The Lefts REAPING of What They Have SOWN over Kavanaugh Confirmation

Written by Lisa Evans Rockwell — October 4, 2018

My thoughts on what the Left will Reap what they have Sown, FOR DECADES because of what they did to Judge Brett Kavanaugh

After watching everything unfold the past 2 1/2 months, I wonder if the Left really understands what they have done.

The Smash and Smear campaign they ran against Judge Kavanaugh, is well, in MY lifetime THE most disgusting, outrageous thing I’ve EVER seen done to anyone.

Judge Kavanaugh has had a STELLAR Law career.

He sat on the DC Circuit Court with prestige.

His 300+ Opinions formed because of his BELIEF and UNDERSTANDING of the WRITTEN TEXT of our Constitution.

We can always expect some amount of pushback for the opposing side, but what transpired in the last 8 weeks was nothing more than a group of dirty circus monkey’s flinging piles of crap. Pile after pile, nastier and more disgusting than the previous pile.

Judge Kavanaugh was EXPECTED to sit there, shut up and take the abuse and the lies, then withdraw, with his tail tucked between his legs.

He was suppose to slink away a broken man with a career destroyed and a family heart broken.

That’s what ALWAYS happens. That’s just how thing’s ‘work’ in the Swamp.

That’s not what happened.

Judge Kavanaugh came out swinging in defense of HIMSELF, HIS FAMILY AND THE RIGHT TO BE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

We saw his Mother, Father and Wife brought to tears because of the DISGUSTING behavior of the leftists allowed in the courtroom during his Confirmation Hearing.

We saw his Two young daughter’s escorted out of that hearing by ARMED GUARDS because the activists were THREATENING THEM.

Those little girls were there to support their daddy on the BIGGEST DAY IN HIS CAREER and they were chased out.
What kind of low life sub human MONSTER THREATENS CHILDREN?


Judge Kavanaugh watched all of that happen.

He sat stoned face and stoic.

He showed reserve and calm in that freak show circus the left put his family through that day.

Then after it was clear Judge Kavanaugh would be Confirmed, the left literally dug to the bottom of their shit pile for the sleaziest, lowest, most disturbing and disgusting accusations they could conjure up.

They accused Judge Kavanaugh of being a rapist, a SERIAL RAPIST, an out of control drunk with a horrible temper, a lair, A PEDOPHILE(!!!) and many other thing’s.

Then, the left had the audacity to act SHOCKED when Judge Kavanaugh showed up to his hearing on the defensive!

His wife Ashley, sat there, fighting back tears listening to her husband RIGHTFULLY dress down those dishonest, nasty lawmakers.

That wasn’t a man full of rage and anger.

NO. THAT was a man full of DISGUST.

Disgust for what the left and media did to HIM.
Disgust for what the left and media did to his FATHER.
Disgust for what the left and media did to his MOTHER.
Disgust for what the left and media did to his WIFE.
And disgust for what the left and media did to his DAUGHTER’S.

They left tried to destroy a good Christian man and a Great Judge.

What they succeeded to do instead is outrage and enrage so many Americans who share the same beliefs, that you are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

We’re all human. We all feel pain, fury, anger, hurt, and Bret Kavanaugh is no different.

Judge Kavanaugh doesn’t strike me as a man of ‘Revenge’.

I don’t believe he will rule from the SCOTUS bench any different that he did from the DC Circuit Court bench.

I might be wrong.

Who knows how deep the cut’s are in Kavanaugh.

One can only imagine what’s he’s going through.

I don’t have to pick up the pieces of his heart broken family and help them heal after all of this.

HE DOES. Who knows how long that will take.

No one on the left nor the medai has offered a single ‘I’m Sorry’ to Judge Kavanaugh for what they put him and his Family through.


He’ll be on the Bench for 3-4 DECADES, hearing THOUSANDS OF CASES.

The left better hope Judge Kavanaugh can Forgive and Forget what they did to him.

What they did to HIS FAMILY…..that’s a much different conversation.

‘DECADES’ is a LOOOOONG time and wounded animal’s don’t heal overnight.

SOURCE: Lisa Evans Rockwell