History Lesson: from Payseur Family to Holy See thru Differences in Common and Maritime Laws

Compiled by T. Benjamin — Sept 2, 2018


Meet the #Payseur Family—Bloodline of the French Monarchs. And PRINCIPLE owners of “#1 Type A shares” in hundreds of the largest / oldest corporations in the US.


I’m digging because of #QAnon’s previous posts:

Also cam across a few weird things in my research… Coincidence?

One thing is for certain, they OWN a FORTUNE in stock! And the list of trustees and ownership was only disclosed because of a lawsuit—the only event that can lawfully bring a government institution into a private Trust jurisdiction.

No lawsuit? This would still be secret


This is only 1/3rd of the holdings… ONE THIRD!!

All Railroads!
Chase National Bank
Bank of New York
Southern Power Company
Duke Power Company
Carnegie Steel Company
General Electric
Western Union
Sears, Roebuck and Co.
Colt Firearms
Standard Oil Company
Exxon Corporation (#1)
B. F. Goodrich
United Fruit
R. J. Reynolds
Mutual Life Insurance
American Motors Company
General Motors Corporation
Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York
New York Trust Company

Here is the full list of holdings for 1/3rd of the total assets in Trust. The other 2/3rds were not revealed because there were no lawsuits and they were each separate trusts… Here are some screenshots of the holdings…

Hey guys… Guess what I found?

#Payseur Family asset #232:


“Who do elected leaders report to? Pickle.”

Small detour from regular research… I think I figured it out… The whole kit and caboodle… Will be posting on 8Chan later once I’m sure.

Follow me on this… WILD ride…
Ok… First, a caveat: This is just a theory!

So here is the deal… It’s not JUST the Payseur’s. The Payseur family were the Trojan Horse. Lewis Cass Payseur, the only son of Marie Antoinette & Louis XVI, was under the protection of King George III !

yeah, that King George

He was smuggled out of Paris under the name of the family associate (Payseur), and eventually sent to London, where, under the protection of George III he was sent to North Carolina.

Question… Why would the English monarch do this? Weren’t they recovering from the costly war? Ok, so elite families protect each other… That is a factor… But there is something bigger here… And it goes back to the end of the Revolutionary war with the Treaty of Paris.

First, it’s important for Americans to know that we have 4 documents that make up of our “Organic Laws.” They are, 1) Declaration of Independence 2) Articles of Confederation 3) Northwest Ordinance 4) The Constitution.

Collectively, these 4 documents are it!

If you haven’t read my thread on the VENETIANS, please do so now, because these stories merge. It’s important you know the players…


Ok… So these two stories merge with Ben Franklin… He was the lead dignitary assigned to making the DEAL to end the war and establish our sovereignty in the eyes of Europe. We was accompanied by John Jay and John Adams.
It turns out—with a little digging—Benjamin Franklin was a TRUE Patriot. He was… But he was also loyal to Freemasonry and he spent a great deal of time in the brothels and in the infamous Hellfire Club. His womanizing was largely self-promotion, however…
The Hellfire Club was a place of “pure debauchery,” and was rumored to be the venue for an elite secret society called, The Order of the Second Circle, where their activities included mock religious ceremonies, with attendees dressed as characters from the Bible.
Back to the story… So, after years in England, France, and the Netherlands, The Treaty of Paris was signed! It basically protected loyalists from property seizure, and declared peace between nations… BUT…. And a VERY big BUT this is…

A single-sentence DEBT clause in Article 4…

Article 4:
It is agreed that Creditors on either Side shall meet with no lawful Impediment to the Recovery of the full Value in Sterling Money of all bona fide Debts heretofore contracted.

If you are not familiar with English Common Law, let me break this down for you…

Anyone who is owed money, on either side, can collect on the value of that debt in pure Sterling silver.Sounds reasonable, right? Nothing to see here… Moving onto Article 5.

Not so fast.

It’s well known that the United States had war debt… And thus the whole adventure with our friend Alexander Hamilton and the First Bank of the United States comes into play.

But this clause wasn’t specific, was it? In law, and in accordance w/ treaty, it means ALL DEBT.

Ok… So what? Debt is debt, right? Pay up debtors!

What other debt was there besides war debt? Well… not much, really, but there were CREDITORS.

Who were the creditors?

The Joint-Stock Colony Charter Companies, Like The Virginia Company, Plymouth Company, Carolina, etc

Where did we here that term used before? Joint-Stock Company?

Oh yes! The East India Companies… The BIRTH of the modern CORPORATION—a shrewd Venetian concept that legally separated the COMPANY from the OWNERS—A first.

Are you beginning to see the bars around your cage?

America, meet your owners.    Canada, meet your owners.   Australia, meet your owners.    All former British colonies… meet your owners.

Ok, ok… It’s not the SAME creditors, but the wealth stayed in the same “family,” so to speak—The Black Nobility, who protected their assets with Common Law Trusts, but began to do business via CORPORATIONS, risk-free!

House of Este —> House of Welf —> House of Hanover



“Let us be honest, sir’s,” they said,” if a credible case from a CITIZEN ever comes to court, our surety lies in ownership o that court, the rules, and the judge that sits upon the bench.”

“And THIS is how we’ll do it… Gentlemen, let me present to you our friends…”

Last sentence was me… but it’s for “color” 🙂

Robert Fludd, John Dee, Francis Bacon, Kind James I

Quite the crew, eh? These four men had an ENORMOUS impact on Law & Christianity. They authored the King James Bible #KJV

Problem is… They weren’t exactly good Christians.

The first three were homosexual, pedophile, Rosicrucian (pre-Luciferin?), alchemists, who dreamed of a “New Atlantis.”

William Shakespeare… err…I mean, Francis Bacon was quite the enigma, with his band of “Merry Pens,” but that is another thread…

Back to the Bible…

You have to understand the era here… Queen Elizabeth I just died. Spain was in ruin following the Armada. The Venetian bankers were getting settled in Amsterdam. Protestants were LIVID at the corruption of the Church. There was no Bona Fide ENGLISH Bible. Lies were in LATIN
It was crucial that the English interpretation be J U S T right… Every word matters. Every etymological nuance is critical. The phrasing and meaning of the original Greek, Hebrew, and Latin texts, were… Let’s say “up for interpretation.” The whole process was secretive.

Reminder: I am only trying to paint some dots. I have dots that range from “iron-clad,” to fringe conspiracy theory, and everything in between. We must all use our #discernment when connecting those dots with lines. Dots change. Try not to paint line yet.

The good news is that I have lots of “paint,” and nearly all of my dots have lawful / legal documents to back my—over-simplistic—assertions. It’s all there—open source. (sans private docs).

Moving on… The BIBLE… The enormity of that word… the “Bible”

Goose bumps.

Think about it… Powder keg… Pre-English Civil War… Catholics vs. Protestants… Blood. Printing press in full swing (in ENGLISH).

Ahhhh… The dawn of enlightenment.

Take a look at that last line on the graphic of my previous post.

Appointed to be read in churches.

You know what else King James did? He mandated that The King James Bible be the ONLY Bible to be used in COURT.

In essence, our boy KJ—in one fell swoop—mandated that both what you hear in church, and what the court uses to define “truth.”

Pretty clever, eh? 1600’s Twitter?

It’s important that you see all the layers of the deception. In order to get the “Cliff Notes” version, we need to bounce around in time a bit…

The set-up was already 400 years in the making, mind you—in 1615. But it was another needed layer. Why?

Common Law!!! Yay!

As we will soon see, the lawful remedy to be used in #TheGreatAwakening is based on Common Law, specifically, Fraud.

The Venetians HATE Common Law (for the People), but LOVE it for themselves.

They much prefer that we operate under Merchant Law. After all, they designed it.


What the hell is the difference between Common Law and Law Merchant Law, now called the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)? Entire books are written on this, but I’ll try to sum it up in the next few tweets.

This is where people usually get glassy-eyed. Stay with me. Important.

Common law is UNWRITTEN law… There is NO book with a list of statutes. Instead, it is based on 1,000’s of years of common sense, customs and principles of society—The Golden Rule.

Borrowing a term from medicine, lets describe common law in 3 words:

Do No Harm

Common law is also known as “The Law of The Land,” because it stems from “customs of society,” and thus has its roots on the soil. You have a natural right to exist is the land, and you can do what you want, so long as you do no harm, keep the peace, and honor your CONTRACTS.

Enter Merchant Law, a subset of common law, and based on the ancient laws of #PHOENCIA, by way of the Scrolls of Oleron brought back from the Crusades by Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Merchant Law is ALL about Contracts.

And guess what, it came [into] existence on the WATER, not the land.


