WHO IS FIONA HILL and Could She be THE Mystery Writer??

Many of you have read the seditious New York Times Op-Ed piece.  For those that haven’t, it describes President Trump as “misguided, impulsive, unstable, erratic, ill-informed and anti-democratic”, as well as “impetuous, adversarial, petty and ineffective.” It goes on to say “that other administration officials are quietly defying him to minimize the damage he is doing to the country.”

There is immense speculation into the author of the piece.  Including betting on who wrote it.  Many have hinted that the writer is a “she”.  To that premise, a highly regarded researcher has compiled a solid theory with supporting documents that lead to a probable conclusion to the identity mystery.  Follow us to the end of the piece and watch a bit of lagniappe involving the VP…..




Oh, Fiona!

Take the quotes in the “anonymous” op-ed and run a search. You’ll find her there.

Someone at CAP helped her.
“If she [Hill] wasn’t there it would be pretty bad, this is the most momentous thing in her portfolio,” said Evelyn Farkas, who added that the only valid reason not to include Hill would be to make room for McMaster in a room with limited space.



Before // After:

Before: Fiona Hill noted as co-author of “Trumping The Manchurian Candidate. Again.”


After: Fiona Hill scrubbed as co-author.

Who first published the headline w/Trump as “The Manchurian Candidate”?
The New York Times // Op-Ed contributor, Max Boot.

Max Boot and Fiona Hill:

Both, members of the CFR.
Both, contributors to the New York Times Op-Ed section IRT Trump being “The Manchurian Candidate.”

(To be continued)

Bill Kristol and MAX BOOT: “darlings of the “Never Trump” cadre, “quietly filling the vacuum left by Obama’s cadre of Liberal interventionists..now popping up at the elbows of top cabinet officials.”

(Same article)

Brookings Institute.
Places like Russia and Ukraine.
Fiona Hill.

Neoconning the @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse

Max Boot
Fiona Hill

Left: New piece from the Hill ( )

Right: Old piece from the Daily Beast ()

Fiona Hill was on the Soros Payroll via Open Society Institute. [6]

Who recently bought up a ton of stock in the New York Times? Soros. [7]

Fiona Hill’s salary at Brookings has been paid by a group of donors including government organizations of the European Union, France, Italy and Norway; a group of Turkish businessmen; and the Ukrainian oligarch, Victor Pinchuk.
Fiona Hill’s book on Putin was paid for, according to the acknowledgements in the front, by Stephen Friedman, a Goldman Sachs banker who turned business advisor to President George Bush and Barack Obama’s chairman of the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board.
Fiona Hill’s trips for interviews were paid for and arranged by the State Department’s “Strategic Speaker Program”; by US embassies and consulates in Germany, the Canadian defense ministry, and European think-tanks including Chatham House in London.

These were the pipers.




Replying to

and 2 others
How many years ago exactly, Carter? Thank you.

Carter Page, Ph.D. @carterwpage

Strobe: 2 years ago, in June 2016 at meeting with
Somehow misrepresented at the start of this WaPo hit-piece.

As for Boot, think we last spoke in 1998 when I submitted a WSJ Op-Ed with a co-author from CIA…didn’t suit his Neocon tastes.

2017 Aspen Security Forum

Ty @maunyk xx 🙂 (it’s getting hot in here!)


Hooker’s knowledge of NATO is intimate.

Served as dean of the NATO Defense College in **Rome.

At the Trump NSC, Hooker was deputy to *Fiona Hill.


Link is dead.
Fiona Hill // Victor Pinchuk // Brookings // Clinton Presidential Library lol



Fiona Hill is due to speak w/ Michele Flournoy re: National Security Strategy on Dec. 6th of this year.


In July, at a time when what the “intelligence community” believed to be “Russian-backed hacking”, Fiona Hill penned an op-ed . . . titled: ‘3 Reasons Russian President Vladimir Putin Might Want to Interfere in the US Elections.’


Keith Kellogg hired Hill shortly before @GenFlynn’s departure.

She is a dual U.S.-British citizen who was a U.S. intelligence officer between 2006 and 2009.

Her portfolio would include Europe and Russia.

Everyone that was around her is gone, why is she still there?

Reminder, one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest donors ( [15], ) billionaire Haim Saban, is also one of the Brookings Institution’s biggest fundraisers.



Fiona Hill knows the missing Professor, Joseph Mifsud.
Fiona also knows Ivan Timofeev, who was introduced to George P by Professor Mifsud.

Thread Comments:



She could possibly be the mole to the NYT.

There was no Op-Ed writer or insider ready to flay open the Trump Administration. Hillary, et al. keep their tightly knit group on a short leash & it doesn’t include ‘sleeper cells.’ The Op-Ed ran through
(link: https://Turnitin.com) Turnitin.com, a program to catch student plagiarism.

Sep 5, shortly after the release of the Op-Ed, the #Anonymous essay popped on (link: https://Turnitin.com)
Turnitin.com as a 100% match to a USC student essay handed in, surprise, surprise, Sep 5. Now, lest you say, “Maybe a proactive student wrote ABOUT the Op-Ed!” No….

The Op-Ed, in its entirety as you see on the screenshot, comprises the whole essay. I clicked in the settings to delete matches that INCLUDED citation. No student- one presumes-would include an entire essay w/out citation in her own paper. Unless she’s an idiot.

IMHO… this was an essay written for a class, perhaps taken by a professor and handed to the @NYT w/ their full knowledge that it was fabricated. Hence the Op-Ed & the author being at least two steps removed from the publication process. When it’s discovered, as I hope it will be,the people who perpetrated this fraud should be used by @POTUS to demonstrate a new paradigm in legal consequences for unethical professional behavior & (some would argue) actions that fall just short of treasonous (@Brennan).It’s time, @realDonaldTrump sir. It’s past time.  [20] [20a]

While everyone else who even uttered the word “Russia” was taken down, leaked on, etc., one person inside @realDonaldTrump’s administration remains untouched in every way. Her name is Fiona Hill. – chill



Former Trump Aide Says He Knows Who Wrote Op-ed, Drops Hints About ‘Her’ Identity

by Cortney O’Brien, Posted: Sep 06, 2018, 8:56 AM

Former Donald Trump campaign aide and political strategist Michael Caputo says he knows who wrote the mysterious “resistance” op-ed in The New York Times. It’s a she.

Not only did “she” hide behind an anonymous op-ed instead of quitting, she tried to pin the blame on her colleagues, leaving several hints in the piece that led analysts to different officials in the administration. She published the piece now in order to affect the midterms and impeach President Trump, Caputo also suggested.

“It’s very cleverly written,” Caputo noted. It’s “clearly a ghostwriter” because “she can’t write op-eds this well.” [21]


Mary Anne 😎‏ @maryanneinct
Sep 6 — Rudy Giuliani Retweeted

The New York Times would love for us to believe that pence wrote this piece. I don’t think so. #ThursdayThoughts #lodestar

Rudy Giuliani ‏Verified account @RudyGiuliani
Sep 6 — Replying to @maryanneinct
If it could be anyone at such a high level he probably has top security clearances and a history of leaking. He’s been elected to nothing , but at anytime he could substitute his judgment for our elected politically accountable President. Very dangerous person. [22]




While many are speculating (betting) on the author of the seditious NYT op-ed piece, Chill has gathered facts and supporting evidence that presents a solid theory.  Her tireless work to expose corruption is appreciated and highly regarded among her peers and fellow researchers.  Now I ask… Did you know Fiona Hill before today???


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