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“After More Than A Year Of Wins In Office, Can Progressives Finally Admit Why They Hate Donald Trump?”

“After More Than A Year Of Wins In Office, Can Progressives Finally Admit Why They Hate Donald Trump?” If you are against Donald Trump, at this point, this is who you’re aligned with: 1) Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Dutch Royal Shell, The Bank of England and the other owners of our Federal Reserve, who supported Hillary, and who don’t like Trump because he understands that private banks lending our money to us – at interest – securitized by treasury bonds, is a scam. 2) A Pope who protected (failed to prosecute) hundreds of institutional child molesters, and who...

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Factors contributing to the California Exodus

Going back to Cali has changed to Fleeing from Cali By Peter Huxley California enjoyed a lot of demand for people to live there because the rest of the country a) had been deindustrialized, and b) was shoring-up high California taxes, reimbursed by federal bursars. Take those away, and add business-unfriendly tax policies, and family-unfriendly social trends, and whaddaya got? An exodus the likes of which the country has never seen. Starting with corporations. If they leave, the jobs leave, the value of real-estate flatlines, and other people will worry their assets will lose still more value – and...

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UK Government “NERVE AGENT” Claims unraveling by the hour

UK Government “NERVE AGENT” Claims unraveling by the hour By John White [1] Quiet climb down from “War with Russia” Hysteria. UK is now complying with Convention on Chemical Weapons. OPCW inspectors now in the country, Independent investigation underway. Since March 4th and the discovery of former Russian double-agent Sergei Skripal, and his daughter Yulia, foaming at the mouth and twitching on a bench in the English city of Salisbury, Britain has been gripped by mounting and alarmist hysteria pointing the finger at Russia: and Vladamir Putin. In highly charged scenes in Parliament on March 15th, Labour Leader Jeremy...

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Do we REALLY want a Internet Bill of Rights OR Not?

Do We Need An Internet Bill of Rights (IBOR) or Would A Landmark (e.g. ‘ Schenck v. United States’) Legal Case Fix Privacy And Censorship On the Internet? by:  Peter Huxley … But my thinking has changed a little. I thought about who would be writing it. I am not *against* an Internet Bill of Rights; if it were proposed – seriously – I’d support it, if it were anything like what AT&T has suggested. But do we want/need a second Bill of Rights to detract from the first, or would a landmark case or two – together with...

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