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Obama Staged His Own 9/11 That Nobody Suspected

The BP Gulf oil spill was quite purposefully carried out as a classic “shock and awe” terror event. Not only the GOM coastal communities, but the whole Deep South was deeply traumatized by this stealthy terrorist attack. The entire nation was held in thrall by the daily developments as the blown-out well gushed hydrocarbon effluent for 87 days. Obama was completely right when he said that the ginormous oil spill was “America’s environmental 9/11”.

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Are Standard Hotel, Obama, Schiff and Soros Connected?

Recently David Hogg shared a gun-control flyer, financed by the Standard Hotel chain: And we can’t forget the alleged connection to Adam Schiff… What’s up at the Standard Hotel? Let’s look shall we? First, we have been hearing in the news about a helicopter crash at Newport Beach where three people died so let’s look at the victims names and their hotels… By:  Lexie @xolexieox Three dead after helicopter crashes into Newport Beach home: ‘You just knew something horrible had happened’ A helicopter crashed into a Newport Beach home Tuesday, killing three people and injuring two others, authorities said....

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