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Archive Blog Post: Republicans and Civil Rights (written by Diane Alden)

Republicans and Civil Rights written by Diane Alden    12/14/02  (shared with written permission) Republicans, conservatives and constitutionalists always find themselves on the defensive in regard to civil rights issues. No matter what they do, will do or have ever done, the left, Democrats and contrarians demonize them as racists. By demonizing Republicans and conservatives the left can continue to impose the big lie, which will be accepted as gospel by minorities, whom Democrats believe “owe” them. For the Record At the 100th birthday party of former segregationist Sen. Strom Thurmond, Sen. Trent Lott oozed flattery and camaraderie and said that...

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BLOG Post: THE CULT OF SELF-ACTUALIZATION (written by Diane Alden)

BLOG Post written by:  Diane Alden (shared with permission) THE CULT OF SELF-ACTUALIZATION Disassembling the Catholic Church, Public Education and the U.S. Navy Every single institution in the United States, from churches to the military to public education, has been corrupted by the intellectual depravity of the new totalitarians, the new barbarians, the progressives. The new way is not progressive, however; it is merely old totalitarian statist stuff combined with a barbaric form of psychological mind control that seethes with the hatred of Western civilization. It isn’t only Islamist militants who hate the West. Over the years our home-grown...

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