Could someone please reconcile the following items in this thread? Former Intelligence agents are involved so it might not be surprising that things don’t add up; but really, this should not be difficult.

By: Kev Dude @KKNoMates [1]
@JackPosobiec @mitchellvii @annvandersteel

First, please put aside whether JTFMAGA wishes to charge for access to their documents or any other controversy that has arisen from the launch of; we just need a few very simple things cleared up.


Let’s start with a tweet by Jack Posobiec back in March 2018, in which he claims to have been involved in the formation of JTFMAGA and cites the involvement of the former Technical Director of the NSA, Mr Jack Posobiec.

Move forward to April 2018 and Mr. Binney, together with former CIA officer Mr. Kevin Shipp and JTF MAGA spokesman Robert Caron are interviewed together by Tomi Collins.

So far so good; but following the launch of:

Which is clearly a twin site of:
JTFMAGA | Joint Task Force MAGA | Keeping America Great [3] –on 7th Sept there is a flurry of activity: A lot of questions are asked about this venture and the people behind it. Then on the 9th Sept. we have Jack Posobiec with some ‘disclosure’ regarding  JTFMAGA. While there is nothing to suggest this is untrue, it doesn’t quite seem to be consistent with his tweet in March.

Then, some six months following the interview with Mr Binney and Mr Caron, we have this from Mr Shipp: This could of course be a simple oversight regarding the timing, but it appears to be a long way off.


Natalie Clark appears to be a very credible source and has done a lot of work on this whole SNAFU. Follow her timeline for a lot more information on the JTF MAGA situation. She has contacted Mr. Shipp and confirmed he is not a part of JTFMAGA.


Natalie also contacted Mr. Binney regarding this matter and he appears to disassociate himself from the JTFMAGA project. Note the reply to this tweet from Joshua Macias.


Much of the media exposure for the JTFMAGA project has come from YourVoice America [4]. In this broadcast hosted by Ann Vandersteel, an interview with Mr Caron is juxtaposed with a very interesting interview with Mr Binney.

Since the Binney interview does not concern JTFMAGA and considering Mr. Binney is apparently not connected with it, this juxtaposition appears at first to be a rather disingenuous attempt to associate the two and boost the credibility of Mr. Caron’s project. However yesterday, in what again is a very interesting interview, Mr. Binney and Mr. Caron appear together discussing the JTFMAGA project and lots of other interesting stuff. So is Mr. Binney involved after all? When was this interview recorded Bill Mitchell?


Going back to the original interview with Tomi Collins, we now have this:



And this:



And more recently, this from Mr. Shipp:


So Mr. Shipp’s position appears to be quite clear. If Mr. Binney, Mr. Caron, Jack Posobiec, Ann Vandersteel, and Bill Mitchell would like to clear up some of the other issues, it would be much easier for folk to either get behind this project, or put it behind us.

I appear to have missed this seemingly significant tweet from my graphic.



Update: Further comment from Mr Shipp, and 13th Sep: More clarification from Mr Shipp concerning the original interview with Tomi Collins, Mr Caron and Mr Binney.


Update 13th Sep. It now appears we have comments from Mr. Binney. In a brief Youtube interview with Joshua Macias posted on 11th Sep, Mr Binney says he supports any organization trying to get the truth out to President Trump.

h/t @EG01206893 cc @Kevin_Shipp #JTFMAGA

Now more specifics regarding Mr Caron.

The backgrounds of both men fronting the JTFMAGA and ReportForThePresident; Coran & Macias (or his aliases) are evidently very sketchy. There appears to have been radio silence on the matter since it all blew up from YourVoiceAmerica, who are clearly invested in the project.

Please read Natalie Clark’s threads here for more specific information regarding this venture [5]


And in particular this response to her from Mr Binney, who appears to have been used, along with others to prop up the whole thing.



There is no clear confirmation whether this is an operation against a Deep State coup, a money making scheme, or indeed an operation BY the Deep State. I would caution against handing over your personal information and credit card details without thinking it through carefully.


And the latest from Mr. Shipp: