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ANWR: Drilling Down on the Black Gold FINALLY

Recently we heard President Trump mention ANWR during one of his rallies. We KNOW getting that legislation passed was monumental, as it’s sat in LIMBO for 50 YEARS. Since we KNOW it was approved to be opened up for drilling in late 2017, WHERE DOES IT ALL STAND TODAY? Sec. Zinke listed the ANWR drilling as a ‘National Security Issue’, and that’s the language used in the Senate Bill that it was passed under. THAT RIGHT THERE GUARANTEE’S THE DRILLING WILL OPEN UP SOON. Summary by Lisa Evans Rockwell

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Will General Flynn Embarrass the Intelligence Community?

General Mike Flynn-centric timeline. The progression of events is fascinating to isolate. By: Nick Weil‏@nick_weil [1]   Sep. 2003 – McChrystal becomes JSOC commander. Flynn is intelligence chief. They reform the way units use intel. Putting it on the front lines. Jan. 2010 – Flynn releases paper called “Fixing Intel” all about integrating intel. Published by a think tank while Flynn is in Afghanistan.     July 2010 – Rolling Stone article where McChrystal seems to mock Obama and aides. McChrystal resigns. July 25, 2012 – Flynn made DIA. Clapper hints that its a “put-up-or-shut-up” promotion. Doesn’t like that...

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Eliahi Priest – Part 6 – The Crime of the Century and other updates

Latest videos by Eliahi Priest and The Crime of the Century   Eliahi Priest – InsigniaGate, the CIA, and the 5 Star Trust, an Interview by Brendan D Murphy & Trooth Tellers: Lord Blackheath makes an appearance via Telephone. Here we get a look at Eliahi Priest’s history and genius:   And a video By Eliahi Priest and NateMaxLive with Isaac Kappy and Fiona Barnett   The Crime of the Century                         Source – InsigniaGate Mega Download / Key Documents / The Crime of the Century...

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More than 60 World Wide RESIGNATIONS for the Week of 9/10- 9/15

4700+ world wide resignations since around the time POTUS signed the Executive Order (Dec 2017) about the seizing assets of serious human rights violations and human trafficking. We need to realize not everyone on the master list have nefarious reasons for resigning. Some retirements and others changing positions are included. But just this week 60+ resignations were tendered….

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OIG Audit – SSA (Social Security Administration) and their RAMPANT Fraud, Waste and Theft

We have Illegals, Prisoners and Dead people collecting Hundreds of Millions in Benefits yearly, ILLEGALLY. We all know the SS Trust Fund, which at one time held over 3 Trillion dollars, has been robbed by Politicians FOR YEARS. Couple that with the rampant the Fraud, Waste and Theft occurring in every Dept within the SSA. Compiled by Lisa Evans Rockwell

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Manafort just agreed to testify in ALL government investigations without ANY lawyers and participate in undercover ops!!!! Also, today’s documents proved that the Podesta group KNEW they were working on behalf of the Ukraine which contradicts what they said when they retroactively registered with FARA claiming that Manafort tricked them. Checkmate! Shared by Mac E Morris and Ann Rose Laurence

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JTFMAGA and Report for the President Websites – Things Don’t Add Up

Could someone please reconcile the following items in this thread? Former Intelligence agents are involved so it might not be surprising that things don’t add up; but really, this should not be difficult. By: Kev Dude‏ @KKNoMates [1] @JackPosobiec @mitchellvii @annvandersteel First, please put aside whether JTFMAGA wishes to charge for access to their documents or any other controversy that has arisen from the launch of; we just need a few very simple things cleared up. Report for the President: CORROBORATED EVIDENCE AND TESTIMONIES PROVING THE TRUTH BEYOND ANY DISPUTE [2]. Let’s start with a tweet by Jack Posobiec back in March 2018,...

