My 2 Cents of Sense: “I’VE HAD ENOUGH!”

Written by James Hovda — Sept 30, 2018

There is a trend in Washington right now that has brought my attention to the future of our country. The trend is that many within the ranks of Congress are leaving. For most of us, this should seem as a blessing. But the disturbing fact is that it is the good men and women of Congress who are abandoning ship, while the scum-bags and riff-raft within the cabal of socialist, anti-American tranformers remain intact.

There is no doubt that many Americans want to see Congress flipped every so often, as some are demanding term limits for Congress, just as there is for governors, POTUS and VP. It doesn’t seem fair and just that only the top ranking leaders are forced out, while the lower ranks are allowed to remain, so long as they can hold their seat, until they retire or pass away. To become a career politician has now become as important to some as being a high level manager at some corporate headquarters, or coach to a professional sport. They may lose their position, but they never leave their profession. It is only a selected few who truly seek to become the CEO, head coach, or President of the United States… partially because the stakes and risks are so high, but mainly because they are more content to remain within the lower ranks where they can remain safe, yet still reap much of the rewards.

I listened to Trey Gowdy today state that the corruption, deceit, and backstabbing in Washington politics is the reason why he is leaving, and finished by saying “I can’t wait to get out of here!”

Rep Gowdy isn’t the only one who can’t wait to move on to something more rewarding than listening to BS all day, taking guff from the media and constituents who are seeking dramatic, fundamental changes to America, or getting stabbed in the back and betrayed because you stand with constitutional duty, conservative values, patriotic principles, and Christian morals.

Our own congressional representative in Indiana’s 8th District gave up his office because he could no longer tolerate the demands of Nancy Pelosi, and be forced to comply to her decree. He stated that you cannot fight her, nor go against her. A direct quote from him was, “They (meaning Pelosi and the Party) literally place a gun against your head to force you to go along with them. I was told that if I didn’t agree to the bill that I’d never see another dollar for my district, never be on another committee, and never get a dime or any support for my re-election. If that is not a .44 magnum placed against your head, then I don’t know what is?”

Brad Ellsworth, a Democrat, went on to say that in 2009, the goal of the Democrats was to take total control over Washington politics and government legislation, regardless which Party was on top, and design the full transformation of America into a socialist nation by controlling the courts, re-writing of the US Constitution, and making Congress virtually obsolete. He also stated to a friend, “I have been a life long member of the Democrat Party here locally, and what I see from them at the federal level is beyond recognition. What they do in unholy. They have lost their minds over taking control, and let the values and principles of the American institution of liberty be trashed, shoved into some dark closet, and locked away for good. I simply couldn’t take it any more and had to get out while I still had a reputation, because one of the things they are real good at doing is to destroy someone’s life with whom they despise.”

Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) had to resign because he couldn’t get re-nominated in the primaries. Flake has been one of those who sides with Collins, Murkowski, and Corker, and being against closed borders, wanting amnesty, and personal attacks on Sheriff Joe Arpaio over Obama’s B/C, all putting nails into his coffin for any chance of re-election. Few are sad to see him leave. But, there are several who have tried to fight the DC “swamp” to no avail. That is why Americans elected Donald Trump, because he knows and understands the Washington syndication, and has vowed to destroy it. And this is why President Trump runs into so may hurdles and roadblocks in his attempt to govern the United States, and restore the greatness our nation once held dear.

There are some who have switched their tune as to their civil duties to Americans and the nation. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) had done a total 180 degree turnaround since his day of fighting Donald Trump in the primaries. Graham has jumped on board the Trump MAGA Express with both feet, and has taken risks by attacking fellow Republicans, while denigrating the true plans of the Democrats. Graham has become a vocal mouthpiece for Donald Trump and true American ideals, leaving many with shock and astonishment upon their faces at his sudden transformation. Yes, there are some who actually do get it. Too bad that it is only a slight few who do.

