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When Pedovores Extort Each Other and Use Sociopaths as Plants

This is the piece about George Nader printed on the website of Committee to Investigate Russia, aka, Commies Pretending to Investigate Russia. By: !Annie!Webber! @909946zill   [1] George Nader’s Criminal Past | Committee to Investigate Russia Frequent White House visitor served time abroad for child molestation and in U.S. for transporting child pornography (CP). [2] Truly gobsmacking is that nearly every one of this Comedytee’s Board of Advisors are Nader, Saban and Clinton pedassociates or pedovore funders. The entire piece neglects that Nader was a Clinton foreign policy adviser the entire time he was diddling little boys and distributing and...

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Thoughts on a Taboo Subject: Race

By: Duncan Smith Here’s some thoughts on a taboo subject, race. Everyone has (usually very strong) opinions on it, yet not a lot of people have taken the time to think about it. Nor is it something that is openly discussed because: 1) It’s generally an uncomfortable topic,  2) You can lose your job or friendships very easily if you get called the r-word (Racist). Which that itself is interesting because if you ask ten people what ‘racism’ means, you will get ten different answers. Usually what can be agreed upon is racism involves either HATE (advocating for violence...

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NXIVM and the Arizona Mafia – Part 3

“Soon thereafter, Marco Lopez became Carlos Slim’s “Senior Advisor” and “Senior Advisor” to Grupo Carso, Carlos Slim’s Mexican global business conglomerate.” By: Jeffrey Peterson‏@realJeffreyP [1], Deep Diver KAG‏@RyanOlah2 [2], and Frank Parlato Jr. [3] NXIVM and the Arizona Mafia – Part 1 NXIVM and the Arizona Mafia – Part 2 Just so we’re on the same page. The head of US Customs Border Protection is the same guy who is Senior Advisor to Carlos Slim and his global business conglomerate. And let’s just go even furthur…(how is that possible at this point?) “Lopez also serves as an advisor to...

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NXIVM and the Arizona Mafia – Part 1

NXIVM unlocks Worlds so let’s go beyond the headlines. By: Jeffrey Peterson‏ @realJeffreyP [1], Deep Diver KAG‏ @RyanOlah2 [2], and Frank Parlato Jr. [3] Deep Dive Who is the Arizona Mafia ? It’s bigger than you imagine. Just Days ago, “famed internet businessman Jeffery Peterson” contacted Frank Parlato Jr. and publicly came forward with claims against NXIVM that go beyond the localized activity in Albany, NY. Famed American Internet businessman Jeffrey Peterson, in hiding, says ‘Arizona Mafia,’ Carlos Salinas and NXIVM Mexico — out to kill him This story is reminiscent of when Catherine Oxenberg called to tell me her daughter...

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Who’s Profiting from Private Detention Facilities – Follow the Money

Here’s what we all should be looking at, who’s profiting from these detention facilities?   Did you know ICE owned detention centers hold lowest number of illegal aliens? Time to #FollowTheMoney. Must be Democrats and GOP – otherwise we’d have immigration LAW.   By: Rosie Memos‏ @almostjingo     How For-Profit Companies Are Driving Immigration Detention Policies – Center for American Progress Companies’ quest for greater profits is expanding the immigration custody system at the expense of the health, safety, and rights of immigrants. [1] Something stinks. CCA and Geo Group Inc. Think about it, WHY haven’t we been able...

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Why Does UCLA Lease a Baseball Field on Property Donated to the Department of Veteran Affairs?

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Ted Lieu, Kamala Harris, and Senator Feinstein – you need to focus. Why the hell does UCLA lease a baseball field on property donated to Department of Veteran Affairs? Your big solution is to let them sleep in their cars there? Hell no.   By: Rosie Memos‏@almostjingo [1] You have 388 acres DONATED and the $16.5 million dollar deal with UCLA is supposed to include facilities for Veterans but it’s stuck in limbo over an environmental study? GTFO  California Attorney General Xavier Becerra needs to file a lawsuit against someone other...

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GOTHAM, WE NEED YOU!   By: !Annie!Webber!  @909946zil  [1]   The machinated outcry this week from pols, advocates and the media should illicit disgust and repulsion from every American citizen.  The method acting is banal and transparent, every ounce of it.  They are all reading from the same script and trying desperately to out act each other.  This is not to say there isn’t reason to be upset, to call for change in how we, as a national and international community, deal with the plight our children face. The world has a crisis.  The crisis is the abuse and neglect of children and their rights.  It involves the separation of child and parent.  Separation by displacement, migration and trafficking and murder.  While those with no conscience, no morality, and no soul carry on as if they care, they themselves are abusing the children they are screeching about.  I would list each and every one of these pols, talking heads and journalists, but the list is so long it would be too depressing. There is a platform that, if fully implemented and used across LE agencies, nationally and locally, would facilitate the arrest of every child predator, saving tens of thousands of kids.  It would determine which parent at the border is a rightful parent, a non-abusive, or criminal parent; whether they are MS-13 or a terrorist; whether a trafficker...

