Fruition Clint/Pay-to-play/SERCO
By: Almost Integrity

Tencent triggers and Lutnick wagering systems to the Interpol head and former Vice-minister and deputy head of China’s paramilitary police force, Meng Hongwei. [1]


Interpol President Resigns; Detained In China Over Bribery Charges. Meng Hongwei’s wife told journalists in Lyon — where Interpol is based — that she had received a troubling text message from her husband’s phone: a knife emoji. China says he’s under investigation. [2]
“McConnell claims that Serco used Nortel’s Method for efficient management of certificate revocation lists and update information US 5699431 A to block the FBI’s investigation into body count betting on the mass-casualty events of 9/11….”
“Haig equipped Tencent’s Chinese junket investors and the Greek Life associates of Bill Clinton (Phi Beta Kappa) and Wilbur Ross (Kappa Beta Phi) with LEO Virtual Command Centers so they could deploy SWAT teams with Nortel JABS* to trigger 9/11 bets…..”
“…explain how Serco has embedded patentee SWAT teams into LEO and its predecessor networks to conceal insider messaging and wagering on times of victim deaths or body counts at such crime scenes….”
[2] NPR