My 2 Cents of Sense: DON’T EVER WET YOUR BED!

Written by James Hovda — September 17, 2018

There is an old saying, ” If you are a Republican running for office, then your past must be impeccable, because your past determines your future’s intent. But if you are a Democrat running for office, then your past is forgotten, your present excused, and your future is irrelevant!”

Hypocrisy and double standards seem to be common practice among the liberal Democrats. They seem so concerned about Republicans… who they are, where they come from, and their complete life history. Yet, when a same incident beholds a fellow Democrat, it is overlooked and in many cases simply ignored. We have seen this in many past elections, as a simple faux pas within a Republican’s past is blown way out of proportion by the Democrats and their circus of lock-step, shadow media to the point of changing voter opinion to sway with their candidate, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The Left has discovered that the mire mention of an accusation can lead to the destruction of one’s opponent, as any gossip can explode to become a downfall scandal, whether or not the accusation is true, it makes little difference, because the damage from the aftermath will be enough to cast the shadow of doubt that will leave a defining scar that will follow for the rest of the candidate’s political career.

There are many who have fallen victim to the Left’s manipulative corrosion of having any chance to be elected or appointed into office. Herman Cain comes to mind, as several women accused the presidential candidate of sexual misconduct, and paraded across the headlines as if he is “too perverted” and “too deviant” to be the leader of the free world, when in fact each of his accusers recanted their fictitious story to even say they were “paid off” just to make the accusation loud enough for the media to make into a major headline scandal. Cain was forced to drop out of contention after the constant barrage of accusations lead to family turmoil, as his approval ratings dropped from the charts over night. Yet, even though it was all lies and fake, the damage left from its wake was enough to insure the Democrats that this man will never set foot in political office ever again.

In 2015, the Democrats and their media could never find any dirt upon presidental candidate Dr Ben Carson, until they went to his second grade “scandal” of pulling the pig tails of a white girl who sat in front of him in class… what a “racist”, huh? Dr Carson in a press interview stated, ” I guess if you decide to run for political office, you had better never wet your bed as a child, because the media will turn it into a weapon to discredit you.” Dr Carson was no fan of the media, and rightly so, as they tried desperately to turn his impeccable reputation into mud.

They even tried the same tactics with Donald Trump, but today we have learned that their attempts to derail the Trump MAGA Express backfired in their face to keep him from nomination and eventually his election. Trump was accused of everything from sexual misconduct to molesting his own children. He was coronated as a “racist”, “sexist”, and “bigot” by the Left, as those titles still hold validity with his haters, even though the evidence clearly acquit him of any wrong from the charges levied against him.

You cannot say the same with either Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton, as both of their lives were plagued with scandals and uncertainties. Both candidates were marred with incidents that should have turned every voter with any common sense or good judgement away, yet the main stream media never reported any of the incidents, and justice excused each candidate of any wrong doing, saying it was nothing more than Republican hype in an attempt to discredit their candidate. Although each accusation was verified, it made little difference with Democrat voters who made Obama into some kind of saint, and Hillary into a savior queen. I guess this tells us a lot about the mentality of the Democrat voter who over looks and excuses their candidate mainly because they are Party loyalists, or hate the opponent so much that they simply don’t care what kind of scumbag they are pulling the lever for, just so long as there is a big “D” behind his/her name.

“All’s fair in love and war… but never in politics!” said Ronald Reagan. And, he was definitely correct. Politics have become nothing more than mud slinging and false accusations to smear and tarnish their political opponent. It even goes deep into news coverage, as MSNBC, CNN, NY Times, WaPo, etc., attack anyone who sits on the Right in ideology, as we see FOX News, Rush, Levin, Maulkin, and Breitbart becoming the targets for back stabbing and lynchings. If you support the Constitution, patriotism, and conservative principles, then to them you have become an “enemy of the people”. Because they feel that the nation, in whole, follows their basic ideology of socialist “change” and national “demean”, as if the center of the country doesn’t count because they are too “back-woods and irresponsible” to have any valid say or control of federal issues and governance. But, middle America is now sick and tired of the 2-coast shanghi of principles and ideology.

The attacks from the Left have now entered the high-tech sections of mass communication. Although Alex Jones is extreme in his views, the Left has managed to silence him pretty much from getting his messages out across the Internet. Silencing “the voices of reason” seems to be a sure fire way of keeping the Right from having their point and counter-point mentioned. If you have not yet figured it out, our systems are becoming one-way avenues of their way ONLY, as the Left are above-board correct, and the Right are abysmally wrong. Look at the difference today of Glenn Beck, how he attracted millions of people only a few years ago, but because of the Left’s constant and viscid attacks, his following has dramatically reduced in size and scope. Now, it is Rush Limbaugh who has become the target of their snipers. Good luck at silencing Rush. I guess they will have to pull another “Andrew Breitbart” style of execution to get rid of him?

