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DOJ IG Thread – Clinton’s, Clinton Foundation, and Trump – Part 3

DOJ IG Report – Part 3 By: Ben Jammin 🇺🇸‏ @xBenJamminx   Let’s see what I missed first time around. (I’m bouncing around the report, not reading straight through…. ADHD) #IGReport Sally Yates didn’t want the “agents involved in the Clinton Foundation investigation” (Not the server or emails, What happened to this investigation?), “to take no overt investigative steps prior to the election”. Would make sense (if she were actually non-biased).     Comey said “different instructions given to the MidYear investigation and the Clinton Foundation investigation”. 🤔 “we had told the world, we the DOJ and FBI that there...

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DOJ IG Thread – Strzok, Clinton, and Trump – Part 1

DOJ IG Thread – Strzok Clinton Trump I’m just going to thread what I find here. Follow along if you’d like.   By: Ben Jammin 🇺🇸‏@xBenJamminx [1]     Comey didn’t require any witnesses to testify in front of the grand jury.   This was already known but they allowed Clinton aides to attend the interview even though they were FACT WITNESSED. Only way to exclude was to subpoena Clinton to appear before a grand jury.. WELL THAT’S THEIR JOB. “inconsistent with typical investigative strategy”     “Did not seek to obtain every device, including those of Clinton’s senior...

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Obama’s White House Archive is a Treasure Trove

Oh dear… This Obama White House Archive is a treasure trove. Bilaterial Presidential Commission (Obama and Medvedev/Putin) “Clinton and Foreign Minister Lavrov will coordinate” Nuclear Energy Working Group – Sergei Kriyenko, head of Rosatom. UraniumOne is not a conspiracy theory. By: Lycaon‏ @Cynacin [1]       Just a recap — Rosatom is the parent company of ARMZ, the company that purchased UraniumOne. What was Clinton’s excuse again??? She didn’t know? Wasn’t involved? [2] Liar, liar, pants on fire… 👖🔥 Bill Clinton accepted half a million dollars from a Russian Investment bank whose senior officers include former FSB personnel and...

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The Significance of June 27, 2016: Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Date

Too many coincidences all tied together that day, yet journalists still fail to tie them together. By: Larry Beech‏ @Larry_Beech [1]   Let’s start with Friday June 24, 2016. John Podesta meets with Claire McCombs (Chief of Staff to White House counsel) at the White House at 2pm. At the exact same moment, Obama is at Stanford with Mark Zuckerberg. That same day (June 24th), Podesta schedules another appointment for Monday June 27th. That appointment also included Robby Mook and Thomas Donolin and was scheduled to meet at the Vice Presidents residence.   So on Monday June 27, 2016, John...

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Paul G. Allen and the Clinton Foundation Funky Financials

Dear Friends, it’s time to cover some items I’ve been adding, for quite some time to my check list. Clinton Foundation funky financials. By: !Annie!Webber!‏ @909946zil Was the total $11.9 Million in payables, such payables & credit lines with no reported interested or fees, the beginning of the money laundering through CF? Why an unsecured credit line with Titanium Acquisition Corporation? [1] Why is the balance due the exact amount as the line of credit? Why would PA extend such a credit line? Does he sincerely believe the false statement that the funds would be paid back when Clinton won...

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