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It’s not the Emails, it’s the Corruption

Rod Rosenstein shows his snarky side under pressure and the pressure is just getting started… If you’re in the FBI or a FISA judge, you shouldn’t have a ‘relationship’. But Peter Strzok is known for having inappropriate relationships… Observations by: ɭ๏ɭค💋 @DropTha_Mic25 This is Rep Ted Deutch He is compromised by the Awan Brothers Pakistani criminal network and had Abid Awans mysterious Ukrainian wife, Nataliia (yes, thats 2 👀s) working for him. He is covering up a threat to national security and should resign. This is Rep Eric Swalwell. He is compromised by the Awan Brothers Pakistani criminal network. There’s...

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House’s Office of the Inspector General – AWANS’ “UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS” Report

House Report Concluded Pakistanis [Awans’] Made ‘Unauthorized Access’ To Congressional Servers The presentation, written by the House’s Office of the Inspector General, reported under the bold heading “UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS” that “5 shared employee system administrators have collectively logged into 15 member offices and the Democratic Caucus although they were not employed by the offices they accessed.” It found indications that a House “server is being used for nefarious purposes and elevated the risk that individuals could be reading and/or removing information” and “could be used to store documents taken from other offices.” The server was that of the House Democratic Caucus,...

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