But what does this have to do with America, or the Payseur’s, or the Bible? Or…

We still need to bounce around in time a bit, and establish some fundamental principles, before we can “see” the FIX for what it is.

And the FIX was in… BIG TIME, and it was/is 100% Venetian

There is nothing inherently wrong with merchant law. In fact, it serves as a necessary bridge between nations with conflicting “common laws.” Make sense?

England’s common law is slightly different than Dutch common law, which is slightly different than American, etc…

Merchant law, or commercial law, was done by CONTRACT between two or more parties. The contract Is the law… Not what flavor of the month is hot in politics, or which family sits on a throne.

The Contract IS THE LAW… No need to bother w/ case law.

Commercial expedience.

Back to Queen Eleanor for a moment… She was a very interesting person, and was so pivotal in many respects.

Interesting personal side note: She was my g, g, g, g, g x grandmother according to ancestry.com

No, I am not Illuminati!

Take another look at the graphic in my previous post… She was the great granddaughter of William I and the mother of King John.

Those 2 men were permanently etched into the fabric of history, and their decisions largely impact our entire global economy.

Here’s why…

First, William The Conqueror changed England forever with his victory over the last of the Anglo Saxon Kings.

But despite his great victory, there was one little, tiny place that he could not defeat.

The GREAT William conquered an ENTIRE island, but not the OLD SQUARE MILE

What is THE OLD SQUARE MILE? It’s the City of London! That’s what.

Situated in the oldest Roman quarter of Londinium—Already nearly 1,000 years settled by the time William I comes along.

Rather than try his luck, a deal was made in the form of the “William Charter.”


Watch this quick video on The City of London, to get some perspective…

Now the merchant guilds behind the City of London were already doing international trade (Hanseatic League, etc.), but they didn’t start using Merchant Law (Lex Mercatoria) until about the time of King John.

This is where it gets interesting… Enter… The MAGNA CARTA…

I’ll spare you the details on the Magna Carta, but it’s important you understand how it relates to Vatican Supremacy in our global commercial system.

Here is basically what happened (super simplified)…

King John was pretty much like they portray him in Robin Hood. Weasel.

All the bad ass knights that fought and risked their lives for William make up the nobility for future England… if you didn’t already have some bloodline clout in Normandy, you could get status by risking your life with Billy boy. Many did…

Well… rather than me taking 10 tweets to set the scene, please watch this. It’s actually very well done:

Disregard that UN fluff at the end… “and we lived happily ever after…”


This video is almost perfect, with the exception of that feel-good ending, and one other thing… That bag of money that King John paid the Pope? A LIE!

What really happened?

John signed the Bulla Aurea, which put the entirety of England in the protection of the Pope!! And it still stands TODAY!

England / UK is a Vassal State of the Vatican. Boom. Still.

Let’s recap… we’ve gone over a bunch of stuff:

-England is a vassal state of the Papacy
-City of London is not
-City of London is quasi-soveriegn
-Magna Carta is void. Bulla Aurea trumps a document signed under duress

Now, we shift to a Papacy with a power complex…

If the Bulla Aurea was the absolute beginning of this conspiracy, it kicked into full swing a hundred years later, when Pope Boniface VIII delivered the next MASSIVE papal Bull, Unum Sanctum, which made the Papacy / Vatican The TRUSTEES for the ENTIRE PLANET


And it TOO still stands today, and is the bedrock for a private trust called, The Global Estate Trust… Heck, the next few Popes wanted to get into the action… I mean, this is fun!

So, over the next couple hundred years, a series of Trusts were created.

Did you miss it? Unam Sanctam is the lynch pin to the entire global economy.

So, what the heck is with all this Trust stuff? Why does it keep popping up in this story, and what’s makes a Trust so special anyway?

It’s a very special kind of contract… or a contract is a special kind of trust… Perspective.

There are rules… 2,000 year-old rules.

If a contract or trust is made “in the PRIVATE,” it is its own jurisdiction. i.e… No judge, no President, no attorney can look at it, pierce it, or have anything to do with it, whatsoever.

It’s Nunya Bizness… It’s PRIVATE… Not Public.

Private & Public… Did you know?

The ONLY way to pierce a Private contract or a Private trust is with common law itself:

-Was their fraud? Evidence = Void ab inicio
-Failure to maintain formalities?
-Improper care of the “corpus” or res

Etc… Oh! And this…

-Is the essence of the contract OBSCENE?

