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Cyber Attacks are Extremely Difficult to Attribute

In the case of nation-state attackers, attribution can be nearly impossible. That doesn’t stop governments and the media however, who may deliberately falsify attribution to serve political or economic goals. Feburary, 2010 – French President Nicolas Sarkozy approved a deal to sell two Mistral class amphibious assault ships to the Russian government. The $1.6 bllion Mistral deal would have been the Kremlin’s first major warship purchase from the West since before WWI.   The deal proved a persistent headache for Sarkozy’s successor, François Hollande who was elected in May, 2012. Eastern European countries pressured Hollande to scrap the deal,...

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Q: The Panic of the MSM

Q: The Panic of the MSM Shared by Ryan Anthony Morgan [1] ▶Anonymous 08/01/18 (Wed) 20:27:49 MAINSTREAM NEWS IS FABRICATING STORIES ABOUT QANON HERE IS A FACT BASED Q & A ABOUT THE QANON MOVEMENT Q WE DO NOT CONDONE VIOLENCE, SUBVERSION OR CONTROL OVER OTHERS. What goes on in the Qresearch thread on 8chan? This thread has become the epicenter of the INFORMATION WAR which has been raging for decades. Research has been going long before this board but the last 9 months has been where it has really ramped up. Who is there? REAL ANONS, Q, BOARD...

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3D Guns – Another Obama Era Fail – Democrats Blame Trump

Hey Sen. Chuck Schumer, why are you suddenly crying about 3D Guns? The blueprints were downloaded 100k times in 2013 obviously that was President Trump’s fault?   By: Rosie Perpetually Potentially Sensitive ‏@almostjingo [1] Where were all the Democrats bragging about their bill to stop this 5 years ago AND why does the press have amnesia. An even better question would be WHY did the Obama administration give 3D Gun makers a Federal license. Sen. Blumenthal and Sen. Chuck Schumer, HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN? #guncontrol #bluewave #BLUELIES This is all your fault Chucky, you were BEHOLDEN TO...

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NXIVM and the Arizona Mafia – Part 3

“Soon thereafter, Marco Lopez became Carlos Slim’s “Senior Advisor” and “Senior Advisor” to Grupo Carso, Carlos Slim’s Mexican global business conglomerate.” By: Jeffrey Peterson‏@realJeffreyP [1], Deep Diver KAG‏@RyanOlah2 [2], and Frank Parlato Jr. [3] NXIVM and the Arizona Mafia – Part 1 NXIVM and the Arizona Mafia – Part 2 Just so we’re on the same page. The head of US Customs Border Protection is the same guy who is Senior Advisor to Carlos Slim and his global business conglomerate. And let’s just go even furthur…(how is that possible at this point?) “Lopez also serves as an advisor to...

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New York Times Linked to Iran Newspaper and The Islamic Republic News Agency?

Something interesting linking the New York Times to a state-run newspaper in Iran. ( [1]). By: Heshmat Alavi @HeshmatAlavi [2]   In The New York Times website, the “How to submit a letter to the editor” page has a telephone number (212-556-1831). When called, you hear a series of pre-recorded instructions. How to submit a letter to the editor Letters should be exclusive to The New York Times or The International New York Times. We do not publish open letters or third-party. [3] When searching the domain registrar for “Iran” daily’s website, linked to the mullahs’ regime, the registrant...

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Who is Amanda Renteria and Why should you know?

Who is Amanda Renteria and Why should you know? Former attorney general Loretta Lynch faces potential charges stemming from her interactions with the Hillary Clinton campaign during the 2016 election. Lynch exchanged classified information with Amanda Renteria, a senior staffer on the Clinton campaign. This could have violated laws pertaining to mishandling of classified information and also obstruction of justice. Renteria, a former aide to Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Debbie Stabenow, gained prominence in political circles as national political director of Clinton’s 2016 campaign. AND THIS IS WHY — Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) questioned IG Horowitz about Amanda Renteria...

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Six Degrees from Strzok/Page Texts to Orlando Pulse Shooter

I would like to extend sincere appreciation to Justice OIG for steps like these. And thanks to the folks carrying out needed Corrective Actions! By: CPageSmarterThanBrennan @2xwide_dreaming     With that in mind, I’d like to point out an interesting portion of the Strzok/Page texts that no one seems to have picked up on yet. “We’re going to be dealing with this HVE for the next year.” P: “The guy in Tampa?” #HVE   HVE = Homegrown Violent Extremist It isn’t surprising to see “HVE” within the texts, as Strzok was a part of FBI Counterterrorism. We don’t hear...

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Who are James A. Wolfe and Ali Watkins (and why you should know)?

WOLFE leaks of classified information provided to the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) by Executive Branch 🔥     By: Rosie Memos‏ @almostjingo FBI provided WOLFE with questions to answer YES or NO to, he stated he did not know REPORTER #1 (a male) on Dec 15, 2017 he was shown an article written by REPORTER #2 denied knowing them, then FBI showed him photos of the two of them together. Justice Department looking into possible leaks from former Senate Intel aide A mysterious move by the Senate Wednesday night is part of a Justice Department inquiry into...

