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‘Dangerous Liaisons’ – Frank Guistra, Quiyun Long, and Lions Gate Entertainment

“Are there significant hints in these tweets? Per @awebberaz –  Quiyun Long, Lionsgate moneyman, was arrested on corruption charges in China. Long has more contacts than just relatives who work at NBC. He has Vancouver, DC and Hollywood contacts, including Denny Hastert. ‘Being Quiyun Long’ may be very interesting now. He has a lot of info to offer. A Hollywood actor/producer, with an affinity for Dennis Hastert, found himself in the ‘Deep Horizon’ of arrest and questioning last night. One might ask an affiliate of those involved in Deep Horizon together why a “referral only” Recruiting Council? Why would...

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Corruption and Cover-Ups: The Judges Involved Part 2

Corruption and Cover-Ups by Imperator_Rex @Imperator_Rex3 [1] Addendum 2 – more detail on Judge Chuang : he is a totally biased Obama cult member. Unless he’s being set up in some way to rule on the Lambert indictment, there’s no way he can hear this case and MUST step aside : [2] Obama appointed Chuang in May 2014. His initial nomination for the Judiciary was on September 25, 2013. He updated his nomination on Jan 6, 2014, see Theodore-Chuang-Senate-Judiciary-Questionnaire-Final.pdf From 2009 until his confirmation as a federal judge in 2014, he served as Deputy General Counsel of the Department...

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How McCain “SANG” his way from Maverick to Traitor

How John McCain “SANG” his way from Maverick to Traitor then ended up in Washington D.C. part 1 “Songbird McCain”:  US News & World Report from 1973 (before internet) THE EVIDENCE – IN HIS OWN WORDS, HIS FELLOW VETERANS, AND HIS CAPTORS Retired Army Colonel Earl Hopper, a veteran of World War II, Korea and Vietnam, contends that the information that McCain divulged classified information North Vietnam used to hone their air defense system… McCain told his North Vietnam captors, “highly classified information, the most important of which was the package routes, which were routes used to bomb North...

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Corruption and Cover-Ups: Is JUSTICE For Sale??

Is JUSTICE for sale?? Part 1 by Imperator_Rex @Imperator_Rex3 [1] A thread on Obama & Clinton cover-ups & corruption – with some uranium, a Chuang & some important questions that need answering. Intrigued? Read on, but warning: bombshells incoming! As we now know, the Department of Justice (DOJ) have indicted a Mark Lambert on 11 counts related to his role in a bribery, money laundering & kickback scheme: [2] Background & reminder : from at least 2008, Robert Mueller’s FBI were investigating Tenam, the US based subsidiary of Tenex, a subsidiary of Rosatom, the Kremlin’s (Putin’s) energy company. The same...

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Spycraft 101: Deflect, Distract, Disrupt, HoneyPot, Brownstone and Blackmail

Spycraft 101 “Deflection”, “Distraction” and “Disruption” part 1 by Rob Gray‏ @RealR0bGray  &  Larry Schweikart @LarrySchweikart So this is how it went down, step by step. This is the post that got me banned off of Facebook, and it has to do with the Russia investigation, Seth Rich, and Fusion. The dots are connected now who will do anything about it? Rewind to 2011. Obama’s admin is spying illegally on journalists and opponents. Anytime someone speaks out about Obama’s crimes, they’re surveilled and put into court to defend themselves, ala @DineshDSouza – ask him about this. Enter @HillaryClinton – she...

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Synthetic Marijuana Approved by DEA / FDA, Federal Cannabis Laws Remain Unchanged

When the government and big pharma join up for the betterment of the people, instances like this can happen.  Insys has lobbied repeatedly to keep natural marijuana/cannabis from becoming legalized while at the same time lobbying for their synthetic version Syndros to be approved by both DEA and FDA.  This begs the question of why??  Because much more money can be made with their version if the natural version is illegal?  Because the patents for the synthetic version would be deemed worthless if legalization did occur?  You decide how far is too far in this fight for America –...

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Fast and Furious Gun Store Owner/Victim Speaks Out?