In other words, you can’t make a Trust or a Contract that would “disturb the peace.” Paying someone $200 for every kid they torture for blood—although a PRIVATE contract—would not fly.

Note from @SaRaAshcraft — “replace “Jewish” with “Hivite,” and you’ve got it right!”


Can you see which two “tools” could be used to bring down a mountain of private trusts, built on private trusts?

Fraud. Peace.

Go HUBER, GO!!! <— Common Law and Constitutional law EXPERT (and my homie)

@HuntsmanCenter @realDonaldTrump @jeffsessions

Ok… So… I just went to lay down for a bit, and the next thing I know… it’s morning. Guess I needed it.

You want to know what time it is? Yep… It’s Bad Guy Time.

Trusts are kind of boring. But hey, at least you kind of know what they are now, right? You want to know what else makes a private Trust special?

They don’t pay TAXES. Remember, if it’s a common law trust, it’s nunya bizness.

It IS the jurisdiction. The GRANTOR IS THE KING!

If I grant my old tennis shoes as the trust “corpus,” and I appoint my wife as Trustee to properly care for my old shoes, until a time that my daughters (the beneficiaries) reach the age of 21, my Smelly Shoe Trust has the SAME weight as the Global Estate Trust. Both PRIVATE!


Seriously?! The SAME weight? Yep… The same weight under the “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.”

Hey NEO, are you paying attention? You ALL have the RIGHT to protect your assets in Trust.

Not just for rich folk, but made to be very confusing for us wage workers.

Enough on Trusts for now… Back to BAD GUYS… Remember one thing…

#QAnon said

-Wealth (over generations) buys power.
-Power (over generations) buys more wealth/control.
-More wealth/control buys countries and its people.


Back to the Vipers of Venice…

Venice NEVER produced ANYTHING—except for art, cultural, and architectural innovation. There is only so much you can PRODUCE when your entire nation sits on a small island… The name of the game is TRADE.

And traders are MERCHANTS.


URGENT: We take a break from our historical forensic research to bring you BREAKING NEWS.

Is [NP] Nick Pickles? Is Nick Pickles REALLY part of the #Payseur Family?

Why would #QAnon speak driectly to “bad boy” [NP], and not to the purported CEO of Facebook?

Is MZ a Puppet?




Hmmm… What are the odds that he works for TWITTER POLICY Dept.?

Oh wait! He is a TRUSTEE… Where have we heard that term before? Trustee for what? BBC…

Anything else interesting? Oh, yeah… BIG BROTHER WATCH.

Nothing to see here…


Ok… I warned you that I have theories ranging from iron-clad to fringe conspiracy. This is a fringe one… Just thinking out loud here:

What if #QAnon meant “think Pickle Factory,” not so much as a clue to Heinz, but that—in reality—There are LOTS of pickles. i.e. factory

i.e. They are all around us, keeping watch, bloodline is key…

Back to our historical perspective…

VENICE… MERCHANTS… (Phoenician) Merchant Law… Water… Water?

What’s with the whole “water” thing?

Time machine… This time we go WAY back… To the very beginning.

The Phoenicians are to blame.

Take a look at these ancient Phoenician trade routes. At the time of Hammurabi and the Pharaohs, Phoenicia not only dominated trade around their native land (Canaan), their reach spanned 3 continents, and 5 MAJOR bodies of… WATER.


Can you imagine? They didn’t have much land… mainly coastal land.

In fact, nearly all major powers in antiquity operated from a city, not a large swath of land, hence the term City-State.

But Phoenicia was different. Their City-state(s) were always surrounded by water.


It’s no surprise that all our modern “sea laws” stem from this early time… Ditto with the terminology.

Well, The Phoenician’s didn’t have Lex Mercantoria (Merchant law), but they did have Lex Rhodia (Ancient maritime law).

What is it? INSURANCE… sea trade insurance.

Ships sink. Trade is risky. Lex Rhodia was pretty cool in that, for instance, if the crew had to lighten the ship by dropping items overboard, all stakeholders paid equally… Shared risk.

It also covered things like shipwrecks, claims, bills of lading, bottomry, etc.

Ok… Snap out of it… I see you sleeping over there…

We are about to go full board conspiracy (with proof)…

Buckle up… This is where the WATER gets interesting.

So, here is what happened… The Romans liked Lex Rhodia so much that they did what Romans do—they adopted it.

