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How Extensive is BRENNAN / DEEP STATE Corruption??

How Extensive is BRENNAN / DEEP STATE Corruption?? Powers and Brennan Could Face a FEDERAL Investigation Over Threats Against Trump Obama’s former CIA Director John Brennan and his former U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power both tweeted out ominous threats at Trump after the firing of disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. The question now is what does Brennan know? And where did he get the information that allows him to confidently threaten a sitting president with “disgrace” and a place “in the dustbin of history?” Brennan’s tweet took on an even more ominous tone after Power later tag-teamed it...

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Benghazi Truths: Al Qaeda, ISIS and Arms

The TRUTH About BENGHAZI by: Imperator_Rex‏ @Imperator_Rex3 1. The truth about #Benghazi – the Obama administration was knowingly running weapons to ISIS & Al-Qaeda jihadist in Syria via Libya, a direct contravention of the UN arms embargo in place at the time. [1][2] 2. The CIA annex in Benghazi was designed for that specific purpose. They would receive arms shipments there and then covertly distribute them around the region. Arming AQ & ISIS was part of Obama’s disastrous Syrian policy. SOS? Hillary Clinton. What a duo they turned out to be. 3. A group of Libya based jihadists chose Sept...

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Judge Orders State Dept to Search Clinton Aide Emails

Published on Aug 11, 2017 Judicial Watch Senior Attorney Ramona Cotca was interviewed by One America News Network about Judicial Watch’s latest court victory in our ongoing effort to uncover the truth about Benghazi. An Obama-appointed judge actually ended up deciding in Judicial Watch’s favor, ruling that the State Department must conduct a thorough search of its records — which it still hasn’t done after nearly five years. When she was asked why the State Department had failed to even search its own email server or the email accounts of Hillary Clinton’s closest aides for info on the Benghazi...

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