A request to please expose the true story of how the Fast and Furious gun runner scandal operations were performed. By: Wesley Felix @wesleyfelixpsi I have full document’s from bank statements, emails from agents, original Federal Firearms Licensing (FFL), RSR gun purchases, etc. 1890 MILITARY assault weapons stolen with forged FFL here with ATF fax# in corner. Illegally forged FF and illegally transferred to Julie Shields. They don’t fax to shops, they hand over with log book inspected and cleared. Julie Shields does not own my shop.   We have a lot of invoices illegally purchased and the stolen ones....

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Money-trails: Obama for America, DNC, Hillary for America, the MIS Dept and Perkins Coie

Back in February, I had Perkins Coie money-trail payments from Obama for America (OFA) and didn’t even know who they were: by: ᴄʜɪʟʟ @chiIIum 8 Nov 2017 [1] OFA Disbursement Coverage dates: 01/01/2017 to 09/30/2017 Last payment to Perkins Coie according to the FEC was 08/22/2017. Earliest payment in this cycle is 04/26/2017. Every payment to Perkins Coie was at the same time as payments to MIS. [2] MONEY-TRAILS: OFA to MIS  2011-2017 = $1,335,361.42 DNC to MIS 2011 – 2017  $5,783,104.75 Note:  these are only two payees to MIS until 09/17 Emily’s List ( ProChoice Female Dem backer PAC – “Early...

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Who Is Huma Abedin And Why You Should Care?

Who Is Huma Abedin And Why You Should Care? by Garrett O’Brien – Decisive Liberty – Jan 3, 2018 We can tell a lot about a person from the relationships they keep, the voices they listen to, the people from whom they seek counsel, even the heroes they admire… This is a Huma Abedin Documentary by, an Online Reputation Management company – there are still a lot of questions NOT answered about her that are answered in this video (48m22s).   The more you get to know about Huma – who has been Hillary’s sidekick for many years (20+?) –...

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DOJ White Hats vs Black Hats Power Struggle

DOJ White Hats vs Black Hats Power Struggle I highly suspect the biggest revelation of the DOJ IG’s report when it drops on Jan. 15th is going to be pulling back the curtain on the power struggle between the White Hats and the Black Hats inside the DOJ. Unroll Thread Link          Strike Jeff Twitter Not only did a clique of black hats doing political fixing for Democrats like Hillary Clinton & her aides turn it attention to trying to manufacture scandals for the incoming Trump White House, there’s a new White Hat faction that’s been investigating...

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The Circle of Filth & The Orcs (Lawyers) that do the Dirty Work

The Circle of Filth & The Orcs (Lawyers) that do the Dirty Work 1. The Orcs: In order to keep the “circle of filth” well greased and unencumbered, the internal machine relies on an army of subterranean orcs. They are also sometimes called lawyers. A lot of famous names come up, repeatedly….. 2. Perkins Coie law firm: 1,000 lawyers in 19 offices across the United States and Asia, Perkins Come represents FORTUNE 50 corporations and politicians…a lot of politics and politicians. Inserted Thread Link 3. Perkins Coie mediated the commissioning of the Trump-Russia Dossier via Chris Steele and DNC/Hillary....

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The Circle of Filth & The Dossier that Ties it all Together

The Circle of Filth & The Dossier that Ties it all Together Thread Link 1. Rand Paul doesn’t make sweeping, bold statements. He is measured, in fact too measured. After his “altercation” wherein he suffered several broken ribs he made only statements when the rest of us would’ve been crying bloody murder. But he said this 2. Trump who does make bold statements, will periodically telegraph facts that appear fantastical because he seldom gets into details. We learn about the veracity of this statements only in retrospect. 3. Obama’s relationship to the circle of filth appears to be multilevel,...

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CIA – Operation Mockingbird

“The case of the two newspaper reporters is MOCKINGBIRD” Released under the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection. Case #: NW 53310 Date: 06-14-2017 [1] By: α Leonis‏ @Cynecin Same document, page 4: List of code words used. Same document, page 5: List of code words used (continued). MEMORANDUM FOR: Executive Secretary, CIA Management Committee 5/16/1973 SUBJECT “Family Jewels” P. 21 [2] Same document – Page 21 (Continued) Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library Documents declassified Oct-Dec 2010 Page 4 [3] Same document – Page 5 Office of the Inspector General – Report September 2016 “A Review of the FBI’s Impersonation...

