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OIG and Sessions: Airtight or Sloppy – Only ONE Way to do it Right

A lot of people think the OIG IG report on the Hillary Clinton Email investigation, is just about how it was sabotaged so she could walk away from exposing/mishandling classified intelligence. While it is that, it also the gateway into all her pay for play schemes as Sec of State. And the biggest pay for play scheme Hillary & Co. were involved in was the massive Uranium One scheme.

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OIG BOMBSHELL! Damning Correlation Between Loretta Lynch, the NY FBI, McCabe, and NYPD

OIG BOMBSHELL!! Hidden within the OIG report on McCabe’s leak to Barrett of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), is an astronomically damning correlation between Loretta Lynch (LL), the NY Field Office of the FBI, McCabe, and the NYPD. By: Tracybeanz @tracybeanz   On September 28, 2016, McCabe is made aware of the information they found regarding Hillary Clinton on Anthony Weiner’s laptop in an unrelated “sexting” case they are investigating.   McCabe learned about Clinton emails on Weiner laptop a month before FBI alerted Congress, report says Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe knew of thousands of emails related...

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OIG Investigation 3.0 – The McCabe Probe

There now THREE separate OIG investigations – (1) the McCabe probe (released today) (2) the ‘election review’ (the big Kahuna) (scheduled for a May release) and (3) the FISC review (release date unknown). The best part of this letter is how this clearly shows that McCabe’s own people outed him & said we need the OIG to continue this investigation. Second, anyone who wants to bash Sessions or OIG READ this & look at the timeline. Marathon not a sprint.

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Grassley, Graham, Goodlatte, Gowdy AND Sessions on OIG Horowitz Report and Special Counsel

Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham SC letter of February 28th to OIG Horowitz requesting review. Letter released today. Page 2. Footnotes (5) and (6) re Bruce Ohr. [1]   *** Goodlatte & Gowdy Call for Special Counsel to Investigate Crimes Involving Bias and FISA Abuse at DOJ Washington, D.C. – House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy today called for the appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate potential bias and potential conflicts of interest and decisions made or not made by the Department of Justice in 2016 and 2017. In...

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THE STORMS…..ARE HERE!!! By:  Vachel Lindsay  [1] A NEW SC (Special Council). This development heralds a brand new storm-front coming toward the Houses of Clinton & Obama.  But don’t forget that there are at least NINE other major storms swirling around the heads of these criminals. Feel free to add any I have omitted. Here’s my list.  [2]    Hillary Clinton ‘pay to play’ & Clinton Foundation. Agency: FBI. Location : Little Rock, Arkansas. Status: ongoing (started mid 2017)  [3] 2.  Uranium One / Hillary Clinton/ Clinton Foundation /Obama. Agency : DOJ. Location : Washington, DC. Status: ongoing (since...

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FISA 702 and How it Affects John Q Public

FISA Section 702 reauthorization approved by Congress – but What does that mean to John Q. Public? The truth about warrantless and backdoor surveillance by the NSA, CIA, FBI & ODNI (aka #DeepState). It is unconstitutional. As a direct result of Watergate, in December 1974, just four months after Nixon’s resignation, New York Times reporter Seymour Hersh revealed the existence of an illegal and long-running CIA intelligence program targeting U.S. citizens. The Church committee hearings resulted in what we now call the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act which generated the requirement for the FISA court warrant system. The new laws...

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Inspector General Friday Night Surprise!

At 5:56pm Capitol Hill Reporter Chad Pergram tweeted this out. (He does not identify the original source of the documents)   By: TrumpSoldier‏ @DaveNYviii   At 2:45 pm on December 13th, 2017 (during the Rosenstein hearing) I tweeted this. [1] That was when we were tipped off as to when the IG was going to BEGIN releasing information. It is important to note that Goodlatte tells us he is getting the information from Boyd. Stephen Boyd is Department of Justice Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs. He is the liaison between the DOJ and Congress. He is a Trump appointee...

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Devin Nunes Letter to Rod Rosenstein – the Steele Dossier

Devin Nunes January 4th, 2018 Letter to Rod Rosenstein documenting their conversation and agreement. Steele Dossier By: TrumpSoldier @DaveNYviii Nunes secured the critical FD-302’s and FD-1023’s that relate to the Steele Dossier! FD-302 is an FBI form that is used to document interviews/interrogations. It details questions asked and answers given as well as who was present during the interview. Here is a sample: FD-1023 is an FBI form that is uses to document meetings between FBI and sources. It does not necessarily discuss what was said. It is also called a CHS Report. (Confidential Human Source) Here is a...

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How the DoJ OIG Report Will Roll-Out

DOJ Inspector General Report (OIG) Flow Chart By: TrumpSoldier‏ @DaveNYviii Congress will receive the Inspector General Report on January 15th, 2018. We learned this on December 13th, 2017 at The House Judiciary Committee hearing with Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein. OIG reports ARE NOT released to Congress as a whole. They go to the specific committees that oversee the agency that the OIG investigated. The House and Senate Judiciary Committees oversee the Department of Justice (DoJ). It is to those two committees that the OIG report will go to. The Senate judiciary committee chairman is Chuck Grassley. The House judiciary committee...

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First Family by Dr. Barry L. Wingard PhD


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