Large Hadron Collider – Cern, Switzerland

Founded: September 29, 1954 (It’s Not New!) The European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN, is a European research organization that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. CERN is an official United Nations Observer. ***************** ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Did CERN Suck us into a Virtual Matrix & Are we in Purgatory right now? The Evidence By: Leak Project  Published on Jun 25, 2017 Amazing Custom Artwork by Brady Shally Video Source *** Accelerating science About CERN What is the universe made of? How did it start? Physicists at CERN are seeking answers, using some of the...

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Newfound particle relies on its charm(s)

By Emily Conover 12:23pm, July 7, 2017 LUCKY CHARM  Scientists with the LHCb experiment near Geneva have found a new particle (illustrated) that has two heavy quarks, known as charm quarks, and one up quark. A newly discovered particle is dishing out a double dose of charm. The newcomer is a baryon, meaning that it’s composed of three smaller particles called quarks — in this case, two “charm” quarks and one “up” quark. Detected by the LHCb experiment at CERN, the European physics laboratory near Geneva, the baryon is the first to be discovered with two charm quarks, LHCb...

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