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Mueller Probe, Political Bias, And Deep State Sabotage

Mueller Probe, Political Bias, And Deep State Sabotage Only in the Deep State swamp world would you try to put war hero General Michael Flynn in jail, but let Bowe Bergdahl off completely.  —Amil Imani, author, Persian born American citizen who loves the USA   Dec 08, 2017 Article by Kelleigh Nelson (shared with written permission) Our President is right, the FBI is in tatters. He tweeted, “ So General Flynn lies to the FBI and his life is destroyed, while Crooked Hillary Clinton, on that now famous FBI holiday ‘interrogation’ with no swearing in and no recording, lies many...

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Wikileaks Christmas Surprise – JimmyLlama

Wikileaks Christmas Surprise written by JimmyLlama  Dec 3, 2017 (shared with written permission) The Christmas season is officially in full swing and for many that means the great holiday stress of 2017 is kicking into high gear.  So, in the spirit of the holiday cheer I would like to divert your attention to something a little more fun and exciting than worrying about the Christmas crowds, Bob from accounting drinking too much eggnog at the office party, or getting out all of those Christmas cards:  Wikileaks. With Christmas only three weeks away we may be in for a holiday...

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The Cost Basis of our Economy is Spiraling Out of Control

Posted on December 5, 2017 by Charles Hugh Smith WashingtonsBlog If we had to choose one “big picture” reason why the vast majority of households are losing ground, it would either be the stagnation of income or the spiraling out of control cost basis of our economy, that is, the essential foundational expenses of households, government and enterprise. Clearly, both rising costs and stagnating income cause households to lose ground, i.e. their income buys fewer goods and services every year. I’ve often covered the dynamics of stagnating income for the bottom 95%, and real-world inflation, i.e. a decline in purchasing power. But...

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BLM continuing Saga of Federal Land Grabs, Management and Profits

BLM continuing Saga of Federal Land Grabs, Management and Profits TRUthMAchine Exclusive for American Digital News Dear Almighty God — May I humbly remind You of how Job went through so many trials and losses and how after he persevered, You blessed and restored his losses and increased his wealth? Will You please – equally bless the Bundy family! And the Hammond family! And the: Henderson, Armstrong, Hancock, Shepperson, Aderholt, Yowell, Dann, Farris, Hage, Wintah, Hamblin, Black, Jarvis, Edwards et al (the list goes on and on and on) family ranchers suffering land tyranny by the Bureau of Land...

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Trump has only ONE response to the ongoing soft coup being run by rogue elements within the U.S. Intelligence Community

A Military Response State of the Nation “President Trump is facing a full-blown coup d’état, sooner or later. The treasonous co-conspirators are setting up the country so as to spring into action on several fronts.  When they execute the final putsch will be determined more by sheer desperation than anything else.  They really don’t want to overthrow Trump violently, but will eventually feel the absolute necessity to do so.  This will be their only way to stay out of prison. Here’s the real problem for the POTUS: He can only trigger a military solution when all of his ducks are...

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Forget the Swamp, Drain the Sewer!!!

Forget the Swamp, Drain the Sewer!!! Donald Trump said “Drain the Swamp should be changed to Drain the Sewer”.   Source:AFP Written by James Hovda  11/27/17  (shared with permission) My 2 Cents of Sense: FLUSH THE SEWER! A couple of months ago, President Trump commented that the issues surrounding Washington are much worse than he even thought. Trump recently stated that he knew it was bad, but never anticipated it to be as bad as it is, referring to “the swamp” being full of political trolls and other critters who are purposely hampering Trump and the nation from being prosperous,...

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CONYERS: Espionage, Fraud & Lies – Epic Secrets Behind An Epic Investigation

CONYERS: Espionage, Fraud & Lies – Epic Secrets Behind An Epic Investigation Blog Post written by Beverly Tran  November 21, 2017 (shared with permission) While sexual harassment in the workplace is a repulsive, arcane social norm that needs to seriously be addressed, so is the rampant fraud and public corruption that takes place in the Congress, the States, County and City governments. Consider this an introduction because there is much, much more to this story.So, sit back, relax, and let the dirt come out, because it is not going to be what you think. The back story is going...

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OBAMA: Was He Great or Was He the Greatest Failure?

The Two Sides of the Obama Presidency: Was He Great or Was He the Greatest Failure? Twitter Mikel Jollett‏ Verified account @Mikel_JollettIt’s not a question of perfect. People can argue about that.  What can’t be argued is that he worked hard for people that weren’t like him. He hired very competent people in an attempt to solve problems.  This basic competency + good intentions is ABSENT in Trump WH. Nov 17 Eoin Thanksgivins  Verified account @EoinHiggins_Replying to @Mikel_Jollett One great thing about Jollett was that he wasn’t connected to reality. And the tweets he posted weren’t accurate. And he didn’t always...

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BLOG Post: The Carpetbaggers (written by Michial Trayler)

The Carpetbaggers Written by Michial Trayler    November 14, 2017  (shared with written permission) I bring to the front to look at right now a view from the American past that bears relearning. In the roughly 40 year season after the end of the Civil War, there was the longest running peacetime and massive expansion of prosperity of a great nation of individuals ever known to man. This story can be studied in Mark Twain’s story telling if you remember from school year reading. Remember the Duke and the Prince? These were the con artists; the Carpetbaggers and Scaliwags. They...