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DoJ’s Allison Hrabar Sets Up Kristjen Nielsen

What in the world is going on at the Department of Justice.  The Department of Justice appears to have an Integrity problem, lack thereof.  Is the problem from top to bottom? (or both?) Kristjen Nielson was heckled from a Mexican Restaurant Tuesday night, June 19, 2018, but it wasn’t a random spur-of-the-moment protest.  Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America got a heads up that Nielsen would be at the restaurant on 14th Street, by socialist Hrabar.  Sources confirm she pulled Nielsen’s schedule. Allison, who taught school in Arizona, is a socialist and proud of it.  She was a DSA...

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UPDATE: Migrant Caravan Created by Illegal Coup D’Etat in Honduras.

The Obama Distaster and SoS Hillary Clinton lied about, condoned and have been accused of taking a central role in an illegal coup d’etat in Honduras. By: Lycaon‏ @Cynacin This turned Honduras into ever worse of a sh*thole than it was before, spawning a mass migration of refugees. #MigrantCaravan   The day began with a coup d’etat. The deposed president, Manuel Zelaya , was kidnapped by four elite commandos of the Honduran army composed of 200 soldiers and taken to the U.S. Air Force base to be transferred later to Costa Rica. Golpe de Estado en Honduras: los militares deportan...

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40K foot view of the Elite Players involved in the “Lil” town of Tucson, Arizona CEMEX’s property

40K foot view of the Elite Players involved in the  “Lil” town of Tucson, Arizona CEMEX’s property Thread by Elemi Fuentes Let’s talk CEMEX The following work is not just mine, but a compilation of: @CoreysDigs @ScottAnthonyUSA @RebelPilled @NCDM18 @SolAdentro @cornholio74 @Patriot_17 @412Anon87 @MissRepresentU @The_War_Economy @WenjaminBalton & countless other anons that are doing research. The story took off last night, but apparently has been going on for a couple of days. The group that called themselves ‘VOP Alpha Co – Team Pulaski’ , VOP Alpha Co – Team Pulaski VOP Alpha Co – Team Pulaski. 23,540 likes · 49,791...

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CEMEX and its ties to Az Corruption, Carlos Slim, Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, Soros and Rothschilds

CEMEX and its ties to Az Corruption, Carlos Slim, Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, George Soros and Rothschilds ************************************************* [2] Heard of Cemex lately? Well, they have direct ties to the clinton foundation that’s been accused of child trafficking. Cemex teams with Clinton-backed UN Foundation Alliance Published: Tuesday, 01 October 2013 13:11 Written by Concrete News [2a] Oddly enough this company also flourished greatly under what US president? If you guessed Obama you were correct. [2b] they’re also under investigation by the DOJ. Good news! [2c]   The investigation comes after the company said in December that the Securities...

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HAITI: Laundering of Tons of Money while Trafficking – Drugs, Guns, Sex, Organs and Humans

Haiti officials and elites have been making headlines for years when it comes to drug trafficking, but what happens when $10 billion dollars becomes a bit of a problem?  How do you launder and conceal $10 billion dollars without drawing attention, especially when investments in the Caribbean Islands and Central America have already been saturated by drug money?What makes an already bad situation worse? The impact the drug traffickers have on the people of Haiti is absolutely dire. 

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Is California Really Set on Destroying Itself?

California is a rat line: illegal immigration, drugs, human trafficking & mass surveillance (now also your DNA). The seeds of secession are being sown… the Cabal wants to separate CA from the rest of the country. Think about that.
CA teaches how to sow, germinate and nourish the seeds of a society so bereft of any sense that it will sway like a reed in the wind bowing to every dictate of a political system that has doomed it to multigenerational subjugation. It will vote like it is instructed to.

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Dual Citizenship in U.S. Government

Since citizenship carries with it a responsibility to be exclusively loyal to one country, the whole concept of dual citizenship and nationality raises questions about which of the dual citizenship’s have priority. This is extremely important when the two countries have opposing interests. It can be a deadly problem when a dual citizen is in a high position within our American government.

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