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British Fight Drop 0019: Decode Article: Prime Monsters

British Fight Drop 0019: Decode Article: Prime Monsters Awakened-UK British Fight June 15, 2018 This post aims to decode The BF Drop 0019 using research from [email protected] Army and [email protected] Who could it be? Who could it be? Curveball. A particularly difficult issue, obstacle, or problem. Named after the equally tricky baseball pitch.   [JD] Mr Jonathan Djanogly. Qualified as a solicitor and was/is a partner in the corporate department of a city law firm as well being the Conservative MP for Huntingdon. Jonathan is a millionaire, recording shareholdings in companies including Imperial Tobacco and BP. ‘He is one...

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“British Fight” asks if there’s a tape of….on “Branson’s Island”

In the last few days, internet information source “British Fight” has begun to make a series of “drops” pointing to a full range of dark secrets across the UK establishment.
The answer to British Fights question is that it IS possible: and if that is true, and it can be exposed to the world, that information, and its consequences, could shake the foundations of Western Society.

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How I Came To Encounter BRITISH FIGHT

How I Came To Encounter BRITISH FIGHT Written by: John White Hi all. I’m John White, many of you will know me, if you don’t, independent activist of many years standing. 9/11 Truth. Brexit. Trump. Meme-maker, article writer, spiritual perspective on today’s problems. That’s why Ash Brierley knew to come to me lunchtime Sunday 3rd of June 2018. Here I was, minding my own business writing some activist letter posts, when I get messaged: “Can you help with this? Can you have a look at this?”   Ash had discovered @UK_Revolution17 on Twitter, and had engaged in PM conversation with this...

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