Written by James Hovda 

It may be hard to have a positive attitude towards things in this country, what having over a decade of terrorism, war, scandals, political battlefields, disrupted elections, poor economy, high crime, rising poverty, and horrible natural disasters. Yet, through all that smoke and haze of bad news, there is a ray of sunshine that things are beginning to turn around to give most people hope, and the cause for some good news.

Certainly, the media has always felt that good news doesn’t sell papers, that bad news is only what readers want. Politicians aren’t happy, especially Democrats, unless turmoil and unrest are occurring. Political Parties are not content unless they can point fingers and create scandals on the other side to prove to voters that their opposition is wrong for America, while they have all the solutions to fix the problems, yet never do.

It would be refreshing to someday open the paper or turn on the news to see how an individual donated thousands to a charity that helps children, or that a politician tours a neighborhood to understand its problems to find logical solutions in making it a better place to live. It would be nice to hear how jobs have opened up all across the state, and watch as people are grateful to be working again. And it would bring tears to our eyes to see first responders rescuing the family pets from a disaster and returned to their owners.

All across America, these positive actions are happening, but few ever know of their existence. The list of positive actions are equal or beyond that of their negative counterparts. Most local news stations covers some of these events, if they have time between all the crime, fighting, and attacks that take up most of their on-air time. Local papers also place good news in the back sections, and rarely put the good story upon the front pages.

Most people you talk with love to hear good news stories, as they bring a sense of warmth and comfort to our over-stressed lives. Most people would love to hear more stories of greatness, instead of sorrow and tragedy, as they would welcome the change, should the media open their eyes to understand the truth of human nature.

One thing you can say about America is that we are a compassionate country. Many would give their dry shirt off their back to a child who is damp and freezing. We hate to see people suffer, as many donate their time and money to help out those in need. Especially in disasters, as the communities, state, and the nation rally to provide aid.

President Trump is not silent about his MAGA recovery. He points out all his accomplishments in the past 21 months since taking office at every rally, as they certainly have been historic.

There is a positive shift across America these days, something that has been long overdue. Yet, the Democrats and the Left seem to be ignoring it. Their focus has been and remains negative, with the constant assault upon the president and his agendas. Obama drove one scandal after another, as each one was within reason to bring anger to the public eye. Trumps, on the other hand, has had all his “scandals” contrived… fake stories and false claims in order to drive their base crazy with anger. One difference is that the media never said a damn word about what Obama and company did, as they placed Obama upon a savior’s pedestal daily to cover the scandals. With Trump, it has been the opposite, as they invent stories to drive a negative response to cover up his accomplishments.

Americans are wising up to the media viscidity, Hollywood hate, and political bushwhacking. The Internet has saved face, as the truth seems to be driven by loyalists of truth and justice… something that the media, Hollywood, and the Democrats need to learn.

But, the fat lady has yet to sing for the Left, as they have only started Act II. Surrender is not an option with them, yet demand the surrender of Trump and the Right-wing movements that have keep this nation alive after everything that has happened in the past 18 years.

Maybe if we learn to tell the good news more often, the Left will understand that we all are working for them too. America can only work efficiently when all sides work as a team. The Left needs to realize that President Trump is not like them who only works for their own betterment and our demise. The President is the leader of America, and not just Republicans, not just conservatives, not just Christians, and not the world.

We have failed each other. We point fingers, yet never look into the mirror to point blame among ourselves. We remain silent against the things that really matter, yet rally in anger to the small things to make a mountain from a mole hill. There is much more we all can do to make America great, as we are truly exceptional as a country and a people. This is why so many flock here, legally and illegally. There is a piece of the pie for everyone, but only when we abide by our Founding principles and ideals. If we properly educate and train people, then there will be no need to resort to becoming deviant. If money is properly spent, then there will be enough to renovate our communities and infrastructures. If we follow ethical compromise, seek logical solutions, and restrict ourselves within the laws and justice of orderly, human design, then together we can rebuild America back into that “shinning city on the hill” that Reagan envisioned… and the one that Trump is trying to construct.

Sure, there are some who are not able to defend for themselves, but don’t we have enough compassion to take care of them? The problem is with a free ride is that everyone wants to jump on board, regardless if they are capable or not. When the checks and balances are not watched, then it will be taken advantage of. Although we are not capable to house every criminal, justice can be served through punishment and restitution. And to enforce justice, it must start on top with the leadership. Everyone is accountable.

There has been this political game that has been played out for many decades. There are some who feel that only they can govern over the people, and the people must follow their decree. Those who are so filthy rich that they own much of the enterprise believe because they are the masters, then we must therefor become their slaves. Their “monopolies” must be removed, and their shares returned to the people. To retain that much power and control is not only illegal, but immoral and inhumane. Those like George Soros have to be neutered, and not be a de facto player in the game.

This is President Trump’s ultimate goal, and why so many are fighting him, because they refuse to lose. It is because of them why we lose and cannot unify as a nation to become what our Founders created… a free society that has opportunities to better their generation than the previous one, and enrich the lives of their inheritors to be better than their parents. We cannot achieve this when we hand out our wealth to the world, burn our profits on enriching corruption and hate, and give to any hand extended because “it is the only humane thing to do”. Give a man a fish, or teach him to fish scenario.

If we change our tune to present positive news, information, and results, then maybe things can turn around for everyone’s betterment, not just the few. If we can rally for anger, hate, and retaliation, then we can certainly rally for building a positive nation.

It starts with good news, first. There is no rule, no law that demands the media to undermine our production. It is not necessary to downplay greatness, but to show improvement where it is due. It is their choice to introduce negative politics into everything, because they are driving the narrative. They fuel the politician’s fire, just as Hollywood, unions, universities, and Internet does. As Trump has already shown the world, that to negotiate a better deal, to remove the restrictions and roadblock to unlock advancement, to give back to the people what has been taken, then we all come out smelling a lot better than from the Left’s way of doing things.

We all share in America’s greatness, whether you are for or against Trump, for or against conservative values, for or against Christian morals, and for or against making America the best country to live.

Thank you for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda