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A Timeline of the “Trump-Russia” Fiasco Continued – Part 2

Part 1 – A Timeline of the “Trump-Russia” Fiasco and the Parallel Construction that Ensued Cont. T/ July 23, 2016 – There is another apparent gap in the Strzok-Page texts for this date followed by one highly redacted text. Considering their normal communication volume, I have to assume that there are more than two. #MissingTexts   T/ July 25, 2016 – – Strzok accuses Trump of racism per a NYT article. – The two have a conversation about FISC judges. “Wildly unrelated, is [redacted] still chief judge of the fisc?” “Don’t think so. Just wiki the Fisc judges. It...

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Crossfire Hurricane

“There is a Circle of filth for that” My verbosity is truly out of control on this one. What I am writing is already well known, but I write so to dispel my ignorance and plebeian understanding of its complexities. Judge me not too harshly.   By: Rising serpent @rising_serpent   The Circle of filth appears to be a vestment or uniform donned by multitudinous elements in politics, media and law enforcement. You identify these elements by the filth on their garb and the stench in the air. Carter Page flew to Moscow in July 2016 & was thereafter...

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