Q lays it out plain and simple. Why would President Donald Trump appoint a second special counsel? Huber can do more than a second Special Counsel.

By: libertyandjusticeforall‏ @Mark923to25 [1]
Huber has 470 investigators and attorneys working under he and Horowitz. Sessions is at the helm overseeing it all. Huber’s team responsible for 50k+ indictments.
The evidence is clear and can’t be denied. The deep state and MSM are screwed. Human trafficking arrests are surging. Huber has legal jurisdiction in all 50 states and is drawing a grand jury from Utah not DC. Red state – Utah. Human trafficking won’t sit so well with Utah.
There is no other explanation for what is taking place. Anyone who denies this is either in the tank for the deep state or willfully ignorant. We are drawing near the end! I felt like Labor Day would be the beginning of the end for a while.
Qanon posts to show how MSM is now on board with team Sessions. President Trumps plan all along. Brilliant strategy. Even Kathy Griffin took the bait!!
Jack Dorsey testifying before Congress in 24 hours. Shadow-ban’s lifted on many of us but twitter is still regulating QAnon and messing around with patriots. Facebook continues to fall as the public learns what it really is. A public data gathering system started by DARPA.
NP in Qanon’s last post is Nancy Pelosi. Here’s a thread I did a couple months ago re Q post about Pelosi offering protection to Jack Dorsey. Q posted about Pier 39 in San Fran. Interesting connections.
Pelosi and Dem’s work with @jack to shape the narrative and pin as much negative news on Republicans and patriots as possible. @jack shadow bans patriots to help the Dem’s. They’re incestuous days are coming to an end.
RR likely working with President Trump per a plea deal.
Qanon posted more evidence that Hillary Clinton absolutely was aware of the risk of foreign cyber theft of top secret intel due to her refusal to use government issued Blackberries. She was made aware by diplomatic security that she was a target since she did not have a secured
She ignored diplomatic security and continued using her phone. She absolutely knew intel was being stolen. This was clearly Her intent. All of her composed emails were being spied on by foreign adversaries and she knew it! Copies of all her emails were forwarded to an unknown email account which was used by foreign spies to collect intel. This went on for years. This evil woman.