My 2 Cents of Sense: A PELOSI AMERICA

Written by James Hovda

Democrats have been somewhat silent about their plans should they win back Congress. Most, if not all, Democrats do believe that it is now in the bag to win back both the House and the Senate this November. Their reasoning is because there are so many who despise President Trump and his agendas.

Up to now, the media has little to report on exactly what the Democrats plans are for America. But today, Nancy Pelosi began to unveil her ideals for America’s future under her and Chucky-boy Schumer.

Many of her colleagues have been repressed to talk about the Democrat reversal of Trump’s MAGA policies, yet the once House Speaker said today that Trump’s tax-cut policies have only benefited the wealthy (like her and her ilk), and has had no effect on the average American worker, even though reports from several sources are to the contrary. Pelosi stated that the economic stats are skewed… staged by Republicans to put Trump on a pedestal as “some kind of economic wizard” as she gives Barack Obama and Democrats all the credit for the reviving economy and lower unemployment.

What she fails to tell us is that she and Harry Reid were in control of the Congress from 2007 to 2015, over half a decade to do meaningful actions to revive the economic downturn that put America into deep recession after 9-11 and the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars. It was the Pelosi-Reid-Obama trio that sunk the American economy by taking trillions in wealth to give it to foreign entities, the Left-wing icons who supported them, the globalist elites who finance them, and the overseas corporations who wanted to expand in order to make American businesses “out-of-business”.

The Democrats bankrupt America by doubling the National Debt by $10 trillion in Obama’s eight year reign of consistent turmoil, corruption, scandal, and abuse of power. Poverty over doubled, as those on government assistance tripled. More Americans were getting subsidies than were employed, as unemployment hit the highest mark since the Great Depression. States and large cities went broke, as businesses closed shop at a faster rate than in the Great Depression. Corporate taxes and regulations went through the roof, leaving many with no other choice than to move to another country, or close their doors until further notice. And not to mention the flow of immigrants, both legal and illegal, who also put a vice on our American systems, from educational to medical costs, crime and tragic loss, while true Americans were placed on back burners to fry.

While many did struggle during these hard times, others were able to just keep their head above water, while some even benefited. But, America spoke loudly in 2016 to tell government and the elites that it wasn’t good enough, as America can do better.

One would have to be crazy if they truly want to go back to those times. With today’s reversal in so many things that are making America much better, how can anyone vote for Democrats to retake power in Congress? But nobody said America was full of intelligence, and there are about 47% who still believe that Democrats have the right agendas for this nation. It is the 6% who ride the fence who will determine if Republicans continue, or the Democrats retake control to reverse the course backwards into darker times.

Nancy Pelosi said today that the Democrat priorities will be to raise taxes, reinstate regulations, provide across the board health care coverage, provide free education, relax the borders, raise the minimum wage to $15/hr, cut military expenses, and “repair the damage” Trump has created with our foreign allies. Chuck Schumer was caught on a hot mic stating that “The impeachment of President Trump will be at the top of the list”.

Even though Democrats have been told to remain silent on impeachment, we all know that if the Democrats retake Congress, the “witch hunts” will quickly turn into the “witch trials” to frame the President to remove him from office… then they will quickly go after Vice President Pence, leaving the Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, as the next successor to the highest office in the world. And if you thought Hillary would be bad for America, what would Pelosi become? Dictators have no gender!

It cannot be stressed enough for everyone to get out this November to toss out Democrats by replacing them with Republicans, even if they do smell of RINO. It is the majority that is dangerous, and not just a few traitors to the Republican Party and ideals.

The display from all Democrats since November, 2016 have been not only nauseating, but also anti-American. The Democrats once stood for something, but no longer, as pure socialism and globalism is their end game, now. America cannot afford to waiver in this MAGA movement, as any resistance upgrade by the Left will tumble every step forward we’ve made to send us back to the dark days of Democrat oppression and tyranny.

Every argument against Trump can be debunked, with exception of his harsh comments on Twitter, but most have learned to ignore them. Sure, he has made mistakes, but none have cost us as it did under the Democrat dynasty. It may take up to four years for the President to encircle his camp with those who are totally loyal, and true to the American Way. It may take four years to drain the swamp that still manages to take pot-shots at his presidency and MAGA agenda. It may take four years of winning to make disbelievers into believers. And it may take President Trump and Congress six more years to fix all the pot holes, detours, and roadblocks that Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and Schumer have set into place to stop American production, ingenuity, strength, safety, and security.
On this upcoming election, it can and will be said that if Democrats win, it will because Republicans didn’t vote. There will be no excuses!

Thank you for your support!
Written By: Jim Hovda

Source:  James Hovda