What do Davy Crocketts’ M-388 Nuclear Mortars, Benghazi and Pay to Play have in Common?

Compiled by Jason Q Janiszewski with contributing info added by Jeff Pedrotti.  (Additional commenters indented and in italics)

Here’s a data drop that was dropped by other Patriots in the fight. I marked on them a bit to stress the key phrases. This will make a lot of Americans really really pissed off.

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So right now. Iran has the missing 6 nuke mortars. PLUS the children. Israel is tied in as well because of the whole Syrian opposition

There were 7 nuclear mortars called the Davy Crockett’s. I doubt if they have them listed on the arsenal data page that I have because it’s a nuclear ordinance

LW:  If Israel is involved and Trump knew — what’s the purpose of the deals and friendliness of Trump and Israel? I have no problem with Israel they are our only friend now but I do know in time they WILL be our enemy.

Friends close. Enemies closer.

Whoa. No. Wrong answer. They aren’t our friend. Our ONLY friend in all this is Russia. Has been since the Civil War. That’s why the lies have been so massive

If you are new here, I actually made a couple posts about Switzerland, the CIA, Israel and CERN. I’ll probably do it again so everyone knows how this all began.

Jeff Pedrotti (JP):  And the symbol of the 666 (6 lines/6 points/6 triangles) is right on their ISRAEL-LIE flag!! The Synagogue of Satan Rev 2:9 & 3:9.
Fake Jews who are Jewish by faith but their bloodlines trace back to the Canaanites. A wicked tribe that had sex orgies, human sacrifice and cannibalism. Actually the word Cannabal literally means Cain of Baal. The wicked are Luciferians pretending to be Israel when in fact they admit they are not!!

JP:  They are the literal descendants of Cain and the fallen angels or demons who bred with human women. Bloodlines of Nimrod that was the beginning of Babylonian Mysteries that were revealed by these demons whom they conjure in their rituals. It usually includes child sacrifice, blood drinking and cannibalism followed by sexual orgies with drugs etc..

JP:  Most of these people were raised and abused themselves in multi generational Satanic families. Much like how a serial killer psychopath grows up.

JP:  They use mind control thru fear. They break them down until they split off then program them thru mind control. These were originally military intelligence techniques to get prisoners to talk.

LW:  What ive learned (PLEASE correct me if wrong) the jews in early old test was Gods chosen but when Jesus came it was no longer blood it was who ever believes. And the so called jews today not only not of abrahams blood the but definitely not of faith. And they are ones to bring in the NWO.

JP:  The true Israelites are of the House of Israel descended from the twelve tribes. A Jew was not necessarily a Jew by blood but those who lived in Judah were also Jews by religion. Many were actually Edomites of Esau who invaded the land of Judah after the true JUDAHITES OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH were taken into Babylonian captivity. The Jewish Pharisees, King Herod as well as Judas Iscariot were Edomites Jews but not Judahite or ISRAELITE. Jesus was a true blooded JUDAHITE and not a Jew.

JP:  Most Christians are blind because they think Eve and Satan were eating apples.

JP:  Satan impregnated Eve. The son was Cain or the first of the Nephilym demon seed that would be at enmity with the true Israelites or today’s Christians.

JP:  God’s seed was Adam. Then Abel who Cain slew. Then Seth. Cain was not God’s seed but Satan’s who are the tares among the wheat.

JP:  They are Luciferians who do what their Canaanite ancestors have done for centuries. They are multi generational Satanic bloodlines. The more pure the bloodline the more powerful their black magick.

JP:  This did not come but thru God Himself. The bible colleges and seminaries push Zionism when in reality Israel (666 on the flag) is Lord Jacob’s Rothschild puppet state.

LW:  and the jesuits work too?

JP:  Christians have been deceived into believing these fake Jews are true Israel when in fact they are the Synagogue of Satan.

JP:  Jesuits are crypto Jews!

JP:  Freemasonry is Luciferianism

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JP:  Judaism or the oral traditions is Babylonian witchcraft and demonic conjuring. Judaism is about the Babylonian talmud.

LW:  I think 90 percent churches think we have to bless isreal. Im like bless the ones that would spit and kill Jesus if he walked their streets today?? Ive seen on some of the awakening groups they are slowly pushing secret societies are NOT evil. And Catholic people are ok its just the pope. Gotta be careful who we follow.

JP:  Satan and his children love to portray themselves as God and His children. The great deception.

JP:  Secret Societies are the seed of Cain. Freemasonry is initiation into Luciferian black magic. Satanic rituals, etc…

JP:  The Vatican literally means the divine serpent. The Canaanites (Today’s fake Jews) were known as the serpent people who were part of the bloodlines of the demons who bred with their women in these rituals of blood.

JP:  They ate human flesh and were wicked. God warned the Israelites to stay away. King David was ordered by God to kill all of them they were so wicked.

JP:  The Deep State is this Luciferian Cabal that has infiltrated our government, churches, schools all as Jews, “God’s chosen”?

JP:  Yes great book that was in the original scriptures. The Jesuit translators tried to hide the Satanic bloodlines by hiding what actually happened in Genesis. Cain and Able were twins with two fathers cause Eve had sex with Satan then went home and had sex with Adam. This sexual sin was punished with sexual pain or the pain of childbirth.

