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Will General Flynn Embarrass the Intelligence Community?

General Mike Flynn-centric timeline. The progression of events is fascinating to isolate. By: Nick Weil‏@nick_weil [1]   Sep. 2003 – McChrystal becomes JSOC commander. Flynn is intelligence chief. They reform the way units use intel. Putting it on the front lines. Jan. 2010 – Flynn releases paper called “Fixing Intel” all about integrating intel. Published by a think tank while Flynn is in Afghanistan.     July 2010 – Rolling Stone article where McChrystal seems to mock Obama and aides. McChrystal resigns. July 25, 2012 – Flynn made DIA. Clapper hints that its a “put-up-or-shut-up” promotion. Doesn’t like that...

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Eliahi Priest – Part 6 – The Crime of the Century and other updates

Latest videos by Eliahi Priest and The Crime of the Century   Eliahi Priest – InsigniaGate, the CIA, and the 5 Star Trust, an Interview by Brendan D Murphy & Trooth Tellers: Lord Blackheath makes an appearance via Telephone. Here we get a look at Eliahi Priest’s history and genius:   And a video By Eliahi Priest and NateMaxLive with Isaac Kappy and Fiona Barnett   The Crime of the Century                         Source – InsigniaGate Mega Download / Key Documents / The Crime of the Century...

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What is Adrenochrome and why do some ‘sell their soul’ for it?

What is Adrenochrome Andrenochrome is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C9H9NO3 (alternatively called Neuromelanin) produced by the oxidation of adrenaline (epinephrine). Extraction It is widely believed in conspiracy theory circles that the adrenaline needed to properly synthesize Adrenochrome for the elites, is harvested through the experience of terrifying individuals to the brink of fear/insanity. An example of such an extraction, is shown through the subliminal scene in “Maze Runner: The Death Cure”. In which the character ‘Minho’ is implanted with a virtual/false reality of being chased by huge spider like monster (A ‘Griever’). In this short scene,...

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Potential link between them Cemex, Clinton’s, Rothschild’s and Craig Sawyer??

Potential link between them Cemex, Clintons, Rothschild’s and Craig Sawyer I have information for you that cannot be made up: By: Anon Source via ADN Anonymous link I believe in your fight and would like to offer you some information. Please forgive the anonymity. Craig Sawyer is affiliated with very powerful men, men that he works for. I want to disclose information concerning Craig Sawyer and his mission to change the narrative away from Child trafficking Elites. This info comes straight from an insider that was in Southeast Asia with Mr.Sawyer. In June of 2018, Craig Sawyer received a...

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Who is Ezra Cohen-Watnick and why you should know

Ezra Cohen-Watnick is an enemy of the deep state and most well known for in the public sphere for the Nunes connection when President Donald Trump found out he was being spied on by 44, et al. By: 51,700 SEALED ⚖️🗝️‏ @Avery1776 [1] What happened 12 days before he was fired?   07/19/17 Trump ends program arming “the rebels” (AQ/ISIS). Trump ends CIA arms support for anti-Assad Syria rebels: U.S…. The Trump administration has decided to halt the CIA’s covert program to equip and train certain rebel groups fighting the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, two U.S. officials said....

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Qanon: AG Sessions, John Huber, and more

Q lays it out plain and simple. Why would President Donald Trump appoint a second special counsel? Huber can do more than a second Special Counsel. By: libertyandjusticeforall‏ @Mark923to25 [1] Huber has 470 investigators and attorneys working under he and Horowitz. Sessions is at the helm overseeing it all. Huber’s team responsible for 50k+ indictments. The evidence is clear and can’t be denied. The deep state and MSM are screwed. Human trafficking arrests are surging. Huber has legal jurisdiction in all 50 states and is drawing a grand jury from Utah not DC. Red state – Utah. Human trafficking won’t...

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Who is Sam Patten, and why you should know

Certainly you’ve heard that Sam Patten has flipped and he’s going to spill it all about President Donald Trump right? By: Rosie Memos‏ @almostjingo [1] He’s got the goods, Trump is doomed! Not so fast, in fact his plea marks a shift in the entire investigation but its complicated, get comfortable. Who is Sam Patten? He’s been around for awhile and it appears everyone is referencing Natasha Bertrand’s fortuitous interview with him in April, call it lazy? Anyway this is he and his wife Laura at the Whitehouse in 2015 and yes McCain in 2014, they both play a big...

