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Bureau of Land Mgmt takes TWO BIG HITS: Possible UNSEALING Bundy Docs and Wooten Report

Bureau of Land Mgmt takes TWO BIG HITS: Possible UNSEALING BUNDY Docs and Rep. Matt Shea Exposes Bureau of Land Management Atrocities, Wooten Communication Report US District Judge Gloria Navarro Two days after a federal judge suggested the possibility of a mistrial in the Bunkerville standoff case, the Las Vegas Review-Journal and a group of Nevada newspapers filed a motion to unseal trial documents discussed behind closed courtroom doors. ‘There is insufficient basis to maintain certain motions and transcripts under seal in this case and to continue to close hearings to the public,” the motion filed Wednesday evening states. “Secret...

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Is Spending Time on Facebook Bad for Us?

Is Spending Time on Facebook Bad for Us? This is the question we have explored after reading the article… Facebook just admitted that using Facebook can be bad for you Facebook’s director of research David Ginsberg and research scientist Moira Burke published a post in which they addressed questions about the impact Facebook has on our moods, and revealed some compelling information. “University of Michigan students randomly assigned to read Facebook for 10 minutes were in a worse mood at the end of the day than students assigned to post or talk to friends on Facebook,” the blog post said. “A...

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Omar Ashmawy, OCE chief, accused of Assaulting Women and Abusing Position

US Capitol Hill Ethics chief, Omar Ashmawy, accused of Physically and Verbally Assaulting Women and Abusing Position in Civil Suit A key official involved in House investigations faces a federal lawsuit alleging misconduct. Our ongoing series into congressional ethics violations reaches new heights with this week’s feature on Omar Seifeldin Ashmawy, 40, the staff director and chief counsel of the Office of Congressional Ethics.  Mr. Ashmawy was born and raised in New Jersey to immigrant parents from Egypt (father) and Italy (mother). His mother was Catholic, but he was reared in his father’s faith tradition and grew up as a practicing Muslim. Omar Ashmawy attended George...

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Who is FBI’s Bill Priestap and Why Is He Important?

Bill Priestap, and as we have learned – it’s best to also review an individuals spouse while we’re at it. First, Let’s get a little background information on Bill Priestap [1] 12/2015 – FBI Director James B. Comey named E.W. “Bill” Priestap as the assistant director of the Counterintelligence Division at FBI Headquarters (FBIHQ) in Washington, D.C. Mr. Priestap most recently served as the deputy assistant director of the Intelligence Operations Branch in the Directorate of Intelligence at FBIHQ. 6/2017 – Congress hears sinister tale of Russia election meddling A sinister portrait of Russia’s cyberattacks on the U.S. emerged...

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FBI’s Telecommunications Intercept and Collection Technology Unit

The Telecommunications Intercept and Collection Technology Unit is part of the Electronic Surveillance Technology Section of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Its primary function is performing surveillance of U.S. citizens.   TICTU is part of the Electronic Surveillance Technology Section (ESTS) of the FBI. Its primary function is performing surveillance of U.S. citizens. TICTU is in charge of operating and maintaining DCSNet, and performs millions of domestic wiretaps each year. As the number two leader in counterintelligence, Peter Strzok would have had access to TICTU and TICTU surveillance material. TICTU, under last two regimes, has been funded and ramped...

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Wells Fargo Motto – Who Says Crime Doesn’t Pay?

Wells Fargo May Be Hit With “Repeat Offender” Formal Enforcement Action It’s beginning to seem like every day there’s a new scandal breaking out at Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo has been in the news for years with scandal after scandal and it makes you think about the how many times you speed while driving before you are caught and get a ticket. Trump: CFPB not dropping penalties against Wells Fargo, bank will be fined for mortgage issues [1] Wells Fargo wants to control the huge and profitable housing industry in the U.S. Sheri Daniel  @sherigreatfalls Currently Wells Fargo already...