The Great Emperor Justinian codified it…

Following the Fall of Rome, The Holy Roman Empire used it…

Venice used it.

It wasn’t quite MARITIME LAW … Yet.

Is it possible that throughout history, some of the most honored and cherished figures in history were really the worst? Is that what we’re seeing today?

Whoever controls the message, controls—in large part—the story.

Sometimes, the story becomes our HISTORY


Let me introduce you to one histories most enigmatic, and most (possibly) EVIL people.

We all know him as the cheerful, animal-loving, quirky monk…

His name was St. Francis of Assisi.

And if the powers that be have their say, this is how we are to remember him.


Frank O’Collins, a former seminary school student, and future would-be priest, is the foremost whistle blower in the “Vatican” truth movement.

Frank is a Canon Law expert, and has spent much of his adult life warning people about the “impostors,” in power since 1,057 AD

Frank claims that the “Roman Cult” usurped the Papacy, and instituted a Catholic “look a like,” that was really ancient Cybele worshipers, and contends that is what we face today.

i.e. Rome NEVER FELL…

The 6,000 year old Cybele cult didn’t either.

Just stayed quiet…



Frank contends that The Roman Cult, the Vipers of Venice, and the City of London (the Crown Corp) became permanently joined at the hip in 1250.

A secret joint business venture was made with the Pope, Venice, and the City of London.

We know it today as THE HOLY SEE

There is only one problem… Can’t find evidence. Almost everything Frank shares has the documented evidence attached to his assertions.

Frank went dark a couple years ago, took his old site down, and gave a “last message” to fellow researchers. I think he was spooked.  Good news is you can still find many of his videos/work on YouTube and archive.org

This HOLY SEE speculation is just that… We need a Document

You can watch Frank for yourself as he discusses the Roman Cult: (6:40)

Does he sound like a wacko conspiracy nut? Yeah, me neither… More like an academic that says brave things.

Even if we never find a HOLY SEE smoking gun document, the effect is the same, as if this secret pact really happened.

We can prove it later in time. Just not 1250.

Every year, to this day, (possibly) in memorial of the joint venture, the Pope and his Trustees (curia) of Cardinals reaffirm their vows and do the throwing of the rings ceremony.

All the Venice Doges do it too…

They throw the rings into the WATER.


By 1250, The Venetians had the most sophisticated of all legal systems in its maritime edicts, passed down from Doge to Doge into a consolidated codex. The law of ownership and debt, the law of money, land, sea and property.


Let me be absolutely clear. Maritime Law IS Admiralty Law. Synonymous… They are one in the same. Just don’t confuse the UN version of Maritime Law.

So, from this point on—to avoid the (intentional?) confusion—I will refer to Maritime Law as Admiralty Law.


Admiralty law or maritime law is a body of law that governs nautical issues and PRIVATE maritime disputes. Admiralty law consists of both domestic law on maritime activities, and PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL LAW GOVERNING the relationships between PRIVATE PARTIES.


Ever heard some of these terms before?

Deposit SLIP
FLOAT a loan
Soul Mate

Nautical terms for to PRIVATE LAW and PRIVATE MONEY.

Why the Sea? Neutral Intl. jurisdiction.

It would seem that—in the eyes of Admiralty Law—we are but “Souls on a Sea of Commerce.”

Who is the Trustee for ALL SOULS, both alive and dead (temporal and spiritual)

Pope Boniface VIII—At least in HIS mind… and all Papal successors.

Recap time:

-Common law: Do no harm, keep the peace, honor contracts

-Maritime/Admiralty Law: Ownership, debt, money, sea, property, and private international law for private parties

-Law Merchant: bills of exchange, negotiable instruments, securities

Timewarp to present…

Question for you… Which United States do you live in?

Specifically, which of the 3 Unites States?

Wait… You didn’t know that there are are 3 United States of America?

Want proof? OK

Who has the final say on judicial decisions? The Supreme Court of the United States… that’s who.

Here are no less than 8 separate SCOTUS cases that clearly state:

3 different United States, and thus “each has citizens of its own”


Take a close look at that decision in 1859, prior to Civil War, and prior to 1868…

It basically affirms that however the hell you want to use the phrase “United States” meant the same thing… We are ALL citizens of the United States…

No worries! No confusion!

You’ll also see many references to the 14th amendment, supposedly the amendment that freed the slaves!

Truth Bomb: The Civil War wasn’t about slavery. It was about debt repayment.

