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John Brennan’s China Connections?

I think Ohr works for China. Remember Daniel Jones? Now we find out ‘China Feinstein’s’ deep ties to the China Comms. By: BenTallmadge ❌ Shadowbanned‏ @BenKTallmadge  [1] Also Alexander Downer was on the board of Huawei. Sergei Millian is closer to China than Russia and Brennan also has ties to China. Former Feinstein Staffer Hired Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele A declassified report confirms earlier reporting by The Federalist that Daniel Jones hired Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele after the election. [2] What’s been happening to China since President Donald Trump was elected? Its trade talks failed,  its currency and stock...

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CNN Sues for Names of Manafort Jurors – Transcript

Transcript on today’s hearing in the Manafort case where the media tried to get the names/addresses of the jurors. By: Techno Fog‏ @Techno_Fog  [1]   How did the media’s lawyer respond to the Judge’s concern for juror safety? Will the media make other efforts to get juror info? As has been reported, Judge Ellis articulates his reason for keeping the juror names and addresses sealed: for “the peace and safety of the jurors.” Judge: “I’ve received criticism and threats. I can imagine they would, too.” He explains that some jurors would have requested to be excused if they had known...

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Qanon Dropping Evidence of Q’s Legitimacy?

Qanon dropping evidence of Q’s legitimacy. What say you Jack Posobiec ? Why did Xbox Live go down yesterday? By: libertyandjusticeforall @Mark923to25 [1] Correlate the time it went down with Q’s post re: Deep State communicating via Xbox Live chat rooms. The evidence is in plain sight.  If you continue to deny… … then we really have grounds to question whether you are the LARP that you say Qanon is. How much more proof is needed that Q is legit? Let me guess, the LARPS that post for Q must have hacked into Xbox live and took it offline...

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Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan (MBZ) is a global COMMON DENOMINATOR; as much if not more than Henry Kissinger. By: 45,468 SEALED ⚖️🗝️‏ @Avery1776 [1] 03 FEB 2016 Henry at the Kremlin [2] 14 FEB 2016 Munich Security Forum Kerry was at the Kremlin the very next day 14 MAR 2016 Brennan secret trip to Moscow CIA Director Brennan Made Secret Trip to Moscow John Brennan, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), made a secret visit to Moscow in March, according to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov.  [3] 23 MAR 2016 🔥👑🇦🇪MBZ...

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When Pedovores Extort Each Other and Use Sociopaths as Plants

This is the piece about George Nader printed on the website of Committee to Investigate Russia, aka, Commies Pretending to Investigate Russia. By: !Annie!Webber! @909946zill   [1] George Nader’s Criminal Past | Committee to Investigate Russia Frequent White House visitor served time abroad for child molestation and in U.S. for transporting child pornography (CP). [2] Truly gobsmacking is that nearly every one of this Comedytee’s Board of Advisors are Nader, Saban and Clinton pedassociates or pedovore funders. The entire piece neglects that Nader was a Clinton foreign policy adviser the entire time he was diddling little boys and distributing and...

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RIP Jenny Moore, AKA: JEM, @SHF7, TaskForce – Whistleblower Journey

I am posting this to get it out so people can pray for @SHF7 family and friends right now. She was found unresponsive and had passed away last night per George Webb. By: libertyandjusticeforall @Mark923to25 Another friend of hers spoke to a detective, and it appears her death was not natural and not suicide. Here’s a brief description of what she was doing for victims of trafficking. This battle is real and those who expose it and help the victims are a target. Take a look at @SHF7 videos and her work…I’m thankful for patriots like her in the...

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Who is Paul Singer and why you should know

Paul Singer’s Elliot Management Corp (EMC) specializes in Distress Debt acquisitions,he is also founder/CEO of NML Capital Ltd,a Cayman Islands based offshore unit of Elliot. By: BenTallmadge ❌ Shadowbanned @BenKTallmadge [1] In 1996 NML started buying sovereign debt from nations including Argentina and Peru in or near default. Did American taxpayers bailout vulture capitalist Paul Singer thru USAID?   The IMF in Argentina: A Bondholder’s Best Friend? It was actually Argentina’s private and official creditors who made the world’s largest ever national bankruptcy basically inevitable. [2] Argentine Debt Restructuring: So around 1998 to 2002, Paul Singer’s NML Capital bought...