Good people are becoming more rare to find these days. You can go into places, walk down the street, and sit in the parks to understand that. The political battles in the Blue-Red War are turning America upside down, and the more division we see, the more hate that fills our hearts. Those in Washington, as well as state and local governance, should lead by example, but if those examples are crooked, twisted, corrupt, and sometimes even criminal, then what example are they setting for all Americans?

We Americans expect for our elected representatives at every level to become our voice in government. And if our voices are now that of socialistic change, fundamental transformation, and criminal extortion and corruption, then we are truly in very deep trouble. But, I don’t think that this is the majority, but a handful of those who either have been brainwashed and indoctrinated, or wanting something free for themselves. It is the two coastal progressive political regions that seem to be running our country, leaving what some call the “fly-over states” out in the dark to take what is dished out to them. Voters, in both Parties, are now used as pawns, as Democrats have dangled the carrot and sweetened the pie for their voters to walk in lockstep with them, even after all the allegations, scandals, corruption, and lack of compromise they have become. How anyone can vote for a Democrat now is beyond my rational reasoning, logic, and common sense. Republicans, at times, are no better… they just sit there and watch.

We have maybe six years to fix this mess, and bring back to government the decency and Founding expectation we demand to see from elected officials. Yes, the “swamp” must get drained, and President Trump is fighting as hard as he possibly can… but it will take him some time, as Obama not only left Trump with a mess, but actually left protection of many bureaucrats against Trump, keeping POTUS unable to fire them without creating a huge scandal.

First, Trump needs Senate to confirm the 386 positions he is still trying to fill with his own people. Second, we voters must show Washington, the media, and the nation that we mean to make America great… come Hell or high water.

That means we find good candidates, campaign for them, and vote them into office to replace those who defy their true duties as our representatives. Third, we have to put the fake media, Hollywood morons, and indoctrinating educators in their place. We have to remove their voice in political propaganda. Fourth, we must become activists in organizations that are for our values, principles, and ideals instead of against them. We have to become a louder voice than what the opposition has become. All these things are a MUST if we want to take back our America and her honor.

It is sad to see so many good representatives leave politics to return to civilian duties, but you can’t really blame them. This is why so many don’t run for office. They would be constantly fighting an uphill battle, unless they join the ranks within the syndication of the low-life, governmental “swamp” cabal. They see what is done to those who go against the grain, and those who try to become an asset for America. The constant attacks are brutal, relentless, and unforgiving. And, who would want to bring that upon their life, and the lives of their family and friends? I sure wouldn’t!

What was done to Herman Cain, Ernie Konnyu, Gary Hart, Robert Barr, Henry Hyde, Strom Thurmond, Mark Foley, John Esign, Clarence Thomas, and Brett Kavanaugh, has been a disgrace to our national pride. Although some did actually admit to their “affair”, some were railroaded by the Democrats in order to create a political scandal before the elections, or remove him from duty because he was a grave threat against the establishment system. In fact, scandals of this nature goes as far back as Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and John Q Adams. So, the “sex scandal” card has been played as long as the American government has existed… and according to historians, it has become quite convincing in ruining a political life, and effectively replacing them with their own desired candidate.

Donald Trump knew exactly what barrage of political backlash he would take on once he threw his hat into the ring.

But his firm belief that America needed him, and only he could straighten out the mess of the past, was on his shoulders, as he would have the faith and face to struggle through the gauntlet from both the Democrats as well as Republicans. Those are the kind of Americans we need in Washington, and throughout government, generally.

There are many others like Donald Trump out there, but to get them to seek office is another thing. So long as Democrats, as well as Republicans, play political assassin, and shame someone to ruin, the good ones will never come on board. As both Rush Limbaugh and Senator Lindsey Graham stated, “This only leaves future positions to be filled by the same type of low-life scumbags that ousted the one previous.” And if we Americans do not get an immediate handle on this, that is exactly who and what we will have running our country… the worst of the worst, and evil at its finest.

Thank you for your support!
Written By: Jim Hovda