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‘Russia-Trump Collusion’ Hoax: The Ongoing Democratic Party Crime Spree Exposes Deep State As An International Crime Syndicate   Posted on January 27, 2018 by State of the Nation “What you are seeing is unparalleled criminal abuse of prosecutorial and investigative powers by the DOJ and FBI, respectively.  Countless Deep State co-conspirators are actually carrying out a soft coup which could easily turn into a violent coup d’état should their malicious prosecutions fail.” — Independent Political Analyst If nothing else, the Democratic Party has shown the whole world that they are totally lawless and corrupt to the core.  In so doing the Democratic leadership has...

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The Circle of Filth & The Dossier that Ties it all Together

The Circle of Filth & The Dossier that Ties it all Together Thread Link 1. Rand Paul doesn’t make sweeping, bold statements. He is measured, in fact too measured. After his “altercation” wherein he suffered several broken ribs he made only statements when the rest of us would’ve been crying bloody murder. But he said this 2. Trump who does make bold statements, will periodically telegraph facts that appear fantastical because he seldom gets into details. We learn about the veracity of this statements only in retrospect. 3. Obama’s relationship to the circle of filth appears to be multilevel,...

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Who is Omar Amanat: Asset Turned Liability? – Part 1

What many now know about Amanat is he is an American born Muslim of Indian Muslim immigrants and the first cousin of Huma Abedin recently convicted of defrauding investors a recent venture. One of his many ventures. By: Annie!Webber‏ @awebberaz Omar Sharif Amanat is an American entrepreneur, film producer, and investor in media, technology and hospitality companies including Aman Resorts (ARGL), which has 31 hotels in 20 countries, where Amanat was co-founder and chairman. He is the first cousin of Hillary Clinton’s long-serving aide Huma Abedin. He was convicted of defrauding KIT Digital investors in December 2017. Amanat was educated...

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