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Do we REALLY want a Internet Bill of Rights OR Not?

Do We Need An Internet Bill of Rights (IBOR) or Would A Landmark (e.g. ‘ Schenck v. United States’) Legal Case Fix Privacy And Censorship On the Internet? by:  Peter Huxley … But my thinking has changed a little. I thought about who would be writing it. I am not *against* an Internet Bill of Rights; if it were proposed – seriously – I’d support it, if it were anything like what AT&T has suggested. But do we want/need a second Bill of Rights to detract from the first, or would a landmark case or two – together with...

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The Skripal Saga: Observations from the edge…

The Skripal Saga: Observations from the edge… by: John White – A British Truthseeker’s perspective In the last 12 days, relations between the United Kingdom and the Russian Federation have nosed-dived into the floor.   Following the poisoning of spy Sergei Skirpal and his daughter Yulia, discovered on a bench in the town of Salisbury at 16:15 hours, Sunday 4th of March, throthing and twitching on a bench. This is now claimed to be an attempted assassination with a nerve agent: an action so botched that it’s also put 100’s of people at risk in the town and surrounding area,...

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Are the FDA Approved Mind Altering Drugs Dangerous and Toxic?

Just how Dangerous and Toxic are the Mind Altering Drugs Approved by the FDA? by: William LaSalle The FDA Approves Mind-Altering, Violence-Inducing Drugs  [2] Many patients know about the black box notice on antidepressant drugs warning that young people may want to kill themselves when first taking these FDA-approved medications. But there is also a shocking risk of increased violence against other people: A review of the FDA’s Adverse Event Reports “identified 31 drugs responsible for most of the FDA case reports of violence toward others, with antidepressants near the top of that list.” Other evidence shows that people who...

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“Collusion against Trump” Timeline by Sharyl Attkisson

“Collusion against Trump” Timeline by On the other side, evidence has emerged in the past year that makes it clear there were organized efforts to collude against candidate Donald Trump–and then President Trump. For example: Anti-Russian Ukrainians allegedly helped coordinate and execute a campaign against Trump in partnership with the Democratic National Committee and news reporters. A Yemen-born ex-British spy reportedly delivered political opposition research against Trump to reporters, Sen. John McCain, and the FBI; the latter of which used the material–in part–to obtain wiretaps against one or more Trump-related associates. There were orchestrated leaks of anti-Trump information and...

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Blog post: What would you do if you knew 125 thousand people would die, tomorrow?

What would you do if you knew 125 thousand people would die, tomorrow? By: Christi Quinn West [1] Is the left dishonest when they yell, and bang their chest about gun violence, and the death of the innocent, but out of the opposite side of their mouth they bang their chest that women should have the right to brutally murder their babies? Hypocrisy: the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense. Let us have a fun discussion on hypocrisy. There are approximately 125 thousand abortions per day, worldwide;...

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Blog post: Triple Evils: Obama, Perkins Coie Law Firm and Fusion GPS by Kelleigh Nelson

Triple Evils: Hussein Obama, Perkins Coie Law Firm and Fusion GPS Feb 12, 2018  by Kelleigh Nelson (shared with written permission) Former federal prosecutor, Joe diGenova, law partner and spouse of Victoria Toensing, says the truth is starting to seep out about the Obama Administration’s “brazen plot to exonerate Hillary Clinton” and “frame an incoming president with a false Russian conspiracy that never existed.”  Victoria Toensing is the attorney for the FBI informant related to the Uranium One deal scandal. Strzok and Page Text Messages The loathsome FBI traitors Strzok and Page have provided some valuable evidence that Obama lied on national...

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Ties between Clinton Foundation and Watered Down HIV/AIDs Meds

Did the Clinton Foundation Facilitate the Distribution of Watered Down HIV/AIDS Medications in sub-Saharan Africa?? By: SECRET MAGAusINTELLIGENCE OPPERATIVE Feb 20, 2018  [1] The problem is that none of these entities, and especially not the original William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, or the two HIV/AIDS charities (Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative, Inc. and Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc.), “have ever obtained legally compliant and independent audits of their financial results,” the analyst pointed out. The Wall Street analyst, who has been carrying out a private inquiry into the Clinton charity’s alleged fraud, explained that under many...

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Blog Post: Recently Made Public – High Level Intel

Recently Made Public – High Level Intel By:  SECRET MAGAusINTELLIGENCE OPPERATIVE Feb 20, 2018  [1] I’m going to use my newfound reach to explain a few things to the public. #Pizzagate is very much real, and never disappeared, and was never debunked. Many Democrats, including the Clintons and the Obamas (but also well-monied, international power brokers) participate in a Satanic Death Cult that sacrifices trafficks, sexually abuses, and even cannibalizes children. I refer to these individuals collectively as “The Cabal.” “Hillary Clinton had Seth Rich executed. Obama had Justice Scalia executed.”* Many “good” politicians were blackmailed into submission by this...