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40K foot view of the Elite Players involved in the “Lil” town of Tucson, Arizona CEMEX’s property

40K foot view of the Elite Players involved in the  “Lil” town of Tucson, Arizona CEMEX’s property Thread by Elemi Fuentes Let’s talk CEMEX The following work is not just mine, but a compilation of: @CoreysDigs @ScottAnthonyUSA @RebelPilled @NCDM18 @SolAdentro @cornholio74 @Patriot_17 @412Anon87 @MissRepresentU @The_War_Economy @WenjaminBalton & countless other anons that are doing research. The story took off last night, but apparently has been going on for a couple of days. The group that called themselves ‘VOP Alpha Co – Team Pulaski’ , VOP Alpha Co – Team Pulaski VOP Alpha Co – Team Pulaski. 23,540 likes · 49,791...

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CEMEX and its ties to Az Corruption, Carlos Slim, Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, Soros and Rothschilds

CEMEX and its ties to Az Corruption, Carlos Slim, Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, George Soros and Rothschilds ************************************************* [2] Heard of Cemex lately? Well, they have direct ties to the clinton foundation that’s been accused of child trafficking. Cemex teams with Clinton-backed UN Foundation Alliance Published: Tuesday, 01 October 2013 13:11 Written by Concrete News [2a] Oddly enough this company also flourished greatly under what US president? If you guessed Obama you were correct. [2b] they’re also under investigation by the DOJ. Good news! [2c]   The investigation comes after the company said in December that the Securities...

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Anon Decoded. We Do Have More Than We Know We Just Need To DIG.

Anon Decoded. We Do Have More Than We Know But Sometimes We Just Need To DIG. By:  Adrinne Payton-Green People…I cracked the code! I know everything that is going on. I know what is going on with Russia, Assange and what is really going on. Q always told us to re-read the drops! He just never specified when the drops really began. It doesn’t matter if you believe in Q or not, this post will answer all of your questions. Seth Rich gave the emails to Assange in May. The DNC and Podesta emails were slowly leaked from June...

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To Q or Not To Q:  That is the Question Raging Though the Truther Movement

To the few remaining in the Anti-#QAnon group, desperately screaming anything they can to discredit Q or any of Q’s “followers,” I would like to personally thank you for informing the masses that this is a PSYOP. Yes. It’s true. It’s a psychological operation initiated by military intelligence and propagated by civil effort. We are actively engaged in an attempt to inform our neighbors, our brothers, our sisters, our mothers and our fathers of the crimes and atrocities that have been committed over the last century on the backs of our nation’s unwitting citizens.

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Politicians and the Spooks that Control Them

Is it any coincidence that Brennan was appointed in the Obama administration as Homeland Security Advisor on January 20, 2009 and then became Obama’s director of CIA on Jan 7 2013? Why would a TAC employee need to access Obama, Hillary and McCain’s file? Unless of course someone was trying to influence the outcome of the election? Just a couple of months after his CIA director appointment, Brennan replaced Gina Haspel as the acting head of CIA’s clandestine service with Frank Archibald. Is it mere coincidence that Trump appointed Haspel to replace Brennan?

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Who is Eric Schmidt? (and why you should know)

Eric Schmidt has had a very close relationship with the inner circle of Hillary Clinton’s campaign including John Podesta and Robby Mook. He has donated generously and has been a regular speaker at the Clinton Global initiative. By: Rising serpent‏ @rising_serpent Leaked documents from WikiLeaks show him communicating with John Podesta and asking for more than an outside of role. He wanted to be integral to the campaign. He served as member of President’s Council of Advisors on Science & Technology (PCAST) under Obama. Before company founders Page and Brin hired Schmidt their initial research on which Google was based had been...

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A Prediction of Warfare?

“A prediction of warfare”: When an organism is in the throes of stress, forced out of its most favorable milieu, it will take drastic measures to ensure its survival and that of its species. The media is in the throes of an existential crisis. I give you 4 different headlines. By: Rising serpent @rising_serpent   a. There was no FBI informant (the now politically correct term for spy in MSM). b. If there was, he was there to protect Trump. c. or And if you don’t believe that, the individual was investigating collusion. d. Oh and Mark Warner says...

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HAITI: Laundering of Tons of Money while Trafficking – Drugs, Guns, Sex, Organs and Humans

Haiti officials and elites have been making headlines for years when it comes to drug trafficking, but what happens when $10 billion dollars becomes a bit of a problem?  How do you launder and conceal $10 billion dollars without drawing attention, especially when investments in the Caribbean Islands and Central America have already been saturated by drug money?What makes an already bad situation worse? The impact the drug traffickers have on the people of Haiti is absolutely dire. 

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