!

It’s like the Left in the U.S., who told women they didn’t need the Second Amendment, they only needed to piss their pants to scare off a rapist…


Next the women should tell their assailants that it is raining because the women are pissing on their legs???


Did you know cars are sexist? According to the Swedish Environmental Minister they are…

Next, how does one really define hate from a legal perspective?

Is not defining hate defining an emotion?

Are not emotions the MOST fickle of human traits?

So how is placing a static, even open-ended, definition of a fickle trait in the law books really provide any answers?

Hint – it doesn’t, but of course we are going to have those that refuse to believe that and will pretend they don’t know something the rest of us do.

Lovely, eh?

Ostrich on a beach… if problems are like ostriches, then there are LOTS of places to hide that head of the problem, too bad the butt of the problem is waving in the wind.

It is those people you do NOT want in any position of authority, leadership, nor government… They will gum up a grease factory before lunch time, or even your morning break.

Political correctness by its very definition waters things down, makes words ‘softer’, so as few people are offended as possible – problem is, losing focus on just what it is we are talking about also loses focus on just how to identify what the REAL problem is…

Is it the head in the sand? or the butt waving in the wind?

Now here is the irony most do not get when they are focused on promoting one specific vertical – they end up isolating that vertical from, instead of including it in, the rest of society.

There is no focus on their differences – there is only a focus on their wants (NOT needs).

Instead of celebrating our differences, we are now imposing our differences – and the Left just keeps pretending not to know they are imposing anything on anyone.

Hence, the problem – they refuse to acknowledge what the problem is (and can’t because they have to be politically correct all the time, to the point they lost sight of the real problem) and will turn the tables on anyone that says such by telling them they do not understand what is trying to be accomplish.

Trying… Never doing, always trying… Trying never gets the job done, it stops just short of accomplishment, each and every time. Doing is the present tense of done – which means accomplished, completed, success. When has Sweden experienced ANY of that since the 1990’s? 1980’s?? earlier???

About this time, in dealing with such people, is when I am reminded why God created 2 ears and one mouth… and two legs… if they are standing next to me, I just say “Make it a great day”, smile, and leave as they are not going to listen to anyone save those that make the feel good (If on social media. there is the ‘mute’ and/or ‘block’ button). Some people as so insecure they have to be told they are right, even if their viewpoints would destroy individuals, families, communities…  a country.

Feeling good doesn’t get anything done – it is too fickle to accomplish anything to completion, success.

You cannot enrich anyone in culture if you are imposing your beliefs on them as a political tool – you are attempting multiculturalism. Nor can you have multiculturalism that separates everyone into separate verticals and expect to celebrate their differences – you are instead, focusing only on the one vertical and ignoring the others until it is their turn. Once everyone is separated into separate verticals, there are no differences within each vertical – and the wants (and needs) of each vertical are so unique how is ONE government going to meet all those wants (and needs)? [1]

Why SHOULD a government be expected to be meeting all the needs of their citizenry? Every government that did in the past has collapsed – and usually within 50 years (2 generations) after trying to attain such – think Venezuela. Russia, North Korea, and China were able to make it beyond 50 years — but at what cost? 100’s of millions of lives? How happy are their citizens truly? Lie to your family, your friends, your colleagues – however lie to yourself and no one wants to be near you nor help you. [2]

Sweden is past the half-way point as they have been at this for 30+ years – which means in less than 20 years Sweden could very well become no more, unless this election permits enough Socialists in power to take it down sooner. The Left everywhere, globally, are hurting and will take down whatever they can to destroy what the Right represents. This is already evident in many parts of Sweden like Malmö, Michigan (U.S.), California (U.S.), the Democrat party of the U.S., Great Britain. Ireland, Northern Ireland, Spain, France, Italy,, Greece, Germany… the list goes on.

The Left has a sense of urgency to destroy what exists now and replace it with their New World Order.

Irony is, there is no order in the new world they are promoting – there is only the ultra-rich and the rest will be poor servants serving them. Basically, making the NWO a Socialism on steroids. The Rothschilds, the Morgans, Rockefellers – the Bilderberg Group. CFR, the U.N. – any family, any organization that supports the NWO and/or Islam right now will be in charge.

Will Islam remain in charge? Most likely not – the Islam plan that was laid out before the world in a meeting during the 1990’s calls for Islam to have world domination. However, this is the same goal as the the ultra-rich (who collectively have more than US$1,000 TRILLION in assets [one QUADRILLION] – that is bigger than the GDP of ALL countries). If you read the Quran and if you have read the documents of the ultra-rich, you know there is a conflict coming between the two of them – and Islam is not about to win, they do not have the IQ nor technology to win (the two factors that played into nearly every winning nation during wars). [3]

And every country that has not fought for and kept their Liberty will be a puppet in this global conflict.

As for Sweden, all those military of wars past and now buried throughout the country – what did they stand for? die for? this? Highly doubt it… Which would make their efforts, their lives worthless instead of valued by respected and honored.

How disappointing…

Yes the Left will tear what was I just said apart – now here’s the question: Based purely on results, which is what matters with anything, how have their policies been working for the good and for the security of the people, in this case for Sweden? Where have there been improvements that were good and secure for the people? It has to be an impressive list, not just a few as the Liberals have had decades to work their magic — only to have dust everywhere lacking any sort of magic.

The Swedish government, any Socialist government, is its own worst enemy – and that makes it an enemy of its own people.

NOT a very good position to be in – most governments in such a position faced an internal revolution within 20 years or less. As weapons owners are approximately 750,000, representing about 12% of the election base, and representing around 30% lives in families with a hunter or sport shooter, everyone has a decision to make should such a revolution come about.

Only the future of Sweden at stake – no pressure…

FGM coming up next – Female Genital Mutilation – and Child Marriage… Just lovely…

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[3] – point #5

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Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Sweden’s Politicians Have Failed At Pragmatic Leadership

Part 3: Crime Is 7 Times What It Was 25 years Ago

Part 4: What You Need to Know About No-Go Zones

Part 5: Cultural Enrichment