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BRITISH FIGHT meets the public: Q & A with the UK inside source

BRITISH FIGHT meets the public: Q & A with the UK inside source… Organized by John White : Jun 25 at 7:37pm British Fight became known to me from June 3rd 2018. I’ve been following his information since. Read all British Fight drops so far, from 0001 to 0039, here: On 25th June 2018 the insider source Identity “British Fight” conducted a Q&A session. British Fight was speaking from a secure group location and his answers were relayed to questioners on the Public Facebook group “Aslan’s Army”. You can view the results here, as British Fight’s answers were...

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MESSAGE TO ASLAN: THERE ARE THOSE WHO DO NOT WISH US TO SPEAK…. Hello all. We are getting continuous reports of issues spreading British Fight‘s information, from all globalist platforms, Facebook, Twitter, You-Tube/Google. “It wont share” “The screen’s all blank” So I thought it time (with kindness) to bring a bucket of cold-water clarity to this situation, and share these thoughts: WAKE-UP! SPLOOOSH!!! These platforms are freedom, and patriotisms, ENEMY. Many of you know this. Many of you have suffered bans and restrictions and deletions and all sorts of abuses of your Article 19 Human Rights: simply for seeking to...

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British Fight Drop 0019: Decode Article: Prime Monsters

British Fight Drop 0019: Decode Article: Prime Monsters Awakened-UK British Fight June 15, 2018 This post aims to decode The BF Drop 0019 using research from [email protected] Army and [email protected] Who could it be? Who could it be? Curveball. A particularly difficult issue, obstacle, or problem. Named after the equally tricky baseball pitch.   [JD] Mr Jonathan Djanogly. Qualified as a solicitor and was/is a partner in the corporate department of a city law firm as well being the Conservative MP for Huntingdon. Jonathan is a millionaire, recording shareholdings in companies including Imperial Tobacco and BP. ‘He is one...

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“British Fight” asks if there’s a tape of….on “Branson’s Island”

In the last few days, internet information source “British Fight” has begun to make a series of “drops” pointing to a full range of dark secrets across the UK establishment.
The answer to British Fights question is that it IS possible: and if that is true, and it can be exposed to the world, that information, and its consequences, could shake the foundations of Western Society.

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How I Came To Encounter BRITISH FIGHT

How I Came To Encounter BRITISH FIGHT Written by: John White Hi all. I’m John White, many of you will know me, if you don’t, independent activist of many years standing. 9/11 Truth. Brexit. Trump. Meme-maker, article writer, spiritual perspective on today’s problems. That’s why Ash Brierley knew to come to me lunchtime Sunday 3rd of June 2018. Here I was, minding my own business writing some activist letter posts, when I get messaged: “Can you help with this? Can you have a look at this?”   Ash had discovered @UK_Revolution17 on Twitter, and had engaged in PM conversation with this...

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