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Huma Abedin’s Cousin – Omar Amanat’s Criminal History

Two investors, including ‘Twilight’ backer/Huma Abedin’s cousin, convicted of fraud. By: ᴄʜɪʟʟ‏ @chiIIum NEW YORK (AP) — Two tech entrepreneurs, including a man who invested in the film studio that made the “Twilight” movies, were convicted of fraud on Tuesday in New York. A federal jury convicted Kaleil Isaza Tuzman, 45, and Omar Amanat, 44, of all charges after a six-week trial. The convictions stemmed from the men’s role in the technology startup Kit Digital. U.S. District Judge Paul G. Gardephe revoked Amanat’s bail after Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrea Griswold said he was a flight risk and that he could...

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The Hidden-in-Plain-Sight Mechanism of the Super-Wealthy: Money-Laundering 2.0

Posted on December 31, 2017 by Charles Hugh Smith Washington’s Blog We all know the rich are getting richer, and the super-rich are getting super-richer. This reality is illustrated in the chart of income gains, the vast majority of which have flowed to the top .01%–not the top 1%, or the top .1% — to the very tippy top of the wealth-power pyramid: Though all sorts of reasons have been offered to explain this trend–I’ve described the mechanisms of financialization here for years–two that don’t attract much mainstream media attention are money laundering and control fraud, i.e. changing the rules of what’s legal...

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Did Mattis Prepare Troops for Guarding Americans at Guantanamo Bay?

Guantanamo Bay – Will Americans be Guarding Other Americans? With all the CEO’s stepping down, members of Congress stepping down, raids not reported on the news, airports temporarily closed down, flights with no identification traveling with escorts to Guantanamo, the storm is happening now behind the scenes. Military duty is tough enough when you are fighting a foreign enemy but imagine if you were called to protect our nation from treasonous DOMESTIC threats. Image Credit – TheLastRefuge‏ @TheLastRefuge2 7/2017 -Trump is one step closer to refilling Guantanamo: Attorney General Jeff Sessions visits the Cuban detention center and calls it ‘perfectly acceptable’...

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Uranium One – The Mueller Connection

The next installment of breaking Uranium One information, this time connected to Special Council Robert Mueller By: α Leonis‏ @Cynecin   8:04 AM – 29 Dec 2017 As we learned from @Wikileaks, Mueller delivered a sample of Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) — the stuff they use for bombs — to Russia for forensic analysis. … This uranium was seized during a uranium smuggling sting operation in Georgia. As we learned form my recent research, #Hezbollah was involved in uranium smuggling. INSERTED THREAD Link Let’s look at the map. That sting occurred in 2006, and the transfer occurred in 2009 when...

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The WWIII Conspiracy: How North Korea Got NASA/SpaceX Missile Technology

PART 1: The World War III conspiracy: How North Korea got NASA/SpaceX missile technology from Eric Schmidt, the Clinton cult, DNC, and Obama. By: C Bracken‏ @colemanbracken Implications reach far beyond current realization. North Korea probably got their Uranium and Nuclear bomb technology from the United States through Iran, courtesy of Obama and Hillary. But where did they get their rocket technology? I’ll start with Space X which began in 2002 and grew MAGICALLY into the ONLY successful private/commercial low-earth space vehicle delivery company. This is a corporate history of SpaceX, an American aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company...

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Uranium One – Fitting the Pieces Together.

Research Thread and Timeline By: α Leonis‏ @Cynecin 1950 – Iran launches it’s nuclear program with the help of the United States. 1979 – Iranian Revolution, the Shah of Iran is toppled and most international nuclear cooperation with Iran comes to a halt. 1981 – Iran begins nuclear negotiations with France and Argentina. 1990 – Russia forms a joint nuclear research program with Iran, providing them with Russian nuclear experts and technical information. 2000 – The International Atomic Energy Agency becomes aware of a clandestine nuclear program in Iran for developing atomic weapons. 2003 – IAEA finds Iran in noncompliance...

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Shutdown of Global Criminal Syndicate

Analysis into the chronology and timing of the past year events, and how they point to the dramatic shutdown of a global criminal syndicate going back several decades. By:Joe Masepoes @JosephMasepoes As a starting premise, accept that the END GOAL is to get to the final conclusion; which is all of the prominent members of the Bush/Clinton/Obama cabal imprisoned for their crimes against humanity. There is one major barrier: public perception and understanding. Going straight the end goal immediately would not have been politically viable with a deceived population who had to be persuaded that what was good is bad,...

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