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Barack HUSSEIN Obama is……

Barack HUSSEIN Obama is…… written by John White [1] Barack Hussein Obama: exposed as a failed DISGRACE of a human being! Cry no tears for this MONSTER! *** Let me tell you my perception of “Barry”. I’m not American. I’m British. Back in 2008, I didn’t especially care about your US election. Both Deep State parties, both Deep State candidates, either way, no change in American Policies, I had domestic matters of concern. Obama could have been brilliant-sky-blue-with-purple-dots for all I cared, I certainly cared nothing for his skin tone or US Race Politics. But you can’t avoid the...

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This is a special infographic post concerning many of the topics that those informed are well aware of but many that follow main stream media (MSM) may not be.  This post contains more red-pills that most can swallow in one sitting but that’s ok. Be looking out for more in this informative series: Did You Know… What Is… Are You Aware…

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The Red Pill Chronicles – What does this really mean? Executive Order Dec 21, 2017 Part 1

I want you to have and read the order fully before we get started. That is straight from the White House website. Before we begin, I am not a lawyer, just a lady from Texas, looking at this like any American. What we may learn may be shocking; but I believe will come out to be for the good of all.

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