To who? The CREDITORS… And the 14th Amendment didn’t free slaves, it made slaves of us all.

But I’m getting way, way, way ahead of myself, aren’t I?

Before you can grasp how it’s even possible, you have to understand WHO YOU ARE. I don’t mean in your mind or to your friends & family…

But who you are in the eyes of the law.

Sorry for that SHOCKER, but it’s true… Most of us are “living” in that 2nd definition… The Federal United States… And thus, by law, that puts us in that jurisdiction.

It’s not a bad place to be, but only if you know who you and how to handle yourself in LAW.

Quick Note: This is not intended to be a “How to get out of the system” thread. It’s a historical investigation and “Who Done It”—with as much evidence as I can provide.

If it helps you on your journey, awesome!

Still have a couple hundred tweets before for the FULL story.

So, what’s this whole “Who are you?” thing? I am who I am, right? You are who you are.

Well, unfortunately, the legal system makes a LOT of ASSUMPTIONS about you. And since you never bothered with CORRECTING those assumptions… meh… Why bother to tell you.

Who are you?

*********************BELOW HERE IS UPDATE TO ORIGINAL POST*********************

Turns out, we always had a choice, whether we knew it or not, and it can be corrected at ANY time.

I know what I am in the eyes of the law…



If some 3-letter agency comes to you and can take your child, or force you to get vaccinated, or tax your labor, etc.

Which entity do you think they are going after? Better yet, which entity CAN they go after? Yes, my friends.

Have your attention?

Good. Time travel time.

Before we jump back to the time, I need to address something…

I’ve been getting messages and DM’s asking about the #KJV Bible, Council of Nicaea, Constantine, etc., asking about the relevancy…

How is it relevant?

Words. Words communicate thought. Thought control?

Are translations significant? Church AND Court…

KJV = Commercial


Matthew 6:12

(GW) Forgive us as we forgive others.
(NCV) Forgive us for our SINS, just as we have forgiven those who SINNED against us.
(KJV) And forgive us our DEBTS, as we forgive our DEBTORS.
115) Ah… Hell… We’re already here at the time of KJV… Might as well stay here so I can point you to some peculiarities.

Remember our friends, Robert Fludd, John Dee, Francis Bacon, and King James?

Conspiracy time…

Reminder: Robert Fludd also created the attached work


And just for FUN… Although I put little weight on this vs. legal/historical documents, Dan Brown fans will be happy to know that he pops up in the Priory of Sion.

Take a look at who was grand master from 1597-1637

Oh, isn’t this FUN!

In all seriousness… I smell a rat.

It seems like various factions were all lining up for something… Factions that were often at war with each other, and still are to this day.

Right about the time of the KJV Bible, it just so happens that a multitude of things began to fall in place, despite chaotic times.




-The birth of the CORPORATION —> Dutch VOC
-KJV Bible for Church AND State
-Venetian financial power base in Amsterdam
-Plantagenet/Templar-friendly Stuart King James I (Catholic)
-Trust-happy Vatican
-Weak Spain
-War weary Europe

Hello AMERICA! Hello Empire.

Before we dive into the untapped resources of the new world, we must understand this incessant push from the Venetian oligarchy—through Parliament (proxy)—to colonize. Why?

Colonization is a business venture… Always has been.

Business is about MONEY

And there is NO civilization in history that mastered MONEY so well as the Venetians. They turned it into a science, spread their systems, and invented a way with a 100% chance of ALWAYS returning a profit.

Let’s all see just how diabolical these Vipers of Venice were/are.

First, let’s recall that the Venetian trading empire spanned all the way to China… Remember Marco Polo?

Yeah… He was Venetian.

What was he looking for? Opportunities in trade and commerce with the far East, and everything in between.


Marco Polo brought back something that would change the lives of Europr, and in effect, the world.

Marco Polo brought back with him the ingenious Chinese idea of PAPER MONEY.



The Venetian bankers saw the immediate practicality with paper, and when your nation, the merchants, AND the banks are all on a small island… bam!

Hey, just bring in your “receipt” and get your gold and/or silver coin.

Deposit banking is born. So is deposit accounting.

It wasn’t long before these “receipts” were so successful that they began to be traded as “money” in the markets.

i.e. No need to go withdraw and re-deposit coin with every merchant transaction… Just trade the receipts… Payable to bearer at said bank.

CASH is born.

