When 1000 Points of Light, Pig Farms, Alfantis and Georgie HW Bush Cross…

By Jason Q Janiszewski

Damn it are the drops gonna start comin in hot now.

Ok so tonight during President Trump’s speech, he said something that REALLY popped in my head. When he was holding up a lone piece of paper, he said “1000 points of Light”.

Oh be ready for this one. This is going to be plenty fucked up. But I think he just gave us a HUGE optic by that.

Timberwolf down.

No automatic alt text available.So it all revolves a mansion burning down in the 800 block of Turkey Run Road in McLean, Virginia on February 18, 2017

It was owned by the United Arab Emirates. A Diplomat named Usep Otaiba was friends with 2 individuals…..
John Podesta and James Alefantis. Both of them would use him as a way to get things in the country without worries of going thru US Customs. (Gotta love Diplomatic immunity)

They would throw HUGE parties there that were attended by other diplomats, elites and other sick pricks.

The one odd thing about this is the location.

There are 3 places nearby to keep in mind
1) The CIA US Headquarters
2) The Claude Moore Old Colonial Pig Farm
3) Grandma Rita’s Children Orphanage

The Orphanage was started by George Bush Sr. Under a foundation of his called 1000 Points of Light
(Funny how POTUS held up a lone piece of paper today and said the exact same thing??)

1000 points of light is a direct reference to Lucifer

SOOOOOOO. What they would do is take the children from the Orphanage and ship them to Otaiba’s mansion for all these sick and twisted “parties” and then they would dispose of them at the Pig farm.

What makes this pig farm SOOO much more messed up is that John Podesta himself worked there as an intern and would go there at 4 am in order to slaughter the pigs.

To make it easier.
Green = Orphanage
Blue = Mansion
Yellow = Pig Farm
Red = CIA HQ.

That’s one of the BIGGEST non storied Pizzagate tales.

Basically I firmly believe that they captured Timberwolf and hes off to GITMO

Timberwolf is the secret service code name for GHWB.

LT:  That is chilling ..these people are sick f*%ks.. those poor children.. we had a notorious pig farm up here in Canada in BC.. he was killing prostitutes and feeding them to the pigs.. Tamara said ..that’s where the planes of people went from 911…this is extremely disturbing.
anyone else hear this or have any links..

RMG: Planes landed in Gander Newfoundland Pig Farm was in British Columbia

JJ: OMG Jason…
I did not realize that house that burned was a part of all that.. 😳 And I remember that Oteba guy from this article about drugging girls in Vegas and making them sign contracts..  [2]

LT: the planes that were in the air that needed to land ..landed there ..im talking about the 4 planes of people that supposedly hit the buildings and the Pentagon and the field
those were not planes that hit those places..where did those planes and people go

MB: the demons were also apparently kidnapping people, killing them in the most monstrous ways imaginable, filming it, live streaming the murders, and charging other monsters to watch the live snuff films. Too horrifying to repeat the ways

NAC: Podesta scares the day lights out of me !!!

NAC: Timberwolf down? Confirmed SS name

JDB: Pinkton Pig Farms or something like that, Field McConnell talks about it frequently

LT: Pickton

JM: shared below article

Trump: What The Hell Is ‘Thousand Points Of Light?’; We Understand ‘Make America Great Again’

President Trump dinged former President George H. W. Bush’s Thousand Points of Light program at a MAGA campaign rally Thursday night in Great Falls, Montana after telling the crowd he can not honor the request to “stop winning.” Trump said he never quite got the Thousand Points of Light program, but “Make America Great Again, we understand.”

Trump then riffed on the Thousand Points of Light program founded by the former president.

“We’re putting America first. And by the way, you know all the rhetoric you see, the Thousand Points of Light. What the hell was that by the way? Thousands Points of Light. What did that mean? Does anyone know?” Trump asked the crowd. [3]

MB:  he’s definitely signalling people to investigate and expose the answer. Drawing obvious attention to it so it doesn’t just slide by as unimportant

JM: In his 1989 inaugural address, President George H.W. Bush invokes his vision of a thousand points of light, encouraging community service.

SPN: As I understood it, the 1000 points of light reference when made by Bush 1 had to do with a castle estate property owned by someone in England that had a grand room that had pinholes of light from ceiling making roof look like stars. This room was where satanic rituals involving extraction of adrenalchrome took place. I dunno if I’m right but think I remember something like that.

JKA: wasn’t that a phrase HW used in one of his speeches?

LR: Someone mentioned something about a castle when I posted about this earlier. I’m waiting for her to answer what the castle is so I think you’re on to something

LT: Yes ..ive heard about a castle the last couple of days aswell

SO: Could it be the mothers of darkness castle??

