To anyone interested, women & girls in significant numbers are also guilty of sexual assault and harassment. Any suggestion that it is an act more isolated to men it just false. Rachel Mitchell handed out a document describing acts and behavior that can be described as both.

By: !Annie!Webber!@909946zill
Ms. Mitchell referenced certain bodily contact, grinding, touching and being touched and exposing oneself to another. Heads up, this also means if you are a female, sober or under the influence, who sits in a non-partners lap and grinds, rub your breasts or groin or buttocks against a male without his permission, request or assent, you are in fact, sexually assaulting or at minimum sexually harassing someone else, another male or female. If you flash such parts, you are no different than a man who flashes said sexual parts. Guess what ladies 👇


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Now, no it isn’t permissible to then rape or assault someone who sits on you and grinds or a woman who rubs her breasts against you or rubs herself against your groin or buttocks, clothed or unclothed, but ladies, keep in mind if you do this to a non-partner who doesn’t assent you just sexually assaulted and/or sexually harassed someone. FACT.
For those interested in Rachel Mitchell and programs she is involved in/with & what she speaks on to other SVU units, here is Maricopa County (her jurisdiction) Sexual Assault Protocol Manual. Covers all pertinent Forensics, including eval & polygraphs. [3]
And, FYI, LGBT also have a high victim rate. Perps are not specifically heterosexual males.