Was CFPB A Money-Laundering ATM with NO OVERSIGHT?

“The [Consumer Financial Protection] Bureau is far too powerful, with precious little oversight of its activities,” CFPB acting director Mick Mulvaney said in a statement Monday. “The power wielded by the Director of the Bureau could all too easily be used to harm consumers, destroy businesses, or arbitrarily remake American financial markets.” The CFPB appears tyrannical in that it appears to accumulate “legislative, executive, and judiciary, [powers] in the same hands”.

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Is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau MONEY LAUNDERING??

Let’s dig deeper into the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and see WHY certain politicians are desperate to keep it hidden.   Let’s review some of CFPB’s financials to see why these politicians are so personally involved. July 2016 CFPB Fact Sheet  HOW much money does CFPB collect?? WHERE does the collected money come from? Now comes the fun part – ALLOCATIONS from the CIVIL PENALTY FUND Fines were assessed, collected then paid to NON PROFITS AND FOUNDATIONS! Money laundering??!! *****  Why is this taxpayer money allocated/distributed OUT??  ***** BUT It’s OKAY because we have MANAGEMENT ASSURANCES and AUDIT RESULTS...

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