It wasn’t long after that the bankers realized that when merchants needed a loan, they didn’t need the gold itself, but rather a receipt for gold on deposit.

It was, as they say “as good as gold.” (Law Merchant)

The bearer of always knew he could get his coin at any time.


Let’s be clear… Everyday people weren’t exchanging paper money. Merchants in those days were generally wealthy traders… perhaps equivalent to today’s SEC traders.

Everyday money (scrip) came later.

The slow consolidation of private lenders, into central banks begins.


Take a look at the previous graphic. Do you see that word in italics?


Despite the advent of redeemable paper, Venice had a bigger scam up its sleeve, and it was PERFECT.

Money-changers, specializing in foreign specie (campsores), were the first FOREX traders.

They could buy gold cheap in the orient, where it was plentiful, and sell it high in Europe, where it was naturally scarce and in great demand.

and Visa versa…

They bought silver cheap in Europe, and sold it high in Asia, where it was scarce and in demand.

Badda bing!!!

With deposit account banking, the coinage of Venice was almost entirely “freed up” due to accounts being paid off a ledger vs the weighing and measuring of coinage… EFFICIENCY.

FOREX manipulation + Freed coin + bank ledgers = domination

Venice flooded the bullion market.

True mercantile banks—banks that lent money to kings, popes, and countries—were largely on the other coast… Florence, Genoa, Pisa, etc.

Since merchant loans (bonds) to countries are longer term, and payable in gold… What do you think happened?

Competition eliminated.

Florentine banks that lent gold when it was scare were being repaid when it was plentiful.

Venice collapsed the gold and silver exchange rate. And in some sense… this was artificial inflation.

Venice grew rich and dominant… Their wealth became legendary.
Correction: Babylon was the first FOREX traders…

Keep in mind that all this is happening while Law Merchant and Maritime law was evolving and solidifying…

Law Merchant law became more of the banker law or finance law, if you will.

What happens when one merchant can’t pay another? the CURRENT stops.


Law Merchant evolved into negotiable instruments and securities…

If one merchant could not repay another, a COMMERCIAL LIEN was placed on the debtor, which is just a piece of paper that says “dude owes me.”

And that LIEN can be traded, just like money!

follow me?

Merchants of Venice, Florence, and the London began treating debt, in the form of liens and negotiable instruments, as money…

Eventually, a LIEN can be LEVIED.

That means scary dudes come in and take stuff… Why? Because it was the contracted collateral.


And because it was a CONTRACT between two or more parties, it has the same weight as Common law… Weird, huh?

But Law Merchant is pretty rad… I like it. It’s simple. It’s truth. It’s… BIBLICAL.

Wait… Biblical? Dirty, greedy bankers? Truth?

Yes indeed, my friends.

How can shrewd, conniving, duplicitous bankers all agree? Um… To tell the Truth? Yes.

If Merchant A breaches his contract with Merchant B, Merchant B places a commercial lien on Merchant A… No hard feelings. it’s business. The CURRENCY continues. Commerce doesn’t cease.

Well, if negotiable instruments are merely “promises to pay,” this whole thing is based on trust, right? Trust between merchants or bankers…

When there is a breach of this trust, a LIEN is placed by AFFIDAVIT.

Affidavit = Testimony = Truth = Honor

Perjuring yourself in common law is much different than in Admiralty (our de facto court system). When you swear by affidavit, you are swearing to God. It’s your very honor on the line—an important concept in law. HONOR.

Here is the process:

Finally, when an entity has a commercial lien attached to them, they can no longer do commerce until the first lien position holder gets paid…

i.e. If I’m “liened up,” I can’t go use my credit card and buy a stereo system. I’m FROZEN in commerce. Until I pay.

This is an oversimplification, but you get the idea.

A contract is a contract. A deal is a deal. The law makes no distinction about a good deal or a bad deal. Only the terms matter.

Shrewd businessmen don’t make bad deals. They want collateral. They want SURETY.

This is where the Law merchant (UCC now) provides the term, “secured party.” = We have stuff that can be seized, traded, assigned, etc. We are solvent.

Want to know what else a lien position holder is called?


Where have we heard that term before?

Enough on creditors for now… I’m getting sleepy myself.

The reason I spent so much time on the mechanics, is because you will soon realize CREDITORS have placed LIENS—Successive liens—on everything that makes a NATION

The Surety:

1. Our Land
2. Our Coin
3. Our People


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