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Wireless 5G, Internet of Things and Your Health

Wireless 5g and You by:  Jeff Chiacchieri This note is for those interested in understanding the uses and problems with 5g and all wireless devices. Below is what I know from decades of research/experience complete with sources, links and references. The truth is our government, its alphabet agencies and military has known about all of this for over 60 years. How many people currently suffer from symptoms consistent with microwave sickness? How many will figure out and find a way to avoid exposure before they develop cancer from it? In 2016 Cancer became the number one reason behind childhood...

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Let Us Not Forget Aaron Swartz

Was Aaron Swartz Killed By An MIT Satanic Child Porn Ring By Yoichi Shimatsu Exclusive to 1-15-12 Let us start by dismissing the prosecution’s ludicrous charge that any programmer as talented as Aaron Swartz would dedicate his life to stealing an archive that dispenses its academic papers for a few dollars apiece to the public or for free to students under department accounts. MIT professors, who are so full of themselves, are the only ones who might take seriously such a fool’s errand as a worthy objective for the brilliant and rebellious Swartz or the law suit as...

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FBI Nikola Tesla Files and John. G. Trump

When reviewing the FBI Records Vault dump of October 30th through November 1st, 2016 that the Inspector General is looking into, I noticed a good deal of public interest in the Tesla Files. (Tweet 4 in the sequence of 21 tweets) Not knowing much about it myself, I decided to look into it.   By: TrumpSoldier‏ @DaveNYviii     There are three parts to the files with a total of 354 pages.[1] Part one 249 pages Part two 41 pages Part three 64 pages January 7th, 1943 Tesla died quietly and alone in room #3327 on the 33rd floor of...

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Is CIA-backed KEYHOLE the KEY to Google’s InQTel Surveillance Technologies??

Is CIA-backed KEYHOLE the KEY to Google’s InQTel Surveillance Technologies?? The CIA helped sell a mapping startup to Google (InQTel). Now they won’t tell us why… “We can neither confirm nor deny…” By Yasha Levine    written on July 1, 2015 I just got a very interesting letter from the Central Intelligence Agency. It came in response to a FOIA request I put in regarding a decade-old business transaction between the CIA and Google. Not only did the CIA deny my request, but it refused to admit or not admit that records pertaining to this transaction even existed — all...

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The First Church of Artificial Intelligence??

IRS Registers First Church of AI for Ex-Google Executive Anthony Levandowski, a former executive at Google, has filed paperwork with the IRS to establish an official religion of technology. This religion doesn’t just worship scientific progress, but artificial intelligence (AI) itself, with the goal of creating a godhead. The new church of AI will aim “to develop and promote the realization of a Godhead based on artificial intelligence and through understanding and worship of the Godhead [to] contribute to the betterment of society,” according to IRS documents. The non-profit religious organization would be called “Way of the Future” (WOTF).   They believe the...

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SOPHIA: FUTURE of Humanity or the DEMISE of Mankind?

SOPHIA: FUTURE of Humanity or the DEMISE of Mankind? Sophia is a humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics. She has been designed to learn and adapt to human behavior and work with humans, and has been interviewed around the world. According to herself, Sophia was activated on April 19, 2015.  She is modeled after actress Audrey Hepburn, and is known for her human-like appearance and behavior compared to previous robotic variants. According to the manufacturer, David Hanson, Sophia has artificial intelligence, visual data processing and facial recognition. Sophia also imitates human gestures and facial expressions and is able...

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ADN Compilation:  New IPhone X Possibilities, Ramifications, and Concerns

ADN Compilation:  New IPhone X Possibilities, Ramifications, and Concerns By:  Ami Tiel  9/15/17 The communication leader in the industry IPhone has gone to the next level.  The FACIAL RECOGNITION feature is sure to be a HIT and MISS with many as its abilities become its problems.  See the numerous articles below that extol virtues and bring faults to glaring forefront.  Technology as a friend or foe is the question we are faced with today.  And facial recognition is at the center of todays debate. *** With iPhone’s New FaceID, Cops Can Unlock Your Phone by Pointing at Your Face—While...