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Three Bubbles/Strikes and You’re Out

Posted on December 12, 2017 by Charles Hugh Smith WashingtonsBlog The conventional investment wisdom holds that central banks will never let markets decline. This is an interesting belief, given that two previous asset bubbles based on central bank “easy money” both imploded, impoverishing believers in central bank omnipotence. So perhaps we can say that the conventional investment wisdom holds that any asset bubble that bursts will quickly be reflated into an even more extreme asset bubble. That’s certainly been the history of the past 17 years. But there’s a case to be made that bubbles are like strikes, and you only...

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The White Hats are WINNING

White Hats understand the Art of War I’ve been asked to do a thread about the FBI, Flynn, and other current events, so lets gets started. Where to begin? there is a heck of a lot to cover. So, lets begin at the beginning. By: name [email protected] No one expected PDJT (Donald Trump) to win. The media, left, and pollsters all counted him out. Fast forward to when Hillary’s email case broke. They realized they might have a problem but thought they had it well in hand. Let’s look at that – why was Hillary (HRC) so confident she...

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Will McCabe Retire and Strzok Resign?

  IF MCABE RETIRES & STRZOK RESIGNS, THEY CAN PLEAD THE FIFTH TO CONGRESS…   …however, they can’t testify to a Grand Jury or in a prosecution because they would be subject to cross examination. So where would a retirement and resignation leave Mueller?   WHO is FBI’s Deputy Director – Andrew McCabe Andrew McCabe Timeline: 1990 – Graduated from Duke University and then obtained a law degree from Washington University in St. Louis. He practiced privately for three years before joining the FBI. 1996 – Joined the FBI, focusing on organized crime in the New York City office....

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CFPB – DEMs $Five BILLION Dollar Slush Fund?

The latest update from the once, largely unknown Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB),  includes new revelations from a consultant who worked with CFPB on its Civil Penalty Fund. This individual claims the organization funneled a large portion of over $5 billion in collected penalties to “community organizers aligned with Democrats” as part of a giant slush fund. CFPB was the brainchild of Senator Elizabeth Warren and was inserted into the Dodd Frank bill before it was passed. The legislation was ironically meant to reform the financial sector and protect the public from predatory and dangerous practices.  The Hill shared: The...

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STAND WITH THE PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT: DONALD J TRUMP Written by AmiTiel on Dec. 10, 2017 As we near the end of another year, I am looking around to see where our world, our country, our society has shifted to since President Trump was elected.  Last year, the constitution and founding documents were mere scraps of discarded pages of no value to the majority of our congressional representatives.  Statements like “We have to pass it to read it” and “It doesn’t matter if it’s not good for all, It’s good for some” left many rallying to take back our governments’...

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Are Israel and the US intertwined?

Are Israel and the US Intertwined?? Here is a list of dates on which there were important events related to Israel along with natural disasters affecting the United States.  Some disasters appear to be chalked up to “coincidence”.  While others may relate to God’s promise to bless those who bless Israel but curse those who slight Israel.  But whichever way you lean, the implication is that the U.S. and Israel are intertwined. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  Psalm 122:6  MAJOR EVENTS Relating to Israel’s Covenant Land and US natural disasters   October 30, 1991 : October 31, 1991 Madrid Peace Conference...

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What Is Money? (Yes, We’re Talking About Bitcoin)

Posted on December 7, 2017 by Charles Hugh Smith WashingtonsBlog What is money? We all assume we know, because money is a commonplace feature of everyday life. Money is what we earn and exchange for goods and services. Everyone thinks the money they’re familiar with is the only possible system of money—until they run across an entirely different system of money. Then they realize money is a social construct, a confluence of social consensus and political force– what we agree to use as money, and what our government mandates we use as money under threat of punishment. We assume that our...

