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Q Alert Follow up for April 17, 2018

#QAlert 4/17/18 Posts   By: [intheMatrix]‏ @intheMatrixxx   #QAlert 4/17/18 Posts 1169-1171 RR. Boom.BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM!!!!!Anon “Good morning #DoitQ big day for me got interviews first time in over a year heres hoping!” Q “Good luck & God Bless!” *** #QAlert 4/17/18 Posts 1172 Anon “GOOD MORNING Q” Q “WRAYs of LIGHT.” #QAlert 4/17/18 Posts 1173 Anon Made a graphic based on another anon’s catch. Q responds BDT & DEFCON. Direct. Q #QAlert 4/17/18 Posts with BDT and DEFCON. BDT= Bangladeshi NYC Terror Attack. DEFON = Hawaii Missile Alert Warning #QAlert 4/17/18 No Name hospitalized? Under cover of health...

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Haiti and USAID – Clinton Foundation Slush Funds?

WikiLeaks – Hillary Clinton Email Archive “USAID is nothing more than a slush fund for the State Department to as they please.” In Haiti, years after the earthquake, where did the money go? Back in January 2016, there were reports that the FBI, based on emails recovered during the investigation of the Clinton email scandal, had opened a “public corruption” investigation on the Clinton Foundation.

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First Family by Dr. Barry L. Wingard PhD


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