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Equifax says 143 million consumers potentially hacked

Published September 07, 2017 Equifax Inc, a provider of consumer credit scores, said on Thursday a hack exposed the personal details of potentially 143 million U.S. consumers between mid-May and July. …accessed details including names, social security numbers, and, in some cases, driver’s license numbers. In addition, credit card numbers of around 209,000 U.S. consumers and certain dispute documents with personal identifying information of around 182,000 U.S. consumers were accessed, the company said…. Source – FoxBusiness *** Three Equifax Managers Sold Stock Before Cyber Hack Revealed By Anders Melin   September‎ ‎7‎, ‎2017‎ Trio didn’t know about the intrusion when...

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ADN Compilation:  AI Artifical Intelligence and Its Affects on our Everyday Lives

ADN Compilation:  AI Artifical Intelligence and Its Affects on our Everyday Lives By:  Ami Tiel  9/5/17 Special credit to Gia Brown, Ann Rose Laurence and Angeline Dean for their contributions to this article.  Featured Image by Antonio F. Branco via Comically Incorrect Cartoon. Technology will force you to conform or you will be eliminated in one way or another from the Brave New World. As Sumantra Maitra wrote, “Nothing could be more dystopian than the largest information, communication, and documentation hub controlling your thoughts and punishing you for wrong think.” ***   *** The pursuit of “progress” is going...

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ADN Compilation: GeoEngineering and Its Affects on our World – Part 1 in series

ADN Compilation: GeoEngineering and Its Affects on our World By:  Ami Tiel   9/4/17 What is GEOENGINEERING?  How does it affect our world, our society, our way of life?  This and so much more will be covered in multiple parts in this series.  Follow us along as we discover and reveal what GEOENGINEERING and how many ways it is integrated into our everyday lives. *** GeoEngineering Geoengineering most commonly refers to climate engineering. Source – Wikipedia(Geoengineering) Climate engineering Climate engineering, commonly referred to as geoengineering, also known as climate intervention, is the deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climatic...

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GCSB found to have illegally spied on others in new Megaupload twist

Feature image: Kim Dotcom was illegally spied on by the GCSB – new details show surveillance continued longer than previously admitted. Photo / Greg Bowker By: David Fisher  Senior writer, NZ Herald    25 Aug, 2017 1:52pm The GCSB has been found to have acted unlawfully when it spied on foreigners in the FBI-led Megaupload investigation. In doing so, it has raised the possibility the entire operation was illegal. The new finding comes out of the High Court damages case taken against the GCSB by the Megaupload-accused and has seen the bureau refuse to put up a defence to claims...

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Meet Charlie Lee, Inventor Of Litecoin Cryptocurrency By Leigh Cuen On 08/20/17 AT 7:00 AM If future generations buy their coffee with cryptocurrency, they will have globetrotting programmer Charlie Lee to thank for it. Lee was born in the Ivory Coast, West Africa, and immigrated to the United States at thirteen. He read a Wired article about the Silk Road black market back in 2011, when Lee was still a Google software engineer who dabbled in gold trading on the side. Intrigued, he immediately reached out to Bitcoin Core developer Mike Hearn and bought a bitcoin from Hearn. Soon Lee...

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Social Media and blocking Hateful Content

Twitter adds filters to tackle trolls; know how to block hateful content By IANS | San Francisco | 11 Jul 2017 20:17 pm In a fresh bid to tackle trolls spewing hateful content on its platform, micro-blogging platform Twitter has added filters to mute unwanted tweets from a user’s feed. Users may now mute notifications from newly-registered accounts and those accounts that don’t follow them. These filters are added to the ones Twitter released in March this year. They let you mute users whom you don’t follow, those who had a default profile photo, those who hadn’t confirmed their email or those that...

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Why You Should Always Unplug Your Electronics

Your microwave clock might not use *that* much power, but add it to your plugged in tv, computer, DVR, etc.? That’s a lot of wasted energy. By Amy Shira Teitel June 18, 2016 New research out of California suggests our civilization really needs to unplug, quite literally. A study by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) uncovered some startling numbers on how much power our idle electronics take up. In a sampling of northern California households, 23 percent of all residential energy consumption came from electronic devices that were plugged in, but not being used. Source...

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A massive EU privacy rule could bring an unexpected benefit for US consumers

By:  Rob Pegoraro  August 2, 2017 A massive European Union regulation going into effect next May could deliver an unexpected benefit on the other side of the Atlantic: letting you take your data from social networks that today don’t let you download what you uploaded — then move it to another network. This “data portability” mandate is one of many key provisions in the EU’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation, the product of a privacy-policy effort that began in 2012. And it’s also the one most likely to benefit you, even if you never cross the pond. Data portability...

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The Best of Biomimicry and Nature Inspired Robotics

By:  Dallon Adams  January 28, 2017 Biomimicry, as it’s called, is a method for creating solutions to human challenges by emulating designs and ideas found in nature. It’s used everywhere: buildings, vehicles, and even materials — so we thought it’d be fun to round up a few of the most noteworthy examples.   Bullet trains inspired by Kingfisher birds    Antimicrobial film mimicking sharkskin  Absorbing shock     like a woodpecker    Wind turbines modeled after Humpback whales      Ventilation systems inspired by termites  Continue reading about these and more biomimicry examples below. Source – Yahoo Tech *************** ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Termite-inspired robots build castles....

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Large Hadron Collider – Cern, Switzerland

Founded: September 29, 1954 (It’s Not New!) The European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN, is a European research organization that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. CERN is an official United Nations Observer. ***************** ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Did CERN Suck us into a Virtual Matrix & Are we in Purgatory right now? The Evidence By: Leak Project  Published on Jun 25, 2017 Amazing Custom Artwork by Brady Shally Video Source *** Accelerating science About CERN What is the universe made of? How did it start? Physicists at CERN are seeking answers, using some of the...

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Palantir: the ‘special ops’ tech giant that wields as much real-world power as Google

Jacques Peretti   Sunday 30 July 2017 09.59 EDT Peter Thiel’s CIA-backed, data-mining firm honed its ‘crime predicting’ techniques against insurgents in Iraq. The same methods are now being sold to police departments. Will they inflame already tense relations between the public and the police? In Minority Report, the 2002 movie adaptation of the Philip K Dick novel, Tom Cruise plays a police officer in the LAPD “pre-crime” unit. Using the premonitions of sentient mutants called “pre-cogs”, the police are able to predict when someone is going to commit a crime before it happens, swooping down from helicopters and arresting them on the...

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Trump Has A Drone That Follows Him Around

Posted on August 4, 2017 by True Pundit Staff The U.S. Secret Service will be testing a small drone during President Donald Trump’s visit to his golf club in New Jersey in order to examine new ways to provide protection. In a document the Department of Homeland Security released Wednesday, the agency said it plans to use a small tethered unmanned aircraft system vehicle during Trump’s 17 day visit to the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., while the White House undergoes a renovation. Source ******** ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: The Daily Caller News Foundation received a statement from the U.S. Secret Service...

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A Corrupted iCon, CYBER OMNISCIENCE, Deep Artificial Neural Networks

Post Gathered by Carol Ray / Michael Nunnally (Sir_Templar) 8/5/17 ******* A Corrupted iCon: A Life Lost in 2035 Walking briskly from the Global Neuroware Kiosk, Eve smiled up at the warm sun and excitedly inhaled the precisely maintained 72.1°F fresh Montana air. Eve loved the temperature her conurbation had almost unanimously chosen during the winter climate balloting. She quickly blinked her eyes to the upper left quadrant of her vision grid to signal her iNeu implant that she wanted to establish connection with her boyfriend. She had big news to tell. “Hello?,” came an inquisitive voice over Eve’s...

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