What was Alyssa Milano REALLY doing at the SCOTUS hearing yesterday??

Thomas Wictor Twitter Account SUSPENDED.


Well, I’ll explain to you why @Alyssa_Milano did this.

She was showing someone the layout and the distances.  The head-on footage is taken with telephoto lenses, so there’s “lens compression.”  Lens compression can be very deceiving.

The woman doesn’t move.  Telephoto lenses make her APPEAR to move.

Our pal Alyssa was recording ACTUAL distances.  Guess why?

I was told that the cops took her cell phone.  I don’t know if that’s true.


There were shitloads of armed men and women in that room.  Whatever Alyssa had planned would not have worked anyway…
ADDENDUM: Here’s what was planned.

Alyssa Milano sent video of the layout and distances to someone else.  At a particular moment, she would stand up with her sign and scream.  This would cause a distraction.  Then SOMEBODY ELSE would do something.

There was a dry run for this, remember?

That guy got all the way TO Kavanaugh.  So THIS time, Milano would stand and scream and wave her sign.

She was ready to fight, which is why her hair was in a bun.  Looks like she’s filming here.

She wore a [low cleavage]-dress and had one or two signs.
Her phone WAS taken.
The press–as always–is covering up for her.

She had signs, so that means she was going to cause a commotion.Now, I study personal protection.  Bodyguards.  They were all watching her.  It appears TO ME that they knew what was up, and they neutralized her without causing a commotion.

We have no idea what the plan was.  But there was a plan.

Milano sent multiple tweets and videos.  These were signals.

I have no doubt whatsoever that she and the Democratic senators would be absolutely fine with someone doing more than harm Kavanaugh.

These hearings must be CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC.  The public can no loner be trusted, because too many people are insane and evil.  There was a lot of stuff going on behind Milano.  And her Twitter account was being monitored.
Kavanaugh had massive protection.

EDITOR NOTEStatement Removed from original post.

Alyssa Milano is ……….

Whatever she had planned would not have worked.  The Feinstein dry run alerted everybody that there were security breaches that had to be addressed.

Milano’s appearance and actions made everyone pay attention to her and monitor her Twitter account, which she was too stupid to anticipate.  She still thinks her low cleavage will get her everything she wants.

Leftists won’t listen to me, but I’ll tell them anyway:

Stop [mess]ing around.

EDITOR NOTE: Statement Removed from original post.

Milano had a plan, but Kavanaugh was covered.  BOY WAS HE EVER.

And tomorrow he becomes our next Supreme Court justice.

When you vote in November, remember Alyssa Milano.  She is the kind of unhinged xxxxxxxx who makes it necessary to electorally [stop] the Democrats…
ADDENDUM TWO: Okay, now I figured it out. It’s exactly like the dry run on Trump.

She had two signs so that the cop would take ONE and think everything was over.  Here he is taking the FIRST sign.  Kavanugh isn’t there.

Now, she’s been given a SECOND sign.  She’s about to go for it.

Milano had no signs when she arrived.

Democrat staffers passed her signs.  Ask any counter-terrorism expert:  This is called a “double tap.”  The original double tap was two attacks in succession.  You blow up a market, and then when people run to help, you detonate a second bomb.  The double tap that Alyssa Milano used was to have two signs.

The first was deliberately allowed to be confiscated, so that the cops would relax.  Then Milano would cause a commotion with her SECOND sign, which the planners thought the cops would have missed.

Therefore we can conclude that this was an elaborate plan that [perhaps] involved United States senators and their staffers.  When they said “By any means necessary,” they weren’t kidding.

But the moles betrayed them.  The cops knew what was going to happen, and they stopped it.  Don’t be afraid; Kavanaugh is well protected.

But this just shows you how evil and depraved [those opposed] are…

ADDENDUM THREE: Milano filming.

So here’s what happened:

She came in and sat down.
She revealed a sign and let the cop confiscate it.
She sent videos and tweets that built in emotional intensity.
She put on her glasses and was given a second sign.
She sat up straight and prepared to stand.

The cop confiscated her sign.

The video shows that they spoke at length, while plainclothes bodyguards examined her from all angles at a distance.

This is an expression of pure hate…and determination.  The face of someone about to do something.

Time to keep the public behind Plexiglass shields, like the animals they are…

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