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Charlottesville Beyond the Lee Statue

Posted on December 7, 2017 by DavidSwanson WashingtonsBlog If you haven’t seen Charlottesville on the news lately, you should know that the Lee Statue and the Jackson Statue still stand, covered with enormous black garbage bags so that nobody can see them, but everybody can know there’s something ugly there. The state of Virginia forbids localities from removing any war memorials whatsoever, at least if you apply laws retroactively and have no courage. Nobody has made any move to repeal that state restriction, principally because nobody wants to make any sort of move against war memorials, and only half...

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Will Comey Lose His Immunity Deal?

James Comey, a lawyer, served as the seventh Director of the FBI from 2013 until May 9th, 2017, when he was dismissed by President Trump. Comey’s earlier career includes acting as deputy special counsel to the Senate Whitewater Committee and taking over the investigation into President Bill Clinton’s controversial pardon of Marc Rich, both potential conflicts with Hillary Clinton in Obama’s administration. He appointed Patrick Fitzgerald to be the Special Counsel to head the grand jury investigation into the Valerie Plame affair and led the prosecution of three men involved in one of the largest identity fraud cases in...

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Trump’s potential Jerusalem move of US Embassy faces chorus of opposition

President Trump faces chorus of opposition over potential US embassy move to Jerusalem THE WAIVER DEADLINE TO DELAY THE MOVE EXPIRED MONDAY NIGHT. Jerusalem is holy to three religions – Jewish, Christian, Muslim.  Jerusalem is a right in the middle of an ongoing conflict dated back centuries even though the UN attempted a resolution decades ago that wasn’t accepted by the Muslim religion.  Until the Jerusalem question is resolved, the smallest wrong move there could set off a religious war. For Jews, Jerusalem is where their Temple – the home of their one god – stood, in its various incarnations. For...

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Hillary Emails, the McCabe’s and Who is Peter Strzok?

Timeline: Hillary server details exposed to the public. Jill McCabe was asked to run for the Senate around that time. Andrew and Jill McCabe meet with Democrats about donations. Hillary makes appearance to raise money for Jill.  Andrew McCabe gets a promotion. Andrew’s promotion entitles Andrew to work personally on email case. Since we looked all over and couldn’t find a picture of Peter Strzok…?? Nothing is as it seems… Jill McCabe, wife of deputy director of FBI Andrew McCabe, was asked to run for senate right around when Hillary’s email server news was made public. See page 70....

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Q’s Que of Queries, Quandaries & Quagmires – PART 5 cont.

Q’s Que of Queries, Quandaries & Quagmires – PART 5 cont. Q, the viral phenomenon, has been dropping breadcrumbs for weeks for those of us that follow.  Here they are for you to follow too. Whether Q is a NSA operative, Ex-WH official or a politically savvy teenager, some points are self explanatory while others are there to make you think. This is an ongoing thread   See follow up posts for continuation.  This is Part 5 from Nov 25 to Nov 30.  Here is Part 1.  Here is Part 2. Here is Part 3. Here is Part 4. 11/25/17 (Sat) 21:54:45 Test Test 4Chan infiltrated. Future posts will...

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Michael Flynn Scandal Fictitious and Contrived?

by State of the Nation ABC Admits To Publishing FAKE NEWS! Corrects False Story About Michael Flynn ABC Makes “Epic Mistake”, Retracts Bombshell Flynn Story Having caused chaos in financial markets briefly, set the liberal media on fire with ‘I told you so’s, and sparked a renewed round of #ImpeachTrump demands, ABC News issued a ‘clarification’ to their bombshell Flynn report that not only negates the entire story but provides President Trump with another round of ammunition to fire against the ‘fake news’ media. Critically, ABC News reports, correcting their earlier report, that Michael Flynn is prepared to testify that Donald Trump directed him...

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Jeffery Epstein and Little St. James Island back in the Spotlight – Part 1

  Little Saint James is an island within the United States Virgin Islands. For reference, this is the island from a further outside perspectives. [1]                                                                                                                                     In 1998, the owner of the island was listed as private by the Unified Watershed Assessment Report, prepared by the Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources and the United States Department of Agriculture....

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