Potential link between them Cemex, Clintons, Rothschild’s and Craig Sawyer

I have information for you that cannot be made up:

By: Anon Source via ADN Anonymous link

I believe in your fight and would like to offer you some information.

Please forgive the anonymity. Craig Sawyer is affiliated with very powerful men, men that he works for.
I want to disclose information concerning Craig Sawyer and his mission to change the narrative away from Child trafficking Elites.
This info comes straight from an insider that was in Southeast Asia with Mr.Sawyer.
In June of 2018, Craig Sawyer received a report of a known alleged sex trafficking camp. Used to store women, juveniles and other loads of contraband. Mr.Sawyer went to this camp site with the group that found it. Veterans on Patrol.
Craig worked hard to erase this photo. In the photo above is Craig Sawyer is with Michael Lewis Author (sp) Meyer, before he called him a crook and a fraud.
Lewis found the camp and called Craig. What Lewis didn’t realize is, he called a wolf.
Mr. Sawyer came down and examined the site.
Former Navy Seal team examines abandoned camp off I-19

KGUN9 has been following a documentary crew traversing the country to expose the dark side of human trafficking — their film is titled “Contraland”. It’s headed by Craig “Sawman” Sawyer, a former elite member of Navy Seal Team 6, who lives in Pima County. His crew consisted this time of a former Navy Seal colleague and a former CIA member. They were notified by a homeless advocacy group about a camp at an abandoned cement plant that appeared suspicious and on Saturday they spent hours examining the site. Just yards from the cement tower — a stark difference in vegetation that could be a haven for the homeless or those in hiding. It’s a secluded spot — hidden in plain sight — not far from I-19. [1]

Two days later it was bulldozed. Mr. Sawyer met with police requesting the reports. He was given the reports like nothing, and then this: [2]

These are the tactics of a coverup.
A clean cover up is when things go unnoticed, no one ever speaks of it or sees it.
A situation like this that has law enforcement at the scene, Non Government groups and the news, warrants a large cover up. Using the media as a tool.
Craig goes on the news and confirms it. He uses teams of folks online to start using words like conspiracy theorist to downplay the truth community that knows the links between Cemex property and know the Rothschilds. Which have a strong presence in Tucson, Arizona.
Immediately after the events now labeled as “Tucson Gate.”
Craig Sawyer goes to the Philippines:
Except he didn’t rescue any children.
He visited the same municipality where CEMEX HOLDINGS is located:
According to the insider in Southeast Asia, Sawyer met with a group of Billionaires in the Philippines. Interesting place to meet. One of those men was Steve Kuansheng Wu, Treasurer for Cemex.
Why would Craig go to the Philippines where Cemex holdings company is headquartered, right after the events in Tucson? Coincidence?
Why did he meet with Cemex executives after a sex camp was found on their property? Are these his handlers?
Sawyer got a substantial raise of funds given to him directly and his organization, Veterans for child rescue. It’s interesting why Craig won’t publicly disclose his 2017 taxes for his non profit.
How much did Craig Sawyer and his organization make during the “Tucson Gate” Scandal?

How many kids has Mr. Sawyer’s organization saved? What does Veterans for child rescue really do? They have had two operations to assisting police in arresting pedophiles. They haven’t had another operation since February.

Wouldn’t an organization that promises to arrests pedophiles be running operations every week? But two in the last six months? Sound like a front much?
Mr. Sawyer was able to get responses on the Tucson event from Chelsea Clinton? She doesn’t tweet about Pizzagate ever, why now? Maybe because the Clintons wanted backed up their close family friend, Craig Sawyer.
The truth community is being suppressed, and an a brilliant plan to shut us up is to make us seem crazy. An even better plan is to put the devil in heroes clothing.
Who is Craig Sawyer really?
Doesn’t save children?? What does his org really do??
New strange partnerships:
Watch this – [2]

I know who Craig Sawyer really is.
Craig Sawyer is a Deep State Agent planted to protect elite operations. He worked for Hillary, McCain and others. He worked his way up the ladder within their hierarchy.
He happens to live in Tucson where he is stationed to Protect the Rothschilds and their operations. One of Mr. Sawyer’s VIPR members wanted to be a Navy Seal and never was, but a favor asked from this VIPR members father who is the head of DNC in Main. This young VIPR member got to work as a security contractor.
Craig works for these elites and benefits from the connections. He is invited to Hollywood elite parties, works on some movies and even acted in a few… He then receives millions of dollars while working as a contractor for the CIA? They don’t make that kind of salary, not legally that is.
Craig Sorry has a 20 million dollar net worth.
Craig Sawyer is not who he says he is, he is not a defender of the defenseless, but actually a defender of the elites. Bought and paid for by Soros.
I come to you with this information because you have a voice and you are trying to shine light on the truth. There is more truth on the way and we have your back.
This is the tip of the iceberg. Our team has more images and evidence to share and will release over the next several months. The noose is tightening on Mr. Craig Strawman Sawyer.
Strawman needs to be exposed, people need to start asking these questions. He has given many death threats to people as he did you. It’s time to end the corruption.
This information has apparently been shared to MULTIPLE outlets:

[1] KGUN9