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January – February 2016 Timeline Including Steele-Ohr Communications

Now that the Steele-Ohr 2016 JAN – FEB communications are out, what else was going on those two months? By: 45,468 SEALED ⚖️🗝️‏ @Avery1776  [1] Why has no one asked Henry about hanging out at the Kremlin Feb. 3-4, 2016? Brennan said at this May 2017 testimony he works as a senior advisor at Kissinger & Associates. How does that square? [2] A Bernie supporter notes Steve Elmendorf’s presence at the debate. Remember that name. Who is Elmendorf? Revolving Door: Steven Elmendorf Employment Summary While officials in the executive branch, members of Congress and senior congressional staffers spin in and...

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Qanon – Exposing Cabal/Elite links in Human Trafficking/Pedophilia

Qanon is exposing the involvement of the cabal/elite in human trafficking/pedophilia. I’ve tried to compile the evidence from the Q posts in this thread. By: #libertyandjusticeforall @Mark923to25 If you have not read all the posts, some of this will be shocking… #WWG1WGA On 11/1/17 Qanon posted “pedo networks are being dismantled. Child abductions for satanic rituals (ie Haiti and other 3rd world countries) are paused (not terminated until players in custody). Q said the truth would sound so outrageous most Americans would riot/reject. On 11/14/17, Qanon gave one of the reasons Donald Trump ran for President. “Perhaps he could...

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Is the Deep State using Ham Radio to Avoid Surveillance?

Very interesting dig happening as we speak on the research boards for QAnon. An anon is looking for Ham radio licenses in the District of Columbia, and finding curious results.   By: OnWithLogic ❌ @OnWithLogic  [1]   For context to help the new folks. Nellie Ohr, wife of Bruce Ohr was using a Ham radio to transmit information related to the phony Russia-Trump dossier. Background: Did Fusion GPS’s Researcher Avoid Surveillance With A Ham Radio? It seems Nellie Ohr was well aware the National Security Agency can intercept and store every communication on the Internet. [2] The anon found...

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Mueller, Zebley and New Hillary Clinton FBI Vault Release

Included are letters to the DOJ from Mueller’s special counsel Aaron Zebley (he represented HRC’s IT guy Justin Cooper).   By: Techno Fog‏ @Techno_Fog   12/14/2015: Zebley’s letter to the DOJ where he asks that they destroy Blackberry files he provided to them because they weren’t from Hillary Clinton. 12/15/2015: The DOJ letter to Zebley, where it agrees that the FBI will not review the back-up Blackberry files. 01/11/2016: Letter from DOJ to Zebley, where the DOJ memorializes their agreement that Zebley will back-up all relevant email communications. That same day, Zebley gives the data to Hillary lawyers and informs...

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Why is Jeff Flake in Zimbabwe?

This election looks pretty important to Jeff Flake, an election held in a country not many know about:   By: BenTallmadge ❌ Shadowbanned‏@BenKTallmadge [1] Isn’t this meddling in other country’s election? James Hasson [2] thinks Flake is sabotaging President Trump ‘s judicial nominees so they can’t be confirmed, very possible, since Flake is a Never Trumper, a vengeful POS never missed a chance to attack Trump.  But.. Jeff Flake is going to retire from US Senate at the end of his term, what’s he going to do next? Let’s see what he was doing before he became the Senator:...

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Manafort Case Dropped in 2014 – Implicated Obama’s WH Counsel Greg Craig?

Back to the FBI’s interview with Paul Manafort in 2014 re: the “misuse of Ukrainian government funds”… Why did that 2014 investigation go nowhere? Because it implicated Obama’s former White House Counsel Greg Craig.   By: Techno Fog‏ @Techno_Fog [1]   Recall: There was a batter to “recover the more than $40 billion stolen by the regime” of the former Ukrainian president.Some of that money was embezzled and used to hire law firm Skadden.   Exactly who was involved with Skadden and Ukraine? Obama’s former White House Counsel Greg Craig and Obama’s former State Department envoy Cliff Sloan. In fact,...

