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Thoughts on a Taboo Subject: Race

By: Duncan Smith Here’s some thoughts on a taboo subject, race. Everyone has (usually very strong) opinions on it, yet not a lot of people have taken the time to think about it. Nor is it something that is openly discussed because: 1) It’s generally an uncomfortable topic,  2) You can lose your job or friendships very easily if you get called the r-word (Racist). Which that itself is interesting because if you ask ten people what ‘racism’ means, you will get ten different answers. Usually what can be agreed upon is racism involves either HATE (advocating for violence...

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TRUthMAchine Exclusive – NFL / NBA / Population Stats

TRUthMAchine Exclusively for American Digital News!!!    Sept 28, 2017 WOW — EYEOPENER RESEARCH INFORMATION — U.S. STATISTICS: NFL / NBA Blacks to Whites percentages, U.S. Population (Black, White, Hispanic); Migrants / Immigrants population; Hispanic and Migrants / Immigrants fastest growing U.S. population; Whites will be minority race by 2050; and U.S. Languages: NFL (2014) — The average number of black players in the National Football League is approximately 70 percent. There are representations of almost every race in the NFL, but African-American’s make up the largest percentage. NBA (2014) — Black players represent an astounding 68.9% of the...

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