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BLOG Post: Days of Decision: Defeating the Demon: Seeking the Way…. (by John White)

Days of Decision: Defeating the Demon: Seeking the Way…. By John White  March 6, 2017 (shared with written permission) DAYS OF DECISION: DEFEATING THE DEMON: SEEKING THE WAY… Greetings All: In my daily awareness, I am open to my intuition, and in recent days, the need to write these words has emerged within me. I am about my mission as a spiritual philosopher, a “White Wizard” of the Internet, and in many ways, have been part of the great movement leading the charge to expose great spiritual evil, that has been covertly taking control of society for the last...

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BLOG Post: THE SWAMP YANKEES (written by BarefootCavalry)

THE SWAMP YANKEES Posted on August 31, 2017 by yojack454 for (shared with written permission) Joseph Randolph Coolidge married Julia Gardner — both families were Boston Brahmans. Joseph was the great-grandson of Thomas Jefferson. Their third son as well as all 5 of their sons, graduated from Harvard University… just like their father. The third son – Archibald Cary Coolidge, was born in 1866. Coolidge was a student of history – his mother’s family — the Gardners, were a prominent Boston banking family who were also involved in shipping. As with so many of these families in Boston in those days –...

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BLOG Post: Ladies And Gentlemen, Start Your Search Engines! (written by Barefoot Cavalry)

Ladies And Gentlemen, Start Your Search Engines! Posted on October 26, 2017 on BarefootCalvary by yojack454 (shared with written permission) Next to Sir Isaac Newton in Westminster Abbey lies the body of Ernest Rutherford. Born in New Zealand to Scottish parents, Rutherford was awarded a research fellowship and traveled to England to the University of Cambridge. The 1851 Research Fellowship for the Exhibition grew from what could be considered – the first world’s fair. In 1844, the French hosted an Industrial Exposition (EXPO) and as it opened – the King of France toured all of the exhibits and interacted with the...

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NOV 4: Soros & His Bolsheviks Launch the Hot Phase of the Purple Revolution

Posted on October 31, 2017 by State of the Nation What’s really going on? State of the Nation If the Alt Media had posted hundreds of articles warning about the 9/11 false flag black operation to be staged by the US government — during the months prior to September 11, 2011 — would the perps have proceeded as planned? Well, guess what; if nothing of note takes place this weekend, its because of the critical investigative reporting by the Alt Media. There’s only one reason why the liberals (they are really socialists, marxists and communists) haven’t staged a full-scale rebellion against...

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GOP Establishment: You are Next – We the People

To the GOP ESTABLISHMENT: You are Next – We the People from Forfeit Liberty Forfeit All Oct 21, 2017  (shared with written permission) This week, it has become more evident than ever that the GOP Establishment needs a wakeup call — they are ignoring the referendum We the People voted on in 2016 when we elected Donald J. Trump as our President. Instead, they keep fighting against what We the People have voted for since the election — and now the pot is about to boil over from many holding their tongue. When anyone holds their tongue, they are...

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What LaVoy May Not Have Known and You Should (about Uranium)

What LaVoy May Not Have Known and You Should (about Uranium) The Relationship Between Mineral Rights and the Western Militia While I was focused on collecting the latest information to share on the killing of LaVoy Finicum, my facebook friend Bud Bromley had noticed the same thing I had but it raised red flags with him while I had made a mental note of the their presence, especially since I was overwhelmed with what I already had on my desk. Bud connected the dots on what is probably the Genesis of this decades old land grab by the White...

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THE PRESIDENT’S ACCOMPLISHMENTS TO DATE A few days ago, I received an email that threw some light on trump’s accomplishments over this last while, and it was of great interest. Now we have all heard of the negative things that are attributed to Trump as the media has made sure that they keep the heat on him at every corner. But what about news of the good things he has done for the country? Is there anything in the papers? I have not seen anything. Yet, there have been some very good things this fellow has done which escape...

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FALSE FLAG — WHAT DOES IT MEAN EXACTLY? As this incident continues to be investigated, you will undoubtedly hear the term “False Flag” used to refer to it. This dates back to the era of the Knights Templar and their pirate ships siphoning vast amounts of gold out of the Caribbean. Various European empires were plundering the gold for their own use, and shipping it home by the ton. The Templars had superior marine technology, having been the military-industrial complex of their era — and their flag was the Skull and Bones symbol. They were very angry after having...

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Archival Blog Post: Saul Alinsky and DNC Corruption (written by Diane Alden)

Saul Alinsky and DNC Corruption Archival Blog  Jan. 7, 2003      Written By:  Diane Alden  (shared with written permission) Saul Alinsky died in 1972. He was a Marxist grassroots organizer who spent much of his life organizing rent strikes and protesting conditions of the poor in Chicago in the 1930s. However, unlike Christian socialist and activist for the poor Dorothy Day, Alinsky’s real claim to fame was as strategist for anti-establishment ’60s radicals and revolutionaries. Indeed, Alinsky wrote the rule book for ’60s radicals like Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Miller and Nancy Pelosi. He considered Hillary Rodham to be one...

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