JP:  The two seedlines would hate each other and the whole bible is the story of this battle between the children of God ( House of Israel) and the children of Satan (Jews/Christ Killers/Seed of Cain)

JP:  Even the Jews admit now (among themselves) that they are the seed of Cain, a cursed race that wanders the land as parasites following the children of God so they can steal and destroy.

JP:   Eastern European Jews were originally Khazarians. The Jews of Judah area are mostly of Edomite Canaanite blood with a light spackle of ISRAELITE blood but not much. This is how the Pharisees could claim ancestry to Abraham. It was thru Esau and not Jacob.

JP:  Judas was the only Jew of the bunch. The other apostles and Jesus were of the House or tribes/kin of Jacob Israel.

JP:  Esau going to live with Canaanites is like me living with black people. Eventually my white DNA will be nil but the blackest negro could claim ancestry to me. So it was with these wicked Pharisees.

LW:  Last question. Of all the people today that believes that all hell is going to break loose what percentage do you think is preparing for it- to the extent that we can prepare.

JP:  And remains so as they deceive the nation’s and cause great wars to fight for their 666 nation.

JP:  The true Israelites (White race) are the ones who filled all the prophecies and blessed the nation’s as we were blessed. They hate us but they are about to be exposed. Read the book of Obadiah. The Edomites are the fake Jews while the white nations are America and Europe. The red dragon is the Red Communist Jew and the seed of the woman is true Israel. Fake Israel is about to be outed as the children of Israel awaken to their true identity. The dry bones come to life. Now the fake state of Israel has a big problem. Identity theft on an epic scale!!

JP:  The house of cards is collapsing as prophecy of the stone kingdom emerges.

JP:  Jesus will come back to set up His kingdom and dividing the goat nation from the sheep nations. But first the tares are gathered up (Land of Israel) and burnt up (nuclear war?) It turns out that God outsmarted Satan and has gathered them up in the land to destroy them!

JP:  While they have been planning our demise God was leading them to self destruction.

JP:  Those who believed the lie will lose faith but those who know the truth see Obadiah unfolding.

JP:  Most Zionist Christians will be dumb founded when the Jews are destroyed and will lose all faith in God. They never truly understood to begin with cause they chose to believe the lie.

JP:  The Jews are pushing for WWIII with Iran. With American military and more American lives and money of course!

Hey Jeff Pedrotti but here’s where that gets crazy. God isn’t God the creator. God is an acronym. For Greenland Of Denmark. The Roman Empire never fell. They just created the Roman Catholic Church and proceeded with their reign of terror. Israel has one job. To protect Switzerland and Greenland. Greenland also has someone special ruling there. The Black Pope. Switzerland holds the CIA headquarters and guess who they strictly employ? The Jesuits

We should combine what you posted here and my notes on Switzerland, the CIA and CERN

The Clinton Foundation will be the biggest snitch and it will out the entire operation because they were so GREEDY. Bet they wish they picked another horse in this race. Lol

This is why Putin put all of his military on red alert on the border of Poland and had 400k people do nuclear drills. It’s because these traitors used them against Russian troops to begin WW3.

Putin didn’t bite. He already knew about the plan. He knew Trump was coming in next. They played their games. Our Military decided to enter into the game for ALL mankind.

MC: Is Putin a bad guy? An enemy?

No. He never was. Russia has been the only country that has helped us save our Republic. That was in the Civil War.

England and France started the war and split us so they could come in once we were done and take us back over. The Russians were tipped off on it and told us. The Brits were pissed so they waited and plotted revenge. That’s where the Bolshevik Revolution came into play

MC: Kinda wondered what connection England has played, since Marx and Lenin wrote so much of their material there.

The Crown is the host’s body for the Alpha Draconians

England’s Royal Family is called that because they are the head Reptilians. The Queen has the highest ranking reptilian host in her pineal gland. That’s where the whole black eye comes into play

The info that’s being leaked is huge

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Note the name in the bottom right.

Immelt. Yep. We have a past. 😉. And he’s probably worm food by now or playing on GITMO’s water polo/boarding team

It’s why the announcement is coming Thursday. Q said think football. It’s a double meaning.
Football is Soccer in Europe. So soccer ball. The one he got from Putin has all the info needed.
Then the Suitcase that POTUS has when away from the WH that has the codes and button for Nuke launch is also known as the “Atomic Football”

[Think Football] in the kill box. Very very big

Now couple that with the 17 angry democrat tweet , we know what’s going to take place.

Angry Democrats means Amendments.

17th Amendment. Where POTUS can have the governor of each state appoint a temporary fill in until a special election is held

He also put the number 25 in there. Either they are going after 25 senators, states or think mirror, the whole damn senate will be arrested for Treason Against the US

They all knew and were complacent in the downfall of America. It’s why certain senators (Gowdy) resigned album stayed on their committees

Jesus…. now I have the bottom of the rabbit hole figured out.

This….. I’m not even sure how people will accept what this is

This I’m gonna have to do in stages. When I say that this is the first time in all of this that I’m actually worried about being tracked and hunted down….this would be it

This is something that for me, I’m going to have to put it all down and definitely do in stages. Plus I’m not sure who to even trust. This is that deep and this just wow..


Jason Q Janiszewski