So today, we now have this woman who claims she was “sexually assaulted” by Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. At first she didn’t want to be named, but now has agreed to sit in front of senators, with her attorney, to tell her story. Although she has already stated that Judge Kavanaugh never did anything physical to her, he was in a group of fellow university students who tried to take advantage of her some forty years ago at a party when they were all 17 years old and drunk. Again, we have a person with a spotless record, stellar reputation, and outstanding citizenship who is now sitting upon the Left’s chopping block to be axed because of something that may have happened long before he became anyone of fame, simply because he now sits upon the Right and a threat to the Left’s agenda of fundamental transformation. And I will bet that this one insignificant story will cause enough Republican RINOs to swing against him in the end. Another notch upon the Democrat gun of political assassinations.

Thomas Jefferson and George Washington warned about having political parties, and the threat from one Party having superiority over the other. Since the advent of Republicans and Abraham Lincoln, the Democrats have pretty much held the upper position in Washington and our larger cities. Their ideals of “for the people” have become “for the Party” and the people be damned. Their thirst for total domination and control has changed the political spectrum to where it is now unrecognizable to the older Kennedy Democrats. Many of their faithful do not understand where the DNC is taking them and our country. And if Obama and Hillary weren’t enough of an eye opening wake-up call for them, then I don’t know what will? Many of our younger voters today have been so indoctrinated and brainwashed into the belief that conservative and patriotic standings are only related to being Republican, and that Republicans are lead by the aristocrats of corporate America who enslave their workers and gouge the consumer in capitalism. Free enterprise has only made a specific few into millionaires, while the rest of Americans are forgotten and impoverished, leaving their only line of defense with the DNC. But when you are told that you deserve a huge piece of the pie for simply existing here in America, then it is no wonder that so many refuse to be a part of what has made America so great to go against the grain.

Old traditions are being removed and replaced with progressive ones. Patriotism is now taboo, because “the world is now one” with them, and not individual nations that war and cheat against one another, thus their reasoning for open borders, free trade, reduced military, national entitlements in health care, housing, food, and education, and a new world order in socialism, a.k.a. communism… the authoritative enforcement of social, political, and universal principles and ideals that they seek.

It is now a political “war” we are in. The Left had the road paved for them all the way, but Donald Trump, and Americans who became sick and tired of Liberalism that was eroding American values and culture, put up the road blocks to detour the Left from their final stages of America’s melt down. And, the Left is not backing down in the least. They have only engaged the Right even harder and harsher. So they resort to digging until they unearth something that will unravel and destroy those who stand in their way. They resort to all tactics imaginable, regardless of their ability to hold any water of truth.

The threat of extreme violence is rapidly approaching, as their road blocks heighten. Attacks upon politicians and conservative groups are now encouraged by Democrat politicians, and groups like ANTIFA and BLM only oblige in their decadence of “America”. I just learned today that some Texas democrats want to ban barbecues because they cannot control the food’ safety, nor the conservative people who come to them, but mainly because it has been a Texas tradition for many decades… “too American” for today’s Democrat!

Across America, except in the states on the west coast and New England Atlantic, citizens are rejoicing at the effect that Trumpism is having with them. They love that their lives have dramatically shifted from the trials and tribulation of Obamaism to again see hope for their future and the future of their family. But Democrats want to make all America like Chicago, San Francisco, LA, NYC, Boston, and Kansas City. Cities and states that are democrat controlled have only themselves to blame because of the crime, poverty, high taxes, and heavy regulations that their political leaders have placed them upon… yet, they continue to re-elect the same people over and over again, expecting different results each election. Isn’t that the definition of complete insanity?

I know that many say, “We simply don’t want to become like THEM… it is beneath us to have to sink to THEIR levels in order to win the hearts and minds of Americans.” This is true, yet look how far this has gotten us, and how long it has taken to even get started. Trump won’t be President forever, and if the Left gets their way, not for much longer if they win back Congress. We no longer have the luxury of time, as it is about to run out. This election WILL pave the way in America’s future like no other. We either place conservatives into position to be effective in controlling the Left, or the Democrat’s socialist and progressive ideals will again transform this nation further away from her Founding ideals and principles… this time worse than under Obama, as Congress will take aim to finish us off once and for all so that we no longer can set up road blocks and detours against them again.

We began to take America back… it is time we keep it!

Thanks for your support!
Written By: Jim Hovda