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3D Guns – Another Obama Era Fail – Democrats Blame Trump

Hey Sen. Chuck Schumer, why are you suddenly crying about 3D Guns? The blueprints were downloaded 100k times in 2013 obviously that was President Trump’s fault?   By: Rosie Perpetually Potentially Sensitive ‏@almostjingo [1] Where were all the Democrats bragging about their bill to stop this 5 years ago AND why does the press have amnesia. An even better question would be WHY did the Obama administration give 3D Gun makers a Federal license. Sen. Blumenthal and Sen. Chuck Schumer, HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN? #guncontrol #bluewave #BLUELIES This is all your fault Chucky, you were BEHOLDEN TO...

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Transcript of Paul Manafort’s Oral Argument: 7-31-2018

Preview: discloses Manafort’s 2014 interview with the FBI where he told them he received $27 million in foreign income. By: Techno Fog‏ @Techno_Fog Starting out, we see a theme for their case: Manafort didn’t “willfully or intentionally deceive or mislead the IRS about his income or about any foreign bank accounts”. How does Manafort explain the offshore accounts in Cyprus? And how he didn’t control those accounts? This was how the Ukrainians wanted it to be done. Counsel for Manafort then points the finger at the IRS/DOJ: “In the Government’s rush to judgment in this case you’re going to learn...

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BACK TO THE WELL: Did FBI Ask Oleg Deripsaska to Fund Steele Dossier?

Its speculation time, friends. You know, I was thinking about something last night after the John Solomon Reports article broke RE: Robert Mueller and Oleg Deripsaska. (rev 2) By: Mitch Rapp‏@shadowfax_82 [1] Did you read it? I’m sure you caught this line about the FBI asking Deripaska, in 2009, for assistance with a mission to rescue a retired FBI agent named, Robert Levinson. From the article: “Agents persuaded the aluminum industry magnate to underwrite the mission.”Not just any ole FBI agents, but one in particular that I thought was very interesting.”One agent who helped court Deripaska was Andrew McCabe,...

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FISA is the Foundation

This is my Qanon thread for July 29, 2018.   By: Praying Medic ‏ @prayingmedic[1]   Many people have given up hope that corrupt government officials will ever be prosecuted. We’ve been programmed by years of experience to believe they’ve rigged the system in a way that will forever allow them to evade prosecution. There is no disappointment without expectation. Many of us have unrealistic expectations of what the prosecution of corruption looks like. We want arrests and we want them yesterday and until the crooks are in jail, we won’t be satisfied. The corruption in government is cleverly disguised...

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Clapper’s Last Minute Hail Mary – Annex to Gates Procedure Unmasking Legislative Branch

So the day before President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, James Clapper signed this eight page annex to the Gates Procedure and made the unmasking of “any Congressional Staff” up to the ODNI/OGC? This includes any member of the Senate or House and all staff, paid or unpaid. By: Rosie Perpetually Potentially Sensitive ‏ @almostjingo [1] WHO was being spied on and who was the OGC then? [2] So Rep. Louie Gohmert is/was probably correct.   Rep. Louie Gohmert: The Department of Justice Might Be Spying on Me House Judiciary Committee Member Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) said Monday that he believes the Department...

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What do Brennan, Estonia, GCHQ, Steele, Skirpal, FusionGPS, Nellie Ohr, Clinton, FBI, FISA,… have in common?

Russian Hoax It’d be nice if ONE reporter stopped focusing on Carter Page FISA and paid more attn to Paul Manafort FISA surveillance (due to lobbying) started 2014 but “stopped” early spring 2016 because THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE TO CONTINUE. Manafort lived in Trump Tower. By: ɭ๏ɭค💋‏ @DropTha_Mic25 [1] There was NO reason to continue surveilling Manafort and no information to renew the FISA on him. Coincidentally that’s the SAME exact time he started working on the Trump campaign. Either feds are lying (because it would prove Trump campaign was spied on) and it did continue… OR it did stop...

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2012 James Clapper – New Polygraph Procedures to Root Out Leakers

Nothing made James Clapper more furious than leaks to the press, in July 2012 he implemented new lie detector procedures, citing the need for aggressive action and insisted these new strict policies would help root out “would be leakers”. John Brennan you should take one. By: Rosie Perpetually Potentially Sensitive ‏ @almostjingo [1] “Deterring” sure sounds like bullying doesn’t it? Ask Sharyl Attkisson and James Rosen, etc., while the liberals scream FREEDOM OF PRESS. Like the previous administration was rainbows and butterflies. [1] ALL MEDIA LEAKS MUST CEASE said General Mike Hayden. He created a special program with ODNI to...

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