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Sen. Mark Warner: How Involved Are You?

Sen. WARNER A LOT WORSE THAN ORIGINALLY THOUGHT #BuckleUp By: 45,468 SEALED ⚖️🗝️‏ @Avery1776  [1] MARCH 2016 Watch who and when key players learned for a fact President Trump is NOT under investigation. Awan Bros exposure Ohr-Steele comms Warner-Waldman Comms + 2 dead Russians Out the gate: PAKISTANI SUSPECTS IN HOUSE IT PROBE RECEIVED $4 MILLION FROM DEM REPS. Pakistani Suspects In House IT Probe Received $4 Million From Dem Reps Brothers had access to members’ emails, and the money disappeared. [2] Ohr-Steele ohr-steele-5-2-17-1 Messages between Bruce Ohr and Christopher Steele. [3] Warner-Waldman TEXTS: Mark Warner texted with Russian oligarch...

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John Brennan’s China Connections?

I think Ohr works for China. Remember Daniel Jones? Now we find out ‘China Feinstein’s’ deep ties to the China Comms. By: BenTallmadge ❌ Shadowbanned‏ @BenKTallmadge  [1] Also Alexander Downer was on the board of Huawei. Sergei Millian is closer to China than Russia and Brennan also has ties to China. Former Feinstein Staffer Hired Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele A declassified report confirms earlier reporting by The Federalist that Daniel Jones hired Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele after the election. [2] What’s been happening to China since President Donald Trump was elected? Its trade talks failed,  its currency and stock...

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January – February 2016 Timeline Including Steele-Ohr Communications

Now that the Steele-Ohr 2016 JAN – FEB communications are out, what else was going on those two months? By: 45,468 SEALED ⚖️🗝️‏ @Avery1776  [1] Why has no one asked Henry about hanging out at the Kremlin Feb. 3-4, 2016? Brennan said at this May 2017 testimony he works as a senior advisor at Kissinger & Associates. How does that square? [2] A Bernie supporter notes Steve Elmendorf’s presence at the debate. Remember that name. Who is Elmendorf? Revolving Door: Steven Elmendorf Employment Summary While officials in the executive branch, members of Congress and senior congressional staffers spin in and...

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What do Brennan, Estonia, GCHQ, Steele, Skirpal, FusionGPS, Nellie Ohr, Clinton, FBI, FISA,… have in common?

Russian Hoax It’d be nice if ONE reporter stopped focusing on Carter Page FISA and paid more attn to Paul Manafort FISA surveillance (due to lobbying) started 2014 but “stopped” early spring 2016 because THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE TO CONTINUE. Manafort lived in Trump Tower. By: ɭ๏ɭค💋‏ @DropTha_Mic25 [1] There was NO reason to continue surveilling Manafort and no information to renew the FISA on him. Coincidentally that’s the SAME exact time he started working on the Trump campaign. Either feds are lying (because it would prove Trump campaign was spied on) and it did continue… OR it did stop...

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Six Degrees to Crowdstrike

Crowdstrike Board of Directors includes Warburg Pincus co-CEO Joseph Landy who also sits on the board for Kosmos Energy with former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove. By: ᴅʀ ϙᴜɪɢʟᴇʏ ∞™‏ @CarrollQuigley1 Dearlove met with Christopher Steele and Sir Andrew Wood over the Dirty Dossier 2.0 and is also Stefen Halper’s UK partner in crime. Dearlove was also behind the Dirty Dossier used by the Bush Admin to justify war in Iraq over WMDs. Coincidence that Steele sought out his counsel to discuss his Trump Russia Dossier. 🤔 Warburg Pincus & Crowdstrike share multiple executives. ClownStrike was started by Warburg/McAfee exec...

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