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Von Riezenger’s America: Some Assembly Required part 2

America: Some Assembly Required part 2 continued from part 1 link HERE…… The Great Seal of the United States                                              Belcher Coat of Arms                      This coat of arms probably looks familiar. That’s because it resembles the Great Seal of the United States, and there is a reason why that is so: The U. S. Seal was probably derived from the Belcher coat of arms. ****************** 30 Second American History – 11 States of States today are corporate franchises of the British Territorial United States subsidiary presently doing business as the USA, Inc. Their Territorial Courts are formed by appointing or electing...

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Von Riezenger’s America: Some Assembly Required part 1

EDITOR:  A must read for those interested in America and Her History.  This is a multi part series due to the length.  Following parts will be linked at end of each section. Copyrighted on the 17th of January 2017 By: Anna Maria Riezinger c/o Box 520994 Big Lake, Alaska 99652 avannavon ( 907 ) 250-5087   WARNING!!!!!!! This little monograph was prepared for President Donald J. Trump, and strictly speaking, it is addressed to him. It’s set up in one-page, 30-seconds each page, sound-bite format, so that a busy Executive can quickly read each bit and build up the whole...

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The Massacre The Left Promised Part 2- The Kid Nobody Wanted to STOP

After reading Part 1 you should be questioning everything about this shooting already. What we are about to cover isn’t easy, or comfortable, but it is facts that must be considered. Even MSM has been forced to report this kid was troubled. Not one record was made of this or logged into the system that prevented him from buying a firearm.

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Blog Post: WELL, HAVE YOU FIGURED IT OUT YET? written by James Hovda

My 2 Cents of Sense: WELL, HAVE YOU FIGURED IT OUT YET? Written by James Hovda (shared with written permission) Daily, I have friends asking me, “What the Hell is going on in Washington?” My friends are too busy looking at the picture and not at the frame to understand the situation. What we have is a framework of progressive-globalist powers of evil that are dictating the course where they are taking us in order to have the ultimate power and control over the people in order to have the money and resources flow their direction to profit from....

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The Red Pill Chronicles – What does this really mean? Executive Order Dec 21, 2017 Part 1

I want you to have and read the order fully before we get started. That is straight from the White House website. Before we begin, I am not a lawyer, just a lady from Texas, looking at this like any American. What we may learn may be shocking; but I believe will come out to be for the good of all.

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Our Lord: The Age of Healing Testimonies

Testimonies about Our Lord by Timna and Christi (shared with written permission) Do not let your hearts be troubled. The Lord is with us. He did this. The exposure is HIS DOING. I have seen the future, and it is GLORIOUS. Don’t look for a rapture, because it is false teaching. Jesus prayed in John 17:15 “Father I do not ask that you take them out of this world, but that you keep them from the evil one” Our Heavenly Father will always hear the prayers of His people, and He certainly heard the prayers of our Lord. So we...

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Red Pill Chronicle’s: Hannity, Q and the last 24 Hours part 3

By: (Jamie)J.A.L.F.T‏ @jametteriley Before you read a word watch the video. Q posted saying – watch and if you’re a Patriot you will be so proud, if an enemy of this, the Greatest Nation ever to have existed in history of mankind, tremble. We are here and ready to fight tonight. You are about to hear some things that won’t set well. I suggest you pray first. Not all things you have been taught, not even in church about the bible are correct. Here we go. Jan 27 2018 08:23:54 Q !UW.yye1fxo 66 Time to play, Dopey. Black Forest. This...

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Red Pill Chronicles: Hannity, Q and The Last 24 – Part 2

By: (Jamie)J.A.L.F.T‏ @jametteriley Jan 26 2018 23:26:27 Q   !UW.yye1fxo   ID: 9400a1   175461 >>175432 [19] would cease to exist immediately upon the harm of select individuals. Think nuclear stand-off. Clarified? Q Continuing from Part 1, Q goes on to say a few minutes later, clarifying that if certain individuals are harmed then {19} would cease to exist. This was in response to an ANON asking if 19 was marker for the FBI. It’s my opinion here that Q says ‘no.’ I still believe here we are talking about 19 real-world media, journalists, getting the message out, spreading the truth. I would...

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Red Pill Chronicles: Timing is Everything- QPost 583 Assassination of POTUS

By: (Jamie)J.A.L.F.T @jametteriley   Earlier today I was asked by a fellow patriot and QANON warrior, Operator 15, to look into what happens if congress shuts down on January 20th. Does President Trump have to retake the oath or anything? His gut was telling him something was up with the timing, and in about two seconds my gut was on it too. It’s a feeling I get when I feel I’m being pulled to get to the bottom of something. For me it’s a God Sign, for others intuition, either way, I was on it like a blood hound. For hours...

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Red Pill Chronicles Part 4 AWAKEN to Q

To go on this part of journey and beyond with me I have to Introduce you to Q. There is a good chance you have heard of the QANON Truth Movement. Q was featured this morning on Fox and Friends, so if you watch F&F you have at least heard of Q. By:J.A.L.F.T  @jametteriley   Q is so much more than even most following Q realize. First some back history. Q showed up the end of October 31, 2017 on 4chan. It’s a sight for the very computer literate, they call themselves ANONS and make no mistake it is...

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