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Did McCabe Set Michael Flynn Up For Russia Hoax?

Flynn Was Witness To McCabe Sex Discrimination Case. This is a BIG deal, obviously. However, it is actually an even bigger deal when put into context with prior inquiry by Senator Grassley about FBI manipulating 302’s.   By: TheLastRefuge @TheLastRefuge2 [1]         [2] The current issue is Senator Grassley suspecting Andrew McCabe manipulated the FD-302 investigative notes from FBI Special Agent’s Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka, after they interviewed Mike Flynn. There is enough sketchy and contradictory information giving weight to a likelihood that Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe told FBI agents (Strzok and Pientka) to...

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NO ‘Immunity from Prosecution’ Deals for McCabe!!

New batch of Chuck Grassley letters give insight into exactly what McCabe and his Gofundme lawyer are requesting. By: Rosie Memos‏@almostjingo On 5/31 Grassley writes to Bromwich requesting the emails that they claim to have between McCabe and Comey, as neither the IG or OPR report mentioned them. On April 4,  Esq. Gofundme responds claims McCabe was not a key decision maker, says FBI prohibits sharing emails but says they were sent 10/21/16 and 10/23/16, then he plagiarizes General Flynn’s attorney and says it’s well known OIG has made a criminal referral. #NODEALS After saying the Justice Department is...

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Six Degrees to John McCain and Hillary Clinton (or less)

So Jon Solomon Reports broke some big news on Ingraham Angle tonight. We KNEW Oleg Deripaska was involved with the coup. He was the one who gave the Steele dossier to Kramer, McCain’s aid. McCain gave it to Comey hoping to F*** Donald Trump over. By: NameRedacted7‏ @NameRedacted7   But Jon put out some key details. He gave further details of Deripaska’s relationship with Fired FBI Deputy Director McCabe: in 2010-11 McCabe and two other agents approached Deripaska to help the FBI try to get Bob Levinson (note the filed Rosie found in the FBI Vault from Comey’s office items...

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OIG BOMBSHELL! Damning Correlation Between Loretta Lynch, the NY FBI, McCabe, and NYPD

OIG BOMBSHELL!! Hidden within the OIG report on McCabe’s leak to Barrett of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), is an astronomically damning correlation between Loretta Lynch (LL), the NY Field Office of the FBI, McCabe, and the NYPD. By: Tracybeanz @tracybeanz   On September 28, 2016, McCabe is made aware of the information they found regarding Hillary Clinton on Anthony Weiner’s laptop in an unrelated “sexting” case they are investigating.   McCabe learned about Clinton emails on Weiner laptop a month before FBI alerted Congress, report says Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe knew of thousands of emails related...

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