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LeBron James – Major Investor in Blaze Pizza and its connections?

Is now a good time to bring up LeBron James being a major investor in Blaze Pizza?⛹️🍕 By: ᴅʀ_ϙᴜɪɢʟᴇʏ⍟ @CarrollQuigley1 Just a little pizza franchise not #PizzaGate or… It’s just a little pizza chain from California where he will now be losing NBA championships for the Lakers every year. Let’s just see where this goes… Okay, Blaze is pretty big so I will just take a look at a few other notable investors. The Govenator’s wife & Kennedy Royalty Maria Shriver. Bill Cosby & Roseanne’s former producer Thomas Werner. We could go on all day with Shriver & her...

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