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Gang of Eight Blocking Justice OIG Report?

Getting very interesting. Prior Gang of Eight and current Gang of Eight members in panic mode, lobbying to classify reports falsely claiming National Security. In fact they are abusing National Security umbrella to protect their own SKIN.   By: !Annie!Webber! @909946zil [1]   Complaining because he may not reap all $ benefits he thought he’d reap as member of the Gang of 8 under an O admin approving all the pay-to-play/illegal deals of SoS Clinton. Speaker Boehner may lose his ill gotten funds AND his complicity will be public. And, there’s Benghazi. [2] We have Boehner, complicit in much including...

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CFPB – DEMs $Five BILLION Dollar Slush Fund?

The latest update from the once, largely unknown Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB),  includes new revelations from a consultant who worked with CFPB on its Civil Penalty Fund. This individual claims the organization funneled a large portion of over $5 billion in collected penalties to “community organizers aligned with Democrats” as part of a giant slush fund. CFPB was the brainchild of Senator Elizabeth Warren and was inserted into the Dodd Frank bill before it was passed. The legislation was ironically meant to reform the financial sector and protect the public from predatory and dangerous practices.  The Hill shared: The...

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