OIG Audit – SSA (Social Security Administration) and their RAMPANT Fraud, Waste and Theft

We have Illegals, Prisoners and Dead people collecting Hundreds of Millions in Benefits yearly, ILLEGALLY. We all know the SS Trust Fund, which at one time held over 3 Trillion dollars, has been robbed by Politicians FOR YEARS. Couple that with the rampant the Fraud, Waste and Theft occurring in every Dept within the SSA. Compiled by Lisa Evans Rockwell

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Manafort just agreed to testify in ALL government investigations without ANY lawyers and participate in undercover ops!!!! Also, today’s documents proved that the Podesta group KNEW they were working on behalf of the Ukraine which contradicts what they said when they retroactively registered with FARA claiming that Manafort tricked them. Checkmate! Shared by Mac E Morris and Ann Rose Laurence

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The Corsini family are a top bloodline of the Black Nobility that originated in Florence. They have connections with the Vatican and palaces in Rome as well as family branches all over the world. They are the top owners of the Corsican Mafia along with the Medici and Bonaparte families. They also have a portion of ownership over the Baltimore crime family in Maryland originally built up by the Corbi family.

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First Family by Dr. Barry L. Wingard PhD


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