SO: Barbara bush was a mother of darkness …watch the wives remember…most of them are


DT: POTUS used the name “Alice” again tonight as well

MB: I heard that too. I love it. This is at least the 2nd time, but maybe more

DT: Something like “You say to your wife, Alice…”

LR: Dang. I missed that part! Alice is HRC!!

CL: Yes! Finally bringing more attention to this! We dug in hard around the time of the Podesta dumps. Crazy shit!

SK: These poor children. What they must have endured. Then fed to the pigs.

MB: happening in locations in Canada too. And it involves cannibalism

LT: I’m in Canada this is our connection to the cover up of 9/11 Including Peter Monk laundering or hiding the stolen gold.. We need our monster swamp drained as well and TRUDEAU hanged

MB: much more of this going on in Canada too. Likely multiple locations. Cannibalism plays a huge part in it.

TC: The mansion burned in Feb. the farm was raided in May. This connects back to Lovettesville/ Hagerstown and Tammy Luzzato providing Ruby, Emerson and Maeve (her daughters) as the entertainment for the night.

MB: the pool/hot tub party mentioned in the Podesta emails?

TC: Yes. The Podesta email concerning the daughters is in the upper left of the pic I just posted.


Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling

MB: this was sent to John podesta right? And maybe copied to someone else too?

TC: Yes. Sent to JP and someone else but I forgot the other person.

The Pew Charitable Trusts is an independent non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO), founded in 1948.

With over US $6 billion in assets, its stated mission is to serve the public interest by “improving public policy, informing the public, and stimulating civic life”.


CS: I have been trying to figure in the pig farm for a long time! its the stuff of deep dark horror movies!! I was attacked to those once now I know why … ELIMINATE THE DARKNESS

TC: Look into the Pickton Pig Farm murders / Piggy Palace Good Times Society. Big case out of Canada a few years ago. The Piggy Palace Good Times Dociety was set up as a non profit by non other than Lena Trudeau…yes, related to Justin.

Ottawa, You Have A Problem – Piggy’s Palace Good Times Society: Set Up As A Federally-Registered Charity – B.C. Pig Farm – Mortaged By Linda Pickton

May 20, 2011
Dear Prime Minister Harper:
Did Lena Trudeau film pedophile oaths at Linda Pickton pig farm?
Abel Danger believes that Canadian Privy councilor Maurice Strong hired Crown Agents Sister Lena Trudeau in 1996 to set up Piggy’s Palace Good Times Society as a federally-registered charity, to procure film for use in the extortion of witnesses to (or participants in) pedophile oath-taking ceremonies at a B.C. pig farm mortgaged by Linda Pickton.[5]

RMG: I never heard of Lena Trudeau I am Canadian too I was wondering how anyone could possibly live in these townhouses The earth cries out for the children It is just jaw dropping how sick and twisted these freaks are As you are all stating I forget that they are the spawn of Satan Lost now My mind has a hard time wrapping around this no matter how many more details we learn

RMG: I agree I think I blocked much of it and then face it again when I read It all comes back My heart can’t bear it and then I am reminded the children went through this The world must learn the truth and In our future any one harming a child Instant death to them

MB: Surely at least some of this stuff WILL be made public? People have to be made aware of the horrors. At least some of it. With irrefutable proof.

JQJ: The 80/20. Private to public. We have been digging in the 80 portion.

JMA: that is why I had asked you whether you had looked into the Dutch ex-banker and whistle blower Ronald Bernard…in his interview he said that the w0rld is literally owned and is run by only around 8,000 to 8,500 people. The very TOP of the pyramid. His interview was very “matter-of-fact” and confirmed pretty much everything we have all been saying and suspecting. The things sleeple call us crazy and conspiracy theorists over. The only info left out by him were specifics on names of people, companies involved, places where things go down, etc. They all sign a written contract (basically a hyper NDA) but not in blood or anything. He said that it’s the only reason he’s still alive. Because he hasn’t revealed names or specifics on people, places etc. But it is worth the watch.

TO: Hanging, building bulldozed and diplomatic immunity outta here that otta get some to think twice what does our country truely represent? Definitely not what I thought the time has come for the satanic practices and all they represent to come to a close

GM: I thought Podesta owned that pig farm

MW: I think alefantis family has a farm somewhere too that was talked about, was it the kill room or something?


Claude Moore Colonial Farm in McLean could close after National Park Service dispute

A colonial-style farm on National Park Service land in Northern Virginia announced Tuesday that it is fighting to stay open after a disagreement with the federal agency.
The Friends of Claude Moore Colonial Farm, a nonprofit group that has managed the McLean farm since 1981, said in a statement that it has sought a long-term operating agreement from the Park Service for six years. However, the group said in March that the agency “would sign a new short-term agreement only, with terms that the Friends find burdensome, oppressive and impossible.” [6]

MM: Talks about the 1000 points of light.


EDITOR NOTE:  Will continue adding as pertinent data is added to original post.


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