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Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Site lists for Region II (Carolina’s, Georgia & Virginia included in Region II)

NRC Site lists for Region II (Carolina’s Georgia & Virginia included in Region II) NORTH CAROLINA OPERATING NUCLEAR REACTORS Brunswick 1 Location: Southport, NC (30 miles S of Wilmington, NC) in Region II Operator: Duke Energy Progress, LLC Operating License: Issued – 09/08/1976 Renewed License: Issued – 06/26/2006 License Expires: 09/08/2036 Docket Number: 05000325 Reactor Type: Boiling Water Reactor Licensed MWt: 2,923 Reactor Vendor/Type: General Electric Type 4 Containment Type: Wet, Mark I Brunswick 2 Location: Southport, NC (30 miles S of Wilmington, NC) in Region II Operator: Duke Energy Progress, LLC Operating License: Issued – 12/27/1974 Renewed License: Issued –...

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“There is a lot more to this than you realize. Think ‘collective’ attacks v. ‘Q’ ” Q By: TheSharpEdge‏ @TheSharpEdge1 [1] Special thanks to @TheSpeaker2018 for graphics. [2] #Qanon #MAGA #WWG1WGA #Trump #potus #PatriotsFight #AlexJones #infowars #MOSmedia Alex Jones became the highlight of trending topics last week following Twitter’s permanent ban of Jones in response to his ambush of Jack Dorsey during hearings on Capitol Hill, to which Q posted this stating that there’s much more to the story than meets the eye.     In response to Q’s post an anon summarized it this way: attacks against the Mossad-backed...

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VOTER FRAUD: The Consent Decree

A quick History Lesson so some can further understand everything being done to eradicate the Voter Fraud.
Back in 1981 the DNC filed a lawsuit against the RNC over a Gov race in NJ.
The DNC was accusing them of violating the Voting Rights Act of 1965, 1971, 1973, and the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States. By Lisa Evans Rockwell

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The Corsini family are a top bloodline of the Black Nobility that originated in Florence. They have connections with the Vatican and palaces in Rome as well as family branches all over the world. They are the top owners of the Corsican Mafia along with the Medici and Bonaparte families. They also have a portion of ownership over the Baltimore crime family in Maryland originally built up by the Corbi family.

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What is Adrenochrome and why do some ‘sell their soul’ for it?

What is Adrenochrome Andrenochrome is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C9H9NO3 (alternatively called Neuromelanin) produced by the oxidation of adrenaline (epinephrine). Extraction It is widely believed in conspiracy theory circles that the adrenaline needed to properly synthesize Adrenochrome for the elites, is harvested through the experience of terrifying individuals to the brink of fear/insanity. An example of such an extraction, is shown through the subliminal scene in “Maze Runner: The Death Cure”. In which the character ‘Minho’ is implanted with a virtual/false reality of being chased by huge spider like monster (A ‘Griever’). In this short scene,...

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History Lesson: from Payseur Family to Holy See thru Differences in Common and Maritime Laws

Meet the Payseur Family—Bloodline of the French Monarchs. One thing is for certain, they OWN a FORTUNE in stock! And the list of trustees and ownership was only disclosed because of a lawsuit—the only event that can lawfully bring a government institution into a private Trust jurisdiction. The Payseur family were the Trojan Horse. Lewis Cass Payseur, the only son of Marie Antoinette & Louis XVI, was under the protection of King George III! Compiled by T. Benjamin

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WHO IS FIONA HILL and Could She be THE Mystery Writer??

Many of you have read the seditious New York Times Op-Ed piece. For those that haven’t, it describes President Trump as “misguided, impulsive, unstable, erratic, ill-informed and anti-democratic”, as well as “impetuous, adversarial, petty and ineffective.” It goes on to say “that other administration officials are quietly defying him to minimize the damage he is doing to the country.”
There is immense speculation into the author of the piece. Including betting on who wrote it. Many have hinted that the writer is a “she”. To that premise, a highly regarded researcher has compiled a solid theory with supporting documents that lead to a probable conclusion to the identity mystery. Follow us to the end of the piece and watch a bit of lagniappe involving the VP…..

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First Family by Dr. Barry L. Wingard PhD


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