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Q Posts April 25, 2018 What Would Happen?

  by @prayingmedic [1] This is my thread for posts beginning April 25th, 2018. Q posts can be found here: qanonmap.bitbucket.io qanon.pub My theme: What Would Happen? Qanon posted this about Lt. General Paul Nakasone. He’s been vetted and he can be trusted. Why is it important? MAGA It’s important because the Senate just confirmed General Nakasone as Admiral Roger’s replacement at NSA. The General was formerly head of Cyber Command. He will now wear both [white] hats. [2]   With all the traitors in the intelligence community, people are nervous about personnel changes. Intel is important and Qanon...

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The White Hats are WINNING

White Hats understand the Art of War I’ve been asked to do a thread about the FBI, Flynn, and other current events, so lets gets started. Where to begin? there is a heck of a lot to cover. So, lets begin at the beginning. By: name [email protected] No one expected PDJT (Donald Trump) to win. The media, left, and pollsters all counted him out. Fast forward to when Hillary’s email case broke. They realized they might have a problem but thought they had it well in hand. Let’s look at that – why was Hillary (HRC) so confident she...

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