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OIG Report Summarization and Points of Interest: Questions Still Remain

There are a lot of people who really, really know what’s going on. And I’m not talking about low-level folks. I’m talking about at least “39 senior FBI executives!” They all know what’s on Anthony Weiner’s laptop computer. Some have seen it. Others have heard about it. Scores more know. The 39 senior FBI executives who participated in a September 28, 2016 teleconference to discuss this Weiner investigation seems normal after all, according to page 277 of the OIG report. And FBI investigators discovered 675,000 emails on Weiner’s laptop computer. This 675,000 number (see page 295) had ballooned from what I initially thought a whopping 350,000 emails!

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Blog Post: IGNORING the EVILS of the PAST

IGNORING the EVILS of the PAST Blog Post Written by William LaSalle [1] Ignoring the evil of the past gave us the Democrat Hate Group, the EU, today’s Middle East, today’s Pope, and the United Nations. RamaDamn – when lunatic Muslims get to kill more Jews and Christians then they usually kill. The Treason of our Federal Agencies and Politicians is not 2,500 stories, it is only one story. Democrats and Liberals are criminally insane. The nations with Socialism, Communism, and Islamic Law have Dictators that work in the interest of the Dictator and not the people of the...

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Back Channel 17 and Suzie Dawson: Double Whammy Clown attack on Q-Anon?

Back Channel 17 and Suzie Dawson: Double Whammy Clown attack on Q-Anon? Written by: John White   May 30 at 10:30am   Julian Assange, Wikileaks and Q-Anon.Are claims real, or distraction? Recently both a regular Wikileaks contributor, Suzie Dawson, (quoted by the Wikileaks twitter account), and the Backchannel 17 Twitter account (now taken down, apparently by their own choice) have made fresh attempts to “debunk” Q-Anon, in the case of Dawson, or claim to be Julian Assange, in the case of Backchannel 17, both narratives that attack and undermine Q-Anon. It is unclear what Julian Assange’s position is on what...

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Tommy is in Trouble: How the UK State is Handling the Blowback.

International pressure seeing through the media spin recognizing the fundamental free society and human rights issue this is are helping both Tommy Robinson and the people of Britain enormously. The media deleted articles to comply with the government but our constant activism has broken their will. But what matters now is this means the issue is forced onto the political agenda.

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