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Eliahi Priest: Contact Zero, InsigniaGate Information Drop Part One

Ensin17 joined Twitter this month and on August 10 begin a pointed troll of GCHQ and some of their neighbors and friends while starting to divulge what was to come. — ⚖️Ensin🛡️ (@Ensin17) August 11, 2018   Old grudges, never forgotten. I warned you. #Backstory #InsigniaGate @FifePolice @GCHQ Never Forgotten #InsigniaGate ::: Please refer to the first Tweet on this account (at the top of this article) #Backstory @ukhomeoffice @MenziesCampbell ID & Credentials – PRIEST file Transparent Identification – PRIEST file Oh & @pmc_gov_au there is this.. Is Allan Still your Deputy Secretary of National Security ?...

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Who is Stanislav Yezhov and Henry Greenberg – why you should know

First – Who is ‘our guy’? By: HRC’s Field Sobriety Test‏@2xwide_dreaming Dan Bongino did an awesome show on this topic, but… Maybe we should look at a couple candidates that everyone is missing. Even if they aren’t ‘our guy’, it’ll be good to get better acquainted because there is something BIG there! 99% of the ‘inter-webs’ are already familiar with this topic, but for those that aren’t: * Listen to Bongino’s podcast, and * Read this article from The Markets Work Is Julian Assange – “Our Guy” On August 7, 2018, John Solomon of the Hill published an article...

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Sen. Mark Warner: How Involved Are You?

Sen. WARNER A LOT WORSE THAN ORIGINALLY THOUGHT #BuckleUp By: 45,468 SEALED ⚖️🗝️‏ @Avery1776  [1] MARCH 2016 Watch who and when key players learned for a fact President Trump is NOT under investigation. Awan Bros exposure Ohr-Steele comms Warner-Waldman Comms + 2 dead Russians Out the gate: PAKISTANI SUSPECTS IN HOUSE IT PROBE RECEIVED $4 MILLION FROM DEM REPS. Pakistani Suspects In House IT Probe Received $4 Million From Dem Reps Brothers had access to members’ emails, and the money disappeared. [2] Ohr-Steele ohr-steele-5-2-17-1 Messages between Bruce Ohr and Christopher Steele. [3] Warner-Waldman TEXTS: Mark Warner texted with Russian oligarch...

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Judge Tanya Chutkan gives no jail time to Imran Awan

Ex-Boies firm lawyer, Judge, Tanya Chutkan gives no jail time to Imran Awan saying he’s “suffered enough” at hands of politicians “at highest levels of government”. By: Rising serpent‏ @rising_serpent  [1] So, a Pakistani IT spy with Dem connections is scot-free while Manafort is found guilty. Judge Gives No Jail Time To Imran Awan, Attorney Claims He Was Building ‘Women’s Shelter’ Casts fraud-ridden land deal as charity project. [2]  If you didn’t know it already, you should know that Chutkan was connected to Theranos, Fusion GPS, Huma Abdein via her previous employment. In fact she recused herself from hearing the...

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Who is Bruce Genesoke Ohr and why you should know

Bruce Genesoke Ohr was born in 1962 in Newark, New Jersey, USA   By: Housatonic™ 🇺🇸‏ @HousatonicITS [1]   “In Dec 2017, Yoichi Shimatsu, a forensic journalist who was also an editor at The Japan Times for ten years, wrote an exclusive for Rense, ‘How A CIA-DOJ-FBI Team Forged The Trump-Russia Dossier’. ” Background to the Russian dossier When I posted on the FISA memo last week, two of my readers asked questions about Christopher Steele, particularly why he is so anti-Trump. [2] Shimatsu: “The politically correct attitudes toward ethnic minorities” by the DOJ/FBI, as with Bruce Ohr, “has enabled...

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John Brennan’s China Connections?

I think Ohr works for China. Remember Daniel Jones? Now we find out ‘China Feinstein’s’ deep ties to the China Comms. By: BenTallmadge ❌ Shadowbanned‏ @BenKTallmadge  [1] Also Alexander Downer was on the board of Huawei. Sergei Millian is closer to China than Russia and Brennan also has ties to China. Former Feinstein Staffer Hired Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele A declassified report confirms earlier reporting by The Federalist that Daniel Jones hired Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele after the election. [2] What’s been happening to China since President Donald Trump was elected? Its trade talks failed,  its currency and stock...

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CNN Sues for Names of Manafort Jurors – Transcript

Transcript on today’s hearing in the Manafort case where the media tried to get the names/addresses of the jurors. By: Techno Fog‏ @Techno_Fog  [1]   How did the media’s lawyer respond to the Judge’s concern for juror safety? Will the media make other efforts to get juror info? As has been reported, Judge Ellis articulates his reason for keeping the juror names and addresses sealed: for “the peace and safety of the jurors.” Judge: “I’ve received criticism and threats. I can imagine they would, too.” He explains that some jurors would have requested to be excused if they had known...

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Qanon Dropping Evidence of Q’s Legitimacy?

Qanon dropping evidence of Q’s legitimacy. What say you Jack Posobiec ? Why did Xbox Live go down yesterday? By: libertyandjusticeforall @Mark923to25 [1] Correlate the time it went down with Q’s post re: Deep State communicating via Xbox Live chat rooms. The evidence is in plain sight.  If you continue to deny… … then we really have grounds to question whether you are the LARP that you say Qanon is. How much more proof is needed that Q is legit? Let me guess, the LARPS that post for Q must have hacked into Xbox live and took it offline...

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Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan (MBZ) is a global COMMON DENOMINATOR; as much if not more than Henry Kissinger. By: 45,468 SEALED ⚖️🗝️‏ @Avery1776 [1] 03 FEB 2016 Henry at the Kremlin [2] 14 FEB 2016 Munich Security Forum Kerry was at the Kremlin the very next day 14 MAR 2016 Brennan secret trip to Moscow CIA Director Brennan Made Secret Trip to Moscow John Brennan, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), made a secret visit to Moscow in March, according to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov.  [3] 23 MAR 2016 🔥👑🇦🇪MBZ...

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When Pedovores Extort Each Other and Use Sociopaths as Plants

This is the piece about George Nader printed on the website of Committee to Investigate Russia, aka, Commies Pretending to Investigate Russia. By: !Annie!Webber! @909946zill   [1] George Nader’s Criminal Past | Committee to Investigate Russia Frequent White House visitor served time abroad for child molestation and in U.S. for transporting child pornography (CP). [2] Truly gobsmacking is that nearly every one of this Comedytee’s Board of Advisors are Nader, Saban and Clinton pedassociates or pedovore funders. The entire piece neglects that Nader was a Clinton foreign policy adviser the entire time he was diddling little boys and distributing and...

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RIP Jenny Moore, AKA: JEM, @SHF7, TaskForce – Whistleblower Journey

I am posting this to get it out so people can pray for @SHF7 family and friends right now. She was found unresponsive and had passed away last night per George Webb. By: libertyandjusticeforall @Mark923to25 Another friend of hers spoke to a detective, and it appears her death was not natural and not suicide. Here’s a brief description of what she was doing for victims of trafficking. This battle is real and those who expose it and help the victims are a target. Take a look at @SHF7 videos and her work…I’m thankful for patriots like her in the...

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Who is Paul Singer and why you should know

Paul Singer’s Elliot Management Corp (EMC) specializes in Distress Debt acquisitions,he is also founder/CEO of NML Capital Ltd,a Cayman Islands based offshore unit of Elliot. By: BenTallmadge ❌ Shadowbanned @BenKTallmadge [1] In 1996 NML started buying sovereign debt from nations including Argentina and Peru in or near default. Did American taxpayers bailout vulture capitalist Paul Singer thru USAID?   The IMF in Argentina: A Bondholder’s Best Friend? It was actually Argentina’s private and official creditors who made the world’s largest ever national bankruptcy basically inevitable. [2] Argentine Debt Restructuring: So around 1998 to 2002, Paul Singer’s NML Capital bought...

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January – February 2016 Timeline Including Steele-Ohr Communications

Now that the Steele-Ohr 2016 JAN – FEB communications are out, what else was going on those two months? By: 45,468 SEALED ⚖️🗝️‏ @Avery1776  [1] Why has no one asked Henry about hanging out at the Kremlin Feb. 3-4, 2016? Brennan said at this May 2017 testimony he works as a senior advisor at Kissinger & Associates. How does that square? [2] A Bernie supporter notes Steve Elmendorf’s presence at the debate. Remember that name. Who is Elmendorf? Revolving Door: Steven Elmendorf Employment Summary While officials in the executive branch, members of Congress